I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 533 I’m The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 2)

Chapter 533 I'm The Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 2)

At that time, he only needed to pretend to be generous and tolerant, and he could easily convince the other party and establish trust.
Once he established such a relationship, he only needed to wait for the right time to "harvest Han Feiyu's heavenly luck!"
He also used the same method on Zhu Yuxiao. However, he added a gift-giving session. After he repeatedly did the same thing, he easily made Zhu Yuxiao develop a good impression of him.
Unfortunately, what Zhu Yuxiao was good at wasn't of much use to him. Otherwise, he could use it to condense the chaos-immortal light.
However, it didn't matter. Zhu Yuxiao knew many people. After all, a beauty's reputation was always easy to spread. Many True Immortals would go to meet her even if they weren't interested in her.
Or perhaps they met by accident and took the initiative to befriend each other.
Therefore, among the True Immortals this time, the Immortal Flying Spirit was most satisfied with the "penta kill squad."
The "penta kill squad" was familiar to Zhu Yuxiao, but he had only met them once. If Zhu Yuxiao didn't help him, he couldn't even invite them over before his birthday banquet started.
Therefore, from the beginning, the Immortal Flying Spirit had already prepared to discourage the "penta kill squad" and "Han Feiyu."
Therefore, even if Fang Jinyu provoked the Immortal Flying Spirit in such a way, he couldn't help but feel a little happy.
The Immortal Flying Spirit believed if he could bring six True Immortals' heavenly luck to the Jade Glaze Immortal Race in one go, the elder would let go of the matter of his son being injured.
Although the elder of the Jade Glaze Immortal Race valued his youngest son, as long as there were enough benefits, his youngest son would become unimportant.
Fang Jinyu naturally didn't know what the Immortal Flying Spirit was thinking, so he asked, "How should we compete?"
The Immortal Flying Spirit said, "It's simple. Spirit tool refining, alchemy, and puppet-making take up too much time. Why don't we each take one of our best works and let our fellow Daoists evaluate it? As for talisman creation and array formations, they could be completed in a short time by borrowing the power of heaven and earth. How about we create talismans and array formations in public?" After all, immortals needed hundreds of years to refine elixirs and spirit tools, and some powerful puppets would take at least a thousand years to nurture.
The Immortal Flying Spirit wanted to use the opportunity to defeat "Han Feiyu" and the "penta kill squad." How would he be willing to waste so much time?
After all, in the Immortal Flying Spirit's opinion, how could he, who had already been deprived of heavenly luck 12 times, lose? Even if he wanted to lose, he couldn't!
Thus, the two people who didn't think they would lose used a dramatic method to start their life-betting competition.
The immortals present couldn't help but be a little stunned. They thought, "How did it develop to this extent?"
After they knew Zhu Yuxiao brought "Han Feiyu" here, they all looked at her, wondering if she could give a reasonable explanation. After all, it seemed like "Han Feiyu" had come to cause trouble for the Immortal Flying Spirit!
However, Zhu Yuxiao was even more confused now!
Zhu Yuxiao wanted to say something but she didn't know what to say. She was on the Immortal Flying Spirit's side. After all, the Immortal Flying Spirit was a noble immortal!
Since the Immortal Flying Spirit was a noble immortal, how could he do anything wrong?
Therefore, in Zhu Yuxiao's opinion, whatever the Immortal Flying Spirit did was right!
For example, even though Zhu Yuxiao previously treated Fang Jinyu enthusiastically because of his handsome face, she felt he should be taught a lesson!
Zhu Yuxiao believed that Fang Jinyu was just like those who badmouthed the immortal race. They were all disobedient people!
There were also people like Fang Jinyu who were unhappy with the immortal race or discovered something and deliberately revealed it to the public in the immortal realm. However… Only a few people believed their words.
To be more precise, nobody believed them!
It was because immortals and True Immortals who worked in the Immortal Palace supported those immortal races! There were even those who had cultivated the "Immortal of Heaven!"
In the cultivation world, people respected powerful people. The powerful people's words were naturally authoritative!
People couldn't even doubt them!
Therefore, how many people would believe those who appeared to challenge authority?
It was already good enough that people didn't mock those people!
