I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 539 You Won’t Be Affected by Emotions After Putting It On

Chapter 539 You Won't Be Affected by Emotions After Putting It On

The heavenly voice was ethereal and holy, like the proverb of great cultivation.
There was a sky full of immortal light that turned into a cloud of red light that covered the sky. As it curled up, it made a congratulatory gesture. It was as if it had infinite light and infinite life. At this moment, it was as if thousands of cultivation cores welcomed Fang Jinyu's arrival!
Fang Jinyu stepped out. The Harmony Heavenly Robe was extraordinary and showed heaven and earth's nomological intent. The Heavenly Promethium Realm Token floated beside him, bringing an unfathomable immortal might that directly suppressed the area within a million miles of Mount Lingxing. The Self-restraint Crown guided the immortal light from the Immortal Palace and swept the arrogant, cold, and handsome young man to the ground.
Of course, the young man's expression changed drastically when Fang Jinyu summoned the three associated treasures of the Immortal Lord of Justice and used his immortal intent to communicate with heaven and earth and obtain his immortal position's support.
He would never expect that the rumored eighth Immortal Lord of Justice had arrived in the immortal realm!
Instead of cultivating in the Sea of Realms!
The four major immortal races of the Virtual Jade Heaven, especially Mount Daluo's Wang Immortal Race, were usually boasting to each other and were arrogant. However, it seemed that they were all useless!
The Primordial Chaos True Immortal of the Jade Glaze Immortal Race kept cursing in his heart. He didn't expect the person he was about to attack to be the eighth Immortal Lord of Justice, Fang Jinyu.
He would dare to attack if Fang Jinyu hadn't returned to his position.
However, it was no longer the problem of whether he dared to attack after Fang Jinyu returned to his position. It was a problem of whether he could defeat him…
Once cultivators obtained ordinary immortal positions, they could master one perfected immortal law. The Immortal Lords of Justice could master four perfected immortal laws once they attained their immortal positions.
Every treasure associated with an immortal position contains an immortal law.
If that were all, the position of the Immortal Lord of Justice wouldn't be so special and difficult to obtain.
The position of the Immortal Lord of Justice could be upgraded on its own.
After a grade 9 Immortal Lord of Justice was upgraded to a grade 8 Immortal Lord of Justice, the perfected immortal law contained in each immortal position's associated treasure would increase by one more level!
It was the same after advancing to grade 7.
However, after advancing from grade 7 to grade 6, the number of immortal laws that would be added to each associated treasure would increase by two!
When a grade 4 Immortal Lord of Justice advanced to grade 3, the four associated treasures would increase by 20 immortal laws in one go!
In other words, every immortal position's associated treasure would increase the number of perfected immortal laws by five.
Therefore, when an Immortal Lord of Justice advanced his immortal position to grade 2, he would master 76 perfected immortal laws!
It was an extremely shocking number.
Even a Supreme True Immortal who had comprehended the perfected chaos-immortal light could only flee in fear when facing a grade 2 Immortal Lord of Justice.
Although he didn't know why Fang Jinyu had only summoned three associated treasures, the Jade Glaze Immortal Race's Primordial Chaos True Immortal could feel the power emitted from Fang Jinyu's body at this moment. He knew Fang Jinyu had achieved a grade 6 immortal position.
It meant that Fang Jinyu could now use 15 perfected immortal laws!
The Jade Glaze Immortal Race's Primordial Chaos True Immortal had deprived the cultivators of heavenly luck more than 20 times. However, he only mastered three immortal laws, and one had yet to be perfect.
How could they fight?
Although he had the chaos-immortal light to protect his body, it wasn't omnipotent.
He remembered an immortal law that could break the chaos-immortal light was inside the Self-restraint Crown!
At this moment, Fang Jinyu had three immortal position-associated treasures. One couldn't see any emotion in his eyes. There was no sadness, no joy, and no emotion. It was as if he had changed into another person at this moment.
Everyone present was immortal, so they were clear about the changes and knew what was going on. Therefore, when they saw Fang Jinyu in such a state, they hurriedly bowed and said, "We congratulate the return of the Immortal Lord of Justice! May Immortal Fang be blessed!"
Their voices rumbled, and they resounded through half of Northern Mount Earthy Immortal with the support of their cultivation ability.
After all, there were quite a few True Immortals among them.
The True Immortal's ability was mysterious and unfathomable.
Seeing this, the Jade Glaze Immortal Race's Primordial Chaos True Immortal could only bow because of the situation. After all, Fang Jinyu had even put on the Self-restraint Crown.
At this time, rather than saying that Fang Jinyu had returned to his position, it was more accurate to say that the position of the Immortal Lord of Justice had fused with Fang Jinyu.
Fang Jinyu's memories were still there, but he no longer had any emotion.
Fang Jinyu wouldn't have hate or any preferences. His existence was for the sake of the position of the Immortal Lord of Justice!
The Primordial Chaos True Immortal said, "Congratulations on your return, Immortal Fang!"
Afterward, without the slightest emotional fluctuation, Fang Jinyu nodded at the immortals present and went straight to the Immortal Palace.
The Immortal Palace was located at the highest point in the sky. Unless one was an "Immortal of Heaven." Otherwise, the "First Immortal," the second stage's Primordial Chaos True Immortal, or the third stage's Supreme True Immortal couldn't go to the Immortal Palace without an immortal position.
It was because he couldn't even see it!
However, at this moment, there was naturally the power to guide Fang Jinyu. It was also the reason he would head to the Immortal Palace at the first moment.
When the Primordial Chaos True Immortal saw Fang Jinyu leave, he suddenly laughed again and said, "In the past, no one dared to put on the Self-restraint Crown other than the first Immortal Lord of Justice. I didn't expect the lower realm's Fang Jinyu to have such courage."
The Primordial Chaos True Immortal was mocking, but there was also a hint of admiration.
The Immortal Lord of Justice served the public.
He naturally couldn't have any personal feelings if he wanted to serve the public.
"However, this way, the Immortal Flying Spirit will have died in vain…" The Primordial Chaos True Immortal shook his head slightly. The Jade Glaze Immortal Race couldn't offend an Immortal Lord of Justice who was wearing a Self-restraint Crown for the sake of a True Immortal. Otherwise, it would be too easy for a grade 6 Immortal Lord of Justice to teach an immortal race a lesson with his authority.