Can't Get Away With You

Chapter 45 Those Who Had A Crush On Lois

Looking down at the sales report in her hand, Lois was happy, but at the same time, she felt a little
distressed. The research and development of Solar energy had been put into use for nearly three
months, though it had been finished but hadn't been put on the market yet, so the research and
development investment was like a bottomless hole.

Although Lois knew that the investment would be paid back sooner or later, she was still very anxious,
hoping that the research and development result could be put on the market as soon as possible so
she could get the first money back.

In business, haste was a big taboo. Lois had known it for a long time, but such a large sum of money
had been used up in just three months, which still made her feel like a heavy weight in her heart.

The phone suddenly rang, which startled Lois. She looked at the caller ID on the screen, hesitated for a
moment, and answered the phone.

"Lois, it's me."

Kent's gentle voice came through. Lois knocked on the return key to complete the examination and
approval of the documents on the computer.

Lois looked aside. There were still three documents at hand, so she might not have time for lunch.

"Yes, I know. What's up?"

After hesitating for a while, Kent said, "my good friends in college came to the welcome party for me to
celebrate my return. Do you have time to attend it?"

Lois looked at the clock on the right corner of the computer. She still would have a meeting in half an

"I'm afraid not." A pleasant female voice came out of her cherry lips, and Lois refused quickly.

"Really?" There was a hint of disappointment in his words. Judging from his voice, Lois knew that there
must be a slight regret on Kent's face.

Unable to refuse again, Lois said softly, "I'll try my best to spare some time."

"Okay." "I'll pick you up next Saturday," Kent said with joy

After hanging up the phone, Lois took out a document and continued to browse.

Time passed quickly. To Lois's surprise, Kent really came to pick her up.

"Maybe you will meet your classmate who had a good relationship with you in college this time. Are you
mentally ready?"

The joy on Lois's face was gone. She nodded slightly and said, "that's really exciting!"!

The party was booked in the Silver Art Hotel. Lois sighed that her schoolmates were very rich!

To avoid misunderstanding, Lois and Kent entered the private room one after another. They used to be
schoolmates, so they were kind of familiar to each other. After being introduced, they slowly understood
the classes and domains of the people present, and the big and small circles of them began to talk
about the lively things in their own life.

When Lois was a student of the financial management department, she talked about the interesting
things with the small circle of the go club.

Her friend in college didn't come. Maybe it was because of work. The vice president came. He talked
with Kent that they had not met for many years, and now things had changed. Kent talked with the vice

president with a smile, like friends who hadn't seen for many years, but their words were somewhat
gentle and alienated.

Lois had never seen Kent greet others at a party. She vaguely remembered what Kent said not long
ago. "I'm afraid I'll be left there if I drink too much."

The dinner was held two tables, and the dishes on the table were flawless. Lois looked at the senior
who organized the party. His name was Carl Li, who used to be a famous playboy, but now he was a
good father and husband.

Carl Li seemed to have noticed Lois's gaze. He raised his head and saw that it was Lois looking at him.
He was slightly stunned.

Then he laughed and said, "Lois is still so beautiful when she grows up. Come on, let's toast!"

All the people agreed, "not only you, we think it's a good idea to propose a toast to Lois. All the people
who sent breakfast and love-letters to her should stand out to propose a toast!"

Lois's face turned red because of their jokes. The peaceful life after marriage made her no longer
energetic as she used to be. Now she was only gentle and indifferent.

Carl Li looked at Lois's slightly red face and said, "when we were in the Department of business
management, we were together day by day. Lois didn't even glance at us. At that time, I was always
curious who she would marry. After so many years, we either got married or had a child. Do you know
how Lois is now?"

Lowering her head, Lois looked at the plate in front of her. There were indeed many people who had
sent her love letters when she was in college, but at that time, she was young and thought that she
would not be inferior to men in her life. Her mind was full of study and starting a business. She was

very ambitious at a young age, so naturally she would not pay attention to the feelings of those secret

Everyone was in a heated discussion. They asked, "was it true that Lois got married in a low-key way
before the class was over?"?

The vice president was as lively as ever. He picked up his glass and smelled the wine in his
classmate's hand. "I remember that Lois left without a sound before, and then the news told that she
was married suddenly. Is it true or not?"

Lois was a little embarrassed. She remembered that she didn't listen to her partner Tania's advice and
insisted on marrying Joey. She had suffered a lot in the past five years, so she wasn't as high spirited
and vigorous as before.

"Lois did go to get married, but she is about to divorce. I heard the news that Lois and her husband
would divorce on the 5th anniversary anniversary of the two! "

A sarcastic voice came. Lois looked up and saw another woman at the table. Her long hair was
fluttering and beautiful, and her makeup was exquisite. However, her eyes were a little frivolous, which
made people feel inexplicably unhappy.

"Oh my God!"


"It's not that easy to marry into a rich family. Look at her. She is not as arrogant as she used to be."

It was still the shrill female voice. "She married a member of Gu Family. That person has more than two
or three women in his arms all day long. She won't have right to speak!"

Many women sitting next to the long haired woman began to discuss. Although their words were
somewhat unpleasant to hear, they still did not make Lois feel too bad.

Now she had her own career. It seemed that even if [Joey betrayed her, she would not feel that she
had lost everything.

"Lois, as Yvette said, is your husband really so outrageous?"

Gossip was a woman's nature. A woman at the same table could no longer hide her interest. Their tone
was full of excitement, and their eyes were full of gossip.

Looking at the pale face of Lois not far away, Kent felt a little distressed. He smiled and changed the
topic, "finally I know why the female stars in the entertainment circle are lovelorn every day! The click
through rate is not low! "

Carl Li tried to cover it as well with Kent, and they were back to talk about their current lives.

The dinner lasted until eight o'clock in the evening. During the dinner, Carl Li advised everyone not to
drink from time to time. Lois thought that Carl Li was a self-discipline young man, but after dinner, this
young man suddenly changed his mind and proposed to go to Golden Bar for drink! And they had
booked a private room!