It was the truth. Those who dared to do so would be ostracized and disappear mysteriously. Of course, people speculated that they were too ashamed to face others, so they simply found a place to cultivate or changed to another identity and hid.
Many people even applauded.
"Alright then!"
When Fang Jinyu heard the Immortal Flying Spirit say the competition method, he raised his hand and waved. The "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal," which was compatible with his cultivation path, appeared. Afterward, the power of an immortal treasure instantly erupted!
The shadow of a Kui cattle appeared, and the will of lightning filled the air. However, what made the immortals change their expressions was that their cultivation paths were suppressed when the immortal treasure appeared!
After all, it once dominated the human world and ignored all cultivation paths in the mortal world. Although Fang Jinyu couldn't ignore the myriad cultivation paths, the pressure he gave the other immortals was obvious since he had broken through the Immortal stage.
If those immortals were the second-stage True Immortals, they wouldn't be affected. However, the ordinary True Immortals who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage received great deterrence.
Fang Jinyu said calmly, "I refined this treasure. It originally wasn't an immortal treasure, but it is now! The cultivation within it is the path I created and completed validation!"
As soon as Fang Jinyu finished speaking, everyone fell silent.
The immortals present were all shocked. In addition, they were in the Immortal Flying Spirit's immortal estate, so they felt they should be quiet.
Fang Jinyu stared at the Immortal Flying Spirit. He saw the Immortal Flying Spirit's expression change from a calm and composed expression to some disbelief and confusion.
The first or last part of "Han Feiyu's" words could show that he was extraordinary. The Immortal Flying Spirit was confused about why he hadn't heard of such an extraordinary person before.
Although the immortals fought with each other, they shared some information and were mutually beneficial. Once they discovered an extraordinary rogue cultivator, they immediately paid attention to them. They allowed the other party to grow, but they wouldn't let the other party grow too much and become difficult to control.
"I also have an immortal treasure..." The Immortal Flying Spirit took out his immortal treasure. However, he didn't refine it because the cultivation within wasn't compatible with him. All the immortals present could feel it clearly after he took it out.
Moreover, compared to "Han Feiyu's" overbearing immortal treasure, the Immortal Flying Spirit's immortal treasure was no different from ordinary immortal treasures!
Fang Jinyu said, "You lost."
The Immortal Flying Spirit didn't admit it and asked, "Fellow Daoist Han, are you going to do it?"
Fang Jinyu didn't say anything else. He raised his left hand and pointed. His left hand, which was already a part of his immortal body, contained a domineering mortal intent that instantly transformed into a green-gold stream of light that pierced through the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage.
After the light dissipated, he was still alive and fine. If one ignored that he was no longer in the Immortal stage but a cultivator who ranked 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage…
It was part of Fang Jinyu's immortal body's ability—degrade an immortal to a mortal!
True Immortals might be able to withstand it, and at most, they couldn't improve their cultivation base for a thousand years. However, a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage couldn't withstand it!
"Fellow Daoist Han, great!"
The Immortal Flying Spirit's tone immediately turned hostile. His eyes were filled with coldness as he said, "Let's continue the alchemy competition!"
As soon as the Immortal Flying Spirit finished speaking, he took out an elixir that he had refined.
It was the Immortal Flying Spirit's most outstanding work!
It was a powerful alchemy technique that the Immortal Flying Spirit comprehended after depriving other people of heavenly luck many times.
The Immortal Flying Spirit couldn't help but say proudly, "I want to name this elixir the Flying Spirit Elixir. I created it myself, and it can give a cultivator who ranks 9 in the Nascent Soul stage a 70% to 80% chance of using the heavenly incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage!"
Among the three incarnation techniques, except the leaping incarnation technique, which was the least dangerous, the heavenly incarnation technique and the perfect incarnation technique were more dangerous than the previous ones!
It was a dead end!
It was especially true when cultivators failed to use the perfect incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage. Even the "Immortals of Heaven" couldn't save them.
It was the breakthrough method that only true cultivation path seekers would use.
Although the "Immortals of Heaven" could save those who failed to use the heavenly incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage, how many people could make an "Immortal of Heaven" take action? Therefore, the Immortal Flying Spirit's elixir was valuable.
Afterward, the Immortal Flying Spirit looked at Fang Jinyu and said, "Fellow Daoist Han, it's your turn!"