I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 537 I’m The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 6)

Chapter 537 I'm The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 6)

When True Immortals had a thought, they could be all-powerful.
When their killing intents surged, there were even stars swaying, and a brilliant scene appeared in the daytime!
It was Venus!
When it suddenly appeared in the Earthy Immortal Realm's Northern Mount Earthy Immortal's region, countless living beings on the mountain sensed it and looked up. Those Immortal Ascension stage cultivators with profound cultivation bases immediately knew that two True Immortals were fighting!
First, Mount Lingxing changed its owner, and the formation turned against its original owner. Afterward, the mountain-shaped and axe-shaped immortal treasures appeared one after another, suppressing the Immortal Flying Spirit, who was fearful and panicked.
After Fang Jinyu took action and used his full strength, the Immortal Flying Spirit realized that "Han Feiyu" dared to kill him. He also understood the difference between them.
The Immortal Flying Spirit found out "Han Feiyu's" left hand was strange. He would be fine if he wasn't struck when "Han Feiyu's" left hand swept out a green-gold light. However, his cultivation ability would be greatly damaged if the green-gold light hit him. Moreover, a part of his Immortal stage cultivation base would mysteriously disappear.
If the Immortal Flying Spirit didn't rob other people's heavenly luck 12 times and had an incomparably majestic Immortal stage cultivation base, he couldn't withstand the green-gold flowing light again and again!
At this moment, lightning surged between heaven and earth, and a lightning tribulation phantom appeared.
It was a common phenomenon in the immortal realm.
However, at this moment, the phenomenon's appearance made the Immortal Flying Spirit's scalp tingle. It was because the lightning tribulation phantom could attack twice, just like the lightning talisman. He could dodge, block, or cancel out the first strike. However, he would definitely be hit by the second attack!
The Immortal Flying Spirit was holding an immortal treasure to protect himself, and everything seemed to have become an illusion.
However, the lightning tribulation phantom still hit him!
Each attack had the power equivalent of an immortal technique, and they could even trigger the flames of cultivation ability. However, the Immortal Flying Spirit wouldn't be affected by the cultivation tribulation. Otherwise, it would probably burn away the hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation ability that he had accumulated after robbing other people's heavenly luck 12 times in one go.
The flames of cultivation ability were both a tribulation and a restriction placed by heaven and earth on one's cultivation ability.
Anyone who possessed cultivation ability, whether the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators or the immortals, couldn't stop it. As long as the flames of cultivation ability appeared, it would burn their cultivation ability.
The Immortal Flying Spirit opened his immortal treasure with all his strength. It was a feather fan.
At this moment, the fan flipped. When the lightning tribulation phantom attacked the Immortal Flying Spirit, he would sweep out a golden killing intent with his feather fan.
It was created from the tainted initial five-element energy of the universe.
Killing was the main thing, which corresponded to Venus!
Therefore, the power of the golden killing intent instantly obtained an invisible improvement.
The attack alone could severely injure a True Immortal!
It was the Immortal Flying Spirit's trump card. In the past, he would only use it in emergencies. It was because it would cause people to think about it after he used it.
The killing intent was refined by a True Immortal who cultivated the great cultivation of metal and fire. Later on, the True Immortal "had no choice" but to disappear after slandering the immortal race many times.
He was different from other disobedient people who disappeared reasonably. The Immortal Flying Spirit left many flaws in his act of anger. Many of his disguises couldn't withstand scrutiny. Therefore, he didn't dare to show it to others after he seized the golden killing intent.
However, the Immortal Flying Spirit couldn't care about it.
The Immortal Flying Spirit believed he would die if "Han Feiyu" drained all of his energy!
The Immortal Flying Spirit's impulse had given him many warnings.
The golden killing intent's power satisfied the Immortal Flying Spirit because he only used one strike to severely injure "Han Feiyu."
"What an overbearing killing intent…" Only then did Fang Jinyu realize that he had underestimated the Immortal Flying Spirit.
"Han Feiyu, you will die for sure! This golden killing intent could continuously wear down your primordial spirit and cultivation ability. Even if you reincarnated, you would still die! Until you're eliminated!"
When the Immortal Flying Spirit saw it, he couldn't help but say it in ecstasy.
The Immortal Flying Spirit suddenly realized that he couldn't see "Han Feiyu's" figure. However, the other party soon reappeared. However, the golden killing intent on his body had already disappeared.
Fang Jinyu looked at the Immortal Flying Spirit calmly and said, "Have you ever thought about which kind of immortal law I've mastered? Why haven't I used it yet?" He naturally "went back on his word" just now.
"It's impossible! What kind of immortal law is this?!" The Immortal Flying Spirit was extremely shocked.
"Since your trump card is gone, you should be able to leave in peace, right?" Fang Jinyu pressed down with his left hand, and the green-gold light instantly pierced through the Immortal Flying Spirit.
Fang Jinyu's left hand's ability to degrade an immortal into a mortal finally took effect. Or rather, he finally attacked the Immortal Flying Spirit's foundation.
It was like "hitting the snake 7 inches below its head."
The Immortal Flying Spirit's "First Immortal" cultivation base was instantly crippled, and he became a cultivator who ranked 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage.
"You can cripple my Immortal stage cultivation base?!"
The Immortal Flying Spirit was half frightened and half in disbelief.
The Immortal Flying Spirit couldn't believe that he had lost the competition just like that. He felt even more unbelievable that "Han Feiyu" had crippled his Immortal stage cultivation base.
When Fang Jinyu crippled the Immortal Flying Spirit's Immortal stage cultivation base, 12 strange auras that couldn't be seen by the naked eye or the immortals and could only be sensed by the mind ran out of the Immortal Flying Spirit's body.