Pure Perfection

Chapter 52: Epilogue



"Are you sure the baby won't grab my dïck." Ty said nervously as he lined himself up with my entrance
and slowly ran his head up and down my slit.

"For the fifth time, Ty. No, the baby will not grab your dick. Now hurry up and enter me." I sighed. The
sexual frustration had gotten to me as I rested my hands on my swollen, 9 month baby bump.

"I forgot you're always extra horny now." He said.

"Hurry the hell u-... oh fùck." I moaned when he began to slowly push his whole length into me until he
wasp balls deep inside.

He brought his hands up and a gently squeezed my swollen breasts and be pumped in and out of me.
Ever since I'd gotten pregnant, he's tamed down his rough tendencies because he was scared it might
hurt the baby. The sèx was still amazing but I've started to miss how it used to be.

"Please, Ty, I need you to be rough with me." I pleaded desperately.

He pulled away slightly before reaching for my big pregnancy pillow and placing it under my body
before turning me over so that I was on all fours and my bump was nestled in the comfy pillow.

"Tell me if it's too much, okay?" He said and I nodded eagerly, desperate for him to start.

He fisted my long hair in his hand before he tugged my head back and bends forward to crash his lips
onto mine. As soon as our lips touched, he thrusted into me fully and I gasped in his mouth.

"This is what you wanted, huh?" He said and began pounding into me so hard that his balls were
slapping against my àss.

"Answer me when I'm talking to you." He grunted as his fingers came over to pinch my nïpples hard.

"Y-Yes, this is exactly what I wanted." I moaned.

"You're so wet. So much more than usual." He groaned. I felt him move his fingers from my nïpples to
rub my clït.

I pushed my àss back to meet his thrusts in the middle but as soon as he pulled out, I felt a rush of
liquid flow out of me. I turned on my back and looked down. I frowned as I saw the bed sheets beneath
us soaking wet.

"You... wet yourself? You could've told me to stop so that you could go to the toilet." He said and lightly
caressed my cheek.

"I didn't wet myself." I stated and slapped his hand off my cheek causing him to frown.

"Is it your period then? I always thought it would be red."

"I'm pregnant, dumbass. I can't be on my period. I think...." I began but stopped.

"I think my water just broke." I said and began panicking.

"You water broke...? Is it my fault? Did I go too deep?" He asked guilty and I shook my head.

"T-This means the baby's coming, right." He asked and I nodded frantically.

"Oh fùck. Oh fùck. The baby's coming." He repeated as he scrambled around to slip on whatever
clothes he could find.

He looked back at me to see me still in the same lying position.

"Get dressed. What are you waiting for?" He said.

I tried to swing my body up on my feet but ended up falling back into the comfy pillows.

"Help me up, àsshole." I sneered at him and he rushed over towards me to help me up.

*-* *-*

Tyberias drove to the hospital like a maniac, swerving around cars and skipping multiple red lights.

As soon as we arrived, I was carried into a wheelchair and taken to a room where a lady checked that
everything was okay. Soon after the contractions first started. They felt like period cramp but 10x worse

I groaned in pain as I was hit by another wave of pain. It had been a couple hours since my water
broke and the contractions were only getting stronger and more frequent.

I turned to my side to see what Tyberias was doing since he's been unusually quiet.

"Tyberias!" I yelled as I saw him slumped in the chair with his eyes closed and head resting against the
wall. Was he sleeping while I was in labour?!

He jumped at the sound of my voice and rubbed his eyes.

"What happened? Is the baby here?" He said.

"Maybe if you weren't too busy sleeping- owww." I groaned and squeezed the bed sheet.

He shot up from the chair and came to my side And pushed my curls out of my face where he placed a
light kiss on my forehead.

"I'm sorry, baby. It won't happen agai- ." He began but winced loudly as I squeezed his hand with all the
might inside me. If he thought that hurt, he was going to be in a whole lot of shock when I actually start

*-* *-*

"I need to get this baby out of me." I yelled.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Romano, you're only 7cm dilated. You can't push yet." The midwife said apologetically

"Tyberias, tell her to let me push." I pleaded as sweat began to form on my forehead.

"I can't, baby, I'm sorry. The doctor said no."

A male midwife walked into the room with a clipboard in his hand.

"How far along is she?" He said to the girl.

"About 7, that was only about 15 minutes ago."

"I'll check again." He said and moved to crouch between my spread legs.

"Woah, there buddy, I don't think so." Tyberias said and stepped in front of my spread legs so the man
couldn't see anything.

"This is only procedure, sir." He said politely.

"I'm sure she can do it." Tyberias said and nodded to the girl.

The man hesitated for a moment before nodding.

"As long as Mrs Romano doesn't object."

"I don't give a fùck who does it, just tell me I can push."

*-* *-*

"I'm going to die." I cried.

"Shut up. I'm not going to let you die. I won't let you leave me." He said and tied my hair in a pony tale
for me. He was currently sat behind me in the hospital bed with me laying between his legs. When my
hair was successfully out of my way, he went back to massaging my back since I had been complaining
about my back aching.

"I can't do this, Ty." I had never experienced pain like this in my entire 25 years of life.

"You can, baby. You're stronger than you think. I know you can do it." He said and moved his hands to
lightly massage my shoulders, helping ease the pain.

"On the count of 3, I want you to push." The midwife. said and raised her head from between my legs.

"1..." she began but I couldn't wait any longer and pushed while squeezing onto Ty's hand as if my life
depended on it.

When I stopped pushing, I simultaneously released his hand to see it a bright white colour from when
my fingers were squeezing probably due to the lack of blood circulation.

"Is your hand okay?" I said out of breath. Truth is, I didn't even care if his hand was okay, I just needed
something to distract me from the face that my vagina was literally being torn in half.

"I'm fine, just focus on yourself." He said in a strained voice and shook his hand to get the blood going

*-* *-*

"He's so perfect." I cooed as I placed a light kiss on Matteo's head. I was so overwhelmed with Joy, I
couldn't believe this tiny human just came out of me.

I normally found newborn babies ugly but Matteo was different. Probably because he got my good

"C-Can I hold him." I heard Tyberias say from beside me. I found it adorable how nervous he has
gotten. I gently placed Matteo in Tyberias' shaking arms.

"He's beautiful." He smiled and I saw a couple tears form in his eyes but he quickly blinked them away.

"He looks just like him." He mumbled and I knew he was thinking about his little brother that passed

I shuffled over on the bed and tiredly tugged on the bottom of Tyberias' shirt, silently telling him to come
lie down next to me. I obliged and I was instantly engulfed by his masculine scent. He wrapped one
arm around me and Matteo fell asleep in his other arm. I wish this moment could last forever.

"Thank you, Juliana."

"For what." I asked and lazily lifted my head from the crook of his neck.

"Just for being you. I couldn't imagine having a baby with anyone else, Juliana. I love you and you're
always going to be my favourite person in the world not matter how many children we have."

"After what I just went through, I better be." I joked and he chuckled lightly.

"Can't we go in now? I want to see Adrian 2.0." I heard a voice wine from the outside.

"They're having a moment. Leave them alone, Adrian." Another voice said that I identified as Leona's.

"Do you want to let them in?" Tyberias said as he looked down at me and I nodded despite my need for

As soon as Tyberias told them they could come in, the door was whipped open and Adrian came
stumbling in with Leona not too far behind him carrying a sleeping Estella.

"Where is he?" He said eagerly and smiled when he saw Matteo in Ty's arms.

He instantly came over and reached for him but I quickly interrupted.

"Adrian, I saw how you manhandled Leona's baby. So you should know that I will literally cut your arms
off if you do the same to mine." I said sternly.

"Over protective mom alert, am I right." He joked and I saw Ty's lips twitch into a small smile. As soon
as he saw me notice his smile he quickly coughed to cover it up.

"I promise I won't drop him, milf, can I hold him now." He said and I couldn't help the smile that formed
on my face at his nickname. He was right. I am a milf.

"Before you yell at me, Tyberias, I was only joking so chill out." Adrian said as he carried Matteo in his

"We were outside the whole time. I thought you said you made sure the room was soundproof,
Tyberias." Leona said, changing the subject.

"It was." Tyberias said and Adrian and Leona's eyes widened. I wasn't that loud, was I?

"Damn, girl, I'm surprised you didn't tear your vocal cord." She said.

Just when I was about to reply, we heard a knocks on the door. It was slowly opened, revealing Mila
and James.

After Mila and Ty broke off their arranged wedding, she and James travelled around the world for a
couple months but it was cut short since news of Aleksei's death had spread quickly. Mila, being the
only heir to the Russian Mafia, was forced to take over her father's legacy with the help of James.
Together, they proved many people wrong since no one actually believed a female could do as good of
a job as she did.

Over time, Me and Ty had actually gotten really close with the two of them and Mila had eventually
become one of my closest friends which I never expected to happen.

"How are you feeling?" Mila said as she came around and gave me a light hug.

"I feel amazing." I lazily smiled, still slightly light headed and tired from all the gas I was inhaling.

Not being able to prolong it any longer, my eyes slowly drifted closed as sleep finally overtook me. My
last thoughts were of the love of my life and the beautiful boy we had just created. I'm pretty sure my
life couldn't get any better than this.