Escaping The Mafia King

Chapter 56: Epilogue

"Oh my God," Hope gasped and buried her face in Vary's shoulder, grimacing, "Stella is drunk. Not a
good sign."

Turning her head to the side she peeked a look at a completely drunk, wobbly Stella rolling her finger
around the tie that Max was wearing mumbling something while winking at him, trying so terribly to be
flirtatious while Max put a fist over his mouth, clearly trying to stifle his laughter.

She felt Varys' shoulder shaking. Narrowing her eyes she put the champagne glass in her hand on the
nearby table and turned to face him, "Hey! Instead of laughing, get someone to help her!"

Varys grinned and slipped his hand in her waist pulling her in his embrace. The white dress made her
look like an angel, he was never going to get over how beautiful she is.

"I think it is time your ex- lover and your best friend find their own love."

Hope's eyes widened in shock. Turning her head she glanced once again at Max and Stella, one in a
black tuxedo, while the other in a gorgeous, squinted black gown, standing closely, making Stella's
incoherent mumbling look like a loving couple whispering intimate words to each other.

"I ship them, dude." she shook her head in a daze, "totally. I did not even realize how good they both
look together."

"Don't call me- dude." Varys growled, grabbing her chin gently in between his forefinger and thumb and
turning her head to himself, "and stop staring at him. It's our wedding day!"

Hope smiled and lifted her hand up to touch the side of his face lovingly.

"Oh by the way, did you see uncle Vincent?" she perked up her head, looking around, "I have not seen
him since the ceremony ended."

"Probably still crying for giving you away to me at the alter." Varys snickered.

"What?" Hope whispered in horror, "but... but this is literally my second wedding."

"Well, he could not attend the first one so he is probably making up by crying for both."

At Varys' words, they both started laughing.


5 Years Later

"Varys, stop him!" Hope begged.

"He is having fun, woman." Varys grinned and pulled her in his lap on the couch as they both stared out
from the balcony of their mansion, "Leave them be."

Below them in the garden, a four years old toddler ran after Vincent with a toy gun in his hand, shooting
out spurts of water on him while laughing loudly.

"Uncle will get tired." she murmured, snuggling in his embrace and kissing his lips lovingly, "that brat of
yours is going to bother him until he goes back home."

"Don't call my devil spawn of a child just a mere brat," Varys narrowed his eyes in mock anger and
pinched on her waist, making her squeal and hold on tighter to him.

"Stop it!" she narrowed her eyes at him, fully knowing how fast his moods changed and his intentions

"Only if you give me a hundred more of those devils' spawns." he smirked and slipped his hand inside
the top she was wearing.

"Are you mad! Never going to happen!"

Varys laughed and buried his face in her neck, leaving small bites and kisses while murmuring, "Then I
am not stopping ever in our lifetime either."