I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 535 I’m The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 4)

Chapter 535 I'm The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 4)

When he attacked just now, he had hidden a trump card. Now, he could activate it with a thought.
"How dare you?!"
The Immortal Flying Spirit couldn't keep up the pretense anymore. Although he was furious, he was even feared by "Han Feiyu" because he couldn't see how he attacked!
After all, the Immortal Flying Spirit's foundation was only a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage. He relied on repeatedly depriving other people of heavenly luck, transforming and accumulating it to obtain the strength of a "First Immortal."
In other words, the Immortal Flying Spirit stole other people's "fruit."
Under this premise, the Immortal Flying Spirit seemed to be no different from ordinary True Immortals, or perhaps even more powerful than them, because he was proficient in refining spirit tools, alchemy, array formations, talisman-making, and puppet-making. However, his foundation was far inferior to that of ordinary True Immortals.
Otherwise, why would the Immortal Flying Spirit not dare to show his cultivation mark projection in front of others?
"Do you still think that you've won?" Fang Jinyu didn't change his expression. He looked at the Immortal Flying Spirit calmly.
However, Fang Jinyu's calm attitude made him seem even more arrogant!
The Immortal Flying Spirit didn't say anything because he knew he had lost. Just as "Han Feiyu" had said, the 70% to 80% success rate sounded high, but it might still fail.
Moreover, the Immortal Flying Spirit bluffed about the 70% to 80% success rate. The real success rate was only 50% to 60%.
In addition, Immortal Flying Spirit needed many mortal-nine spiritual items and a few rare "pseudo-immortal items" to refine the Flying Spirit Elixir.
What was a "pseudo-immortal item?"
The "pseudo-immortal item" was something that initially could become the essence of divine treasures. However, something wrong happened, or it had been corrupted or killed, causing it to become an immortal spiritual item.
However, since it was extraordinary, although it was damaged, its spirituality was still stronger than that of ordinary spiritual items.
In the past, the "pseudo-immortal item" type of spiritual item could be used to refine elixirs needed by True Immortals!
One couldn't compare both of them!
"This is a puppet I created. Its entire body is comparable to a magic treasure!" The Immortal Flying Spirit raised his hand, and a black light appeared. After landing on the ground, it turned into a ghostly puppet.
It looked like a zombie, and as soon as it appeared, frost appeared on the ground.
One could imagine how powerful the puppet was if it could even affect such a high-graded blessed land. Its strength was comparable to the Close-to-Immortal Supremacies that ranked 7 in the Immortal Ascension stage.
Although it wasn't powerful enough to fight against immortals, one could say that it had seized the fortunes of heaven and earth when it could be refined to such an extent!
Fang Jinyu knew that he would win after looking at it.
Thus, as some lightning surged, the figure of a cat-eared girl appeared in front of Fang Jinyu and bowed respectfully to him. She then said, "Greetings, Lord."
It was that cat-eared girl puppet. It obtained the greatest benefits after Fang Jinyu broke through the Immortal Ascension stage.
It was because the Immortal Ascension Hall could reverse something innate!
Before Fang Jinyu could reverse something innate, the cat-eared girl puppet had already transformed into a magic treasure. The cat-eared girl puppet upgraded after Fang Jinyu could "intercept the secrets of heaven" and turn a magic treasure into a pseudo-immortal treasure.
The pseudo-immortal treasure's aura, which possessed a lively self-awareness, shocked the immortals again. It was especially true for the True Immortal Lin Busong, who self-proclaimed himself the "Immortal of Human-Headed Puppet."
Although he could also "intercept the secrets of heaven," he relied entirely on tools. Therefore, only the core of his puppets were pseudo-immortal treasures.
However, Fang Jinyu's puppet's entire body, including its hair and eyelashes, were pseudo-immortal treasures!
"Fellow Daoist, how is it?"
Fang Jinyu said it with a smile. At this moment, his gaze began to become dangerous.
The Immortal Flying Spirit also felt it.
At this moment, the other party seemed to have turned into an eagle soaring in the sky, staring at a rabbit on the grass, ready to kill at any time.
The Immortal Flying Spirit couldn't help but feel ridiculous!
Meanwhile, the Immortal Flying Spirit thought, "I'm an incomparably noble and mighty immortal!"
"How can I be regarded as prey by a True Immortal? Isn't it ridiculous?"
"Fellow Daoist Han won, but you want my life just because of this? Furthermore, do you dare to do so?" The Immortal Flying Spirit laughed as well. His words were full of undisguised mockery.
Who dared to kill someone from the immortal race in the immortal realm?
No one dared!
"It's because you can't beat me in talisman-making and array formations with your rank 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage cultivation base!" Fang Jinyu casually pointed his finger, and lightning instantly appeared out of thin air between heaven and earth, turning into a panic-stricken lightning talisman.
The power of the lightning had reached the level of an immortal technique, and because of one of the immortal laws with a long name, it could strike twice shamelessly.
One could dodge the first strike. However, the second strike could hit him!
The lightning talisman directly fell toward the Immortal Flying Spirit as if to test its power.
The lightning formed a pillar. However, after the Immortal Flying Spirit sneered, he also casually drew two lines in the air. Afterward, a talisman was formed and attacked.
The Immortal Flying Spirit's talisman was broken and blew away Fang Jinyu's lightning pillar. Although some residual power was scattered, the Immortal Flying Spirit was fine. Although the lightning pillar was powerful and exceeded the scope of ordinary immortal techniques, it couldn't hurt the other True Immortals after they collided!
Moreover, although the Immortal Flying Spirit, who had deprived other people of heavenly luck 12 times, was only ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension, he was one of the best among True Immortals in terms of combat strength!