Still Loving You Nonetheless

Chapter 145

Lily looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost eleven in the morning. She cautiously asked, “Sir,
why did you get up so late today? The breakfast, uh…is already cold. I’ll go make you another serving.”

Josiah buttoned his shirt and coldly said, “Get Meredith down to cook.”

Lily headed upstairs to call Meredith. She initially thought that Meredith would be in Yena’s room
massaging her. She did not expect that Meredith would be in Josiah’s room instead. Meredith was even
sleeping on Josiah’s bed! They had clearly just slept together. Lily immediately retreated. She was
about to return downstairs to tell Josiah that she would do breakfast instead, but she did not expect to
see Leah downstairs!

Leah was talking to Josiah. Josiah had a rare gentle look too.

Seeing Leah, Lily silently returned upstairs and closed Josiah’s room door rightly.

When Leah saw the cold breakfast on the table, she immediately understood what had happened. She
said, “Sir, I’ll make you another set of breakfast.”

“No need. You’re here to see Yena. Go to her room and be with her.”

“It’s fine. I can go up later.”

Leah was Yena’s biological mother. Ever since Yena got in the accident, Josiah had arranged for Leah
to return to her old home. For the past few years, Leah would occasionally come to Jehovah City to
visit her daughter.

Leah was familiar with the chores in the mansion. She was also familiar with Josiah’s lifestyle. She
soon quickly prepared him breakfast. When she placed the breakfast in front of Josiah, Leah asked him

respectfully, “Sir, is Yena doing well here? Have there been any incidents?”

“She’s good. She’s adapting well.” Josiah lowered his head and ate breakfast. “That’s good. Thanks to
you, Sir. If not… Yena would have been long gone,” Leah said with reddened eyes. She cried and
choked, “Yena has had a streak of bad luck. She offended Meredith Leighton, if not, by now she would
have already graduated and found a job.” Josiah’s action paused a little.

The scene that happened with Meredith a moment ago appeared on his mind. He reminisced back on

He quickly snapped back to reality, forgetting about her expressions when she was with him a moment
ago. The scene with her under Yoel appeared in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got!

As expected, she was cheap and dirty. She could do it with any man.

Leah saw how Josiah was suddenly happy, then suddenly angry. She could not understand what he
was thinking about, so she only remained silent.

After leaving the dining hall, Leah headed upstairs.

This was the first time Leah was visiting Yena ever since she moved into the mansion..

Of course, Leah liked this arrangement a lot. This meant that in Josiah’s heart, Yena was already like a
fiancee to him.

It was only a pity that no one knew when Yena would come around, if she would ever come around, or
if she had the luck to enjoy the status as Missus Shelby.