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Chapter 479 - Chapter 479: First Level Beginner Realm Of The Myriad Transformation Secret Manual! (1

Chapter 479 - Chapter 479: First Level Beginner Realm Of The Myriad Transformation Secret Manual! (1)

Chapter 479: First Level Beginner Realm Of The Myriad Transformation Secret Manual! (1)
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In the Mirror Universe, on Blood Mountain Island.
The Killing Hall.
This Slaughter Battlefield building was shockingly large. It was the size of a small city and one could not see the end of it.
Numerous screens of light floated high up in the hall, and every single screen of light was displaying numerous battles that caused one’s blood to boil.
After Chu Zhou and the others entered the killing hail, they immediately felt a blazing battle atmosphere.
“Dragon, you made this Slaughter Battlefield sound so good… but there don’t seem to be many people here!”
Chu Zhou glanced at the sparse figures in the hall. There were about 10,000 people, but because this killing hall was too big, this hall seemed extremely empty with so few people.
“This is very normal!” Dragon’s face revealed a hint of melancholy. “Even though the cultivation environment here is good… the consumption here is too expensive!”
“Expensive?” Chu Zhou looked at the dragon in confusion.
“I only stayed in the killing space for two days… and 20 million Milky Way dollars is gone. That’s equivalent to 10 million Milky Way dollars a day.”
“This is the discounted price for newbies… The normal price is one billion Milky Way dollars a day.”
“It’s so expensive… Of course there are fewer people!”
Dragon said with a pained expression.
“Beginner’s discount is 10 million Milky Way dollars a day… The normal price is one billion Milky Way dollars a day?”
Chu Zhou was dumbfounded.
This was even more profitable than robbing a bank.
The richest people on many Normal life planets in the Milky Way Empire were only worth about 100 billion Milky Way dollars.
In other words, even these richest people did not have the ability to provide for their children to cultivate in the killing space for a long time.
After all, a hundred billion Milky Way dollars could only last for 100 days.
Chu Zhou finally understood why there were not many people here… Damn it, even if there were mountains of gold and silver, it would not be enough.
He looked at the auxiliary photon computer on his arm and checked his bank balance: 192.3 billion 1850 Milky Way dollars.
He had thought that the wealth of the richest man on the Milky Way Empire Planet was enough for him to live a carefree life.
Only now did he realize that such a small sum of money was nothing.
“Chu Zhou, we were talking about the price of Star Realm Martial Artists just now… You’re a Domain Lord Martial Artist now, so the price is probably even more expensive.”
“However, the novice discount period is three days. Your net worth should be enough to support your cultivation here for three days.” Dragon whispered. “He’s too evil!” Chu Zhou sighed.
“Black is black, but it’s indeed useful.” The Dragon nodded and said, “This place can provide you with any enemy you want. Moreover, there’s no limit to the number or race… Such a cultivation environment is probably difficult to find in the entire universe.”
“And this is actually a place for some empires, sects, organizations, families, and other factions in the universe to nurture elites.”
Chu Zhou nodded in agreement.
“By the way, Chu Zhou, can you lend me some money! 1 also want to continue cultivating in the killing space…”
Dragon suddenly looked at Chu Zhou in embarrassment.
“Ahem… Lend me some while you’re at it. The fee for the Infinite War is not cheaper than the Slaughter Battlefield. I’ve become a pauper now.”
Sol coughed awkwardly.
“…Master Lan Ruo’s classes are also very expensive. I’ve spent most of my money.”
Changa Saha smiled at Chu Zhou.
Chu Zhou:”…”
Chu Zhou transferred 20 billion Milky Way dollars to the three of them.
“Hahaha, 1 can enter the Slaughter Space to cultivate for a period of time again.”
With the money, Dragon immediately became happy. He pulled Chu Zhou to the front desk of the Killing Hall.
“Chu Zhou, bind your bank account first… After that, you can directly deduct money from your bank account.”
“Alright!” Chu Zhou nodded and asked the staff to help him bind his bank account.
Dragon led Chu Zhou and the others to the end of the Killing Hall.
Along the way, Chu Zhou saw many Universe Adventurers wearing blood-colored medals.
Among them, there were even several three-star adventurers.
It had to be said that there were really many experts here.
Universe Adventurers were rare on Blood Mountain Island, but they could be seen everywhere here.
“Chu Zhou, do you see that old man?” Long suddenly said to Chu Zhou.
Chu Zhou looked in the direction the dragon indicated.
He immediately saw a strange old man with a big head and a small body. He was only a meter tall and his face was filled with wrinkles.
The old man was wearing a white robe. His eyes were slightly narrowed, as if he was dozing off.
However, everyone who passed by him, including the three-star adventurers, was very careful, as if they were afraid of disturbing his rest.
“His name is Yoda. He’s the person-in-charge of the Blood Mountain Island branch of the Slaughter Battlefield.” Dragon whispered to Chu Zhou and the others, “Look at those adventurers who took the risk to pass by him. All of them are very careful… It’s obvious that he’s a big shot!”
Chu Zhou and the others nodded slightly.
The Universe Adventurers were all elites among elites. All of them were very arrogant.
It was impossible to make their attitudes become respectful without sufficient strength.
At the end of the hall, there was a hexagonal star pattern flowing with blue electric currents.
“As long as you stand on these hexagonal patterns, you will be transported into a killing space that belongs to you alone,” the dragon said. “At that time, you can set up the opponent you want at will…”
“I’ll go in first!”
Dragon walked to a hexagonal star pattern as he spoke..