I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 531 Sorry, I’m More Arrogant (Part 2)

Chapter 531 Sorry, I'm More Arrogant (Part 2)

When the five True Immortals heard it, they couldn't help but look surprised. However, they didn't suspect anything. After all, there was no point for True Immortals in lying about this matter.
However, while the five True Immortals believed it, one didn't.
"Stop boasting. You said that you've done some research on refining spirit tools and alchemy, right? Don't tell me you've cultivated it in the past, huh? Don't show it if it's below the Immortal stage!"
The other party spoke sarcastically.
Fang Jinyu could already sense the other party with his immortal intent without looking over. He even sensed the other party's undisguised malice. However, he still looked over.
Fang Jinyu wanted to know what kind of cultivator who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage had ill intentions towards him and dared to provoke him!
When Fang Jinyu looked over, he saw a figure that looked like a youth.
However, the other party only looked like a youth. The other party must have cultivated for at least thousands of years or even longer to break through rank 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage. The other party might have reincarnated to have such a young appearance.
"What? You're not convinced?" When the cultivator who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage saw Fang Jinyu looking over, he became more arrogant.
It wasn't that the other party was brainless or didn't know how to be respectful. It was just that he had always acted in such a way all these years.
In other words, he was already used to it.
He would only restrain himself when facing people from his family or other immortals.
Fang Jinyu didn't say anything. He just focused his immortal intent on his gaze.
This time, as Fang Jinyu looked over, the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage fell to the ground and screamed. It was because Fang Jinyu's gaze had permanently split his primordial spirit into three parts.
It wasn't a secret cultivation technique that allowed one to split their primordial spirit. Moreover, one wouldn't split their primordial spirit in such a way. There was often a clear distinction between primary and secondary.
However, at this moment, Fang Jinyu had fairly "cut" the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage's primordial spirit into three parts with his gaze.
It caused the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage's head to want to become the main body, while the other part of his body refused to be the secondary. As for the part that included his legs, he simply wanted to escape after seeing that he was more or less at a disadvantage.
Since the three primordial spirits were in such a chaotic state, the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage's mind was in chaos. If he didn't have his abundant cultivation ability to help him suppress it, even his immortal body would have begun to split into three.
Although the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage could never improve his Immortal stage cultivation base, he had an immortal body.
However, it wasn't a supreme-grade immortal body but a complete-grade immortal body.
His immortal body was inferior to the supreme grade but superior to the beginner grade. Although it wasn't as perfect as the supreme-grade immortal body, it was still great. If it could be compatible with the other party's cultivation path, he could fully develop the complete-grade immortal body's power, allowing his combat strength to be comparable to that of an ordinary True Immortal.
Unfortunately, ordinary True Immortals couldn't possess immortal intent. Although one could break through the "First Immortal" stage by possessing immortal intent, it wasn't the only way to break through.
There were still three ways to break through the Incarnation stage, let alone the method to become immortal.
Therefore, under normal circumstances, ordinary True Immortals referred to a True Immortal who didn't rely on immortal intent but used other methods, such as borrowing the power of immortal techniques, to break through to become immortal.
In the immortal realm, True Immortals who used immortal intent to break through had another name—the Immortal Lord of Great Overarching.
It was because those who could become immortals with immortal intent would usually be guided into the Immortal Palace and get the reward of an official position.
However, it also showed how difficult it was to break through the "First Immortal" stage with immortal intent! Otherwise, why would the Immortal Palace be alarmed?
The "Immortal Zizai," who had been sent to the Sinful Immortal Mountain and had someone who stepped onto the "heavenly cultivation path" protect him, became an immortal with immortal intent!
People said that when "Immortal Zizai" became immortal, countless phenomena appeared in the world. Even an envoy from the Immortal Palace came to invite him to take up his post.
Although "Immortal Zizai" rejected the envoy from the Immortal Palace, he still enjoyed preferential treatment.
His younger brother had also relied on his elder brother "Immortal Zizai's" connections and background to allow him to smooth things over.
After all, in the eyes of the immortals in the Immortal Palace, "Immortal Zizai" would be a part of them sooner or later.
Since they were on the same side, they had to "protect his reputation."
Would the Immortal Palace's reputation be damaged?
Firstly, the Immortal Palace was superior to the immortal realm and was the only supreme existence in the world. How could some gossip affect the prestige of the Immortal Palace?
Moreover, who dared to say it?!
Secondly, it was none of their business!
Although they were immortals of the Immortal Palace and enjoyed the benefits of their immortal positions, protecting the reputation of the Immortal Palace... They weren't willing to do such things.
They were different from the Immortal Palace, and they couldn't represent the Immortal Palace!
At this moment, the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage attracted the attention of the other immortals when he fell to the ground and screamed. They looked over curiously, and those who knew his identity couldn't help but look shocked.
They thought, "It turns out that someone dares to attack him!"
At this moment, a figure quickly flew over. It was the Immortal Flying Spirit. He immediately went furious when he saw the "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage on the ground.
The "youth" who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage was the son of an elder in the Jade Glaze Immortal Race. In terms of seniority, he was the Immortal Flying Spirit "senior." He was used to being arrogant in his family, so the elder asked the Immortal Flying Spirit to help him when he was outside.
The Immortal Flying Spirit immediately agreed because he needed to rely on that elder to maintain his status.
The Immortal Flying Spirit shouted angrily, "Why are you hurting people at my birthday banquet?" It was because he planned to seize "Han Feiyu's" heavenly luck to let his "senior" break through the "First Immortal" stage.
Otherwise, he would have taken him down long ago.
After all, the prerequisite for seizing the heavenly luck was to make the other party think that he was inferior to him from the bottom of his heart. Immortals like him were born to be high and mighty.
However, once the