I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 536 I’m The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 5)

Chapter 536 I'm The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 5)

Ordinary True Immortals would be defeated in less than three rounds while fighting against the Immortal Flying Spirit.
It was also one of the reasons that even True Immortals who had a shallow relationship with the Immortal Flying Spirit would have to attend his birthday banquet, which was held once every 1,000 years.
Since the Immortal Flying Spirit belonged to the immortal race and had extraordinary battle prowess, only a few True Immortals dared to reject him.
Moreover, the True Immortals felt it was just a banquet. It wasn't something troublesome. After all, everyone was slightly fawning over the powerful. Moreover, they could take the opportunity to communicate with other True Immortals. Even if they couldn't improve their cultivation base, they could exchange information.
All the present immortals knew the power of the lightning talisman, but they all felt that this round must be a draw. However, the dissipated lightning suddenly condensed again and blasted forward with even stronger might!
The Immortal Flying Spirit was shocked and quickly took out his immortal treasure. However, even though he had activated his magic treasure and released a mighty light to protect himself, the lightning still landed on his body. It made him, who was dressed in luxurious clothes, look miserable.
"This is…"
The Immortal Flying Spirit looked terrified and said, "It's the immortal law!"
As an immortal, even if the Immortal Flying Spirit ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage, he was sensitive to immortal laws.
"You've mastered one of the immortal laws?!"
For a moment, the Immortal Flying Spirit couldn't help but want to deprive "Han Feiyu" of heavenly luck. Although he had robbed people's heavenly luck 12 times, none could master one of the immortal laws. The best one only cultivated one of the immortal laws to the minor success stage which made him barely able to fight with others.
However, if that was all, the Immortal Flying Spirit could also cultivate it! He didn't need to reply about depriving other people of heavenly luck!
Immortal laws were like great divine powers, magic techniques, and secret techniques. They were also divided into four stages—the beginner level, minor success, phenomenal success, and perfection stage. However, the difficulty of the four stages was greater than the previous one.
One would need tens of thousands of years to break through the minor success stage at the beginner level of one of the immortal laws. However, one couldn't rely on time accumulation to break through the minor success stage to the phenomenal success stage.
Rumors said that many True Immortals could only master one of the immortal laws after they condensed the primordial chaos-immortal light.
"So, I won again!"
Fang Jinyu had no intention of answering. Afterward, he pointed at the blessed land. In the next moment, the Immortal Flying Spirit's high-graded blessed land changed its owner.
Fang Jinyu didn't do it. A little girl did it when she sublimated Fang Jinyu's immortal intent.
"Mount Lingxing looks great. It will belong to me in the future."
Fang Jinyu said it righteously.
After all, Fang Jinyu thought that he couldn't let the little girl's good intentions down!
However, at this point, all the present immortals were already dumbfounded. From the initial spirit tool refinement competition to the current array formation competition, "Han Feiyu" directly seized someone else's blessed land?!
Moreover, "Han Feiyu" even set up an array formation without them noticing!
These immortals admired "Han Feiyu's" spirit tool refining talent, alchemy, talisman-making, array formations, and puppet-making. However, they admired "Han Feiyu's" courage more.
"Han Feiyu" even dared to snatch something from the immortal race!
"Good job! I didn't expect that I would bring disaster upon myself today! However, do you think you can do whatever you want just because of this?"
The Immortal Flying Spirit was so angry that he laughed. His killing intent rose again.
His confidence was that his family's Primordial Chaos True Immortal was coming!
"Isn't that enough? Right, I haven't killed you yet!" At this moment, Fang Jinyu had defeated the Immortal Flying Spirit in all aspects. He had already become a complete True Immortal. It was especially true for his left hand. It was strengthened again, and his entire arm had become an immortal body.
However, although Fang Jinyu had completed his path of freedom's "I can do it too" and became a complete and powerful True Immortal, he didn't intend to let the Immortal Flying Spirit go.
Fang Jinyu thought, "These immortals are too disgusting!"
"We are born with freedom, so why should these immortals be high and mighty?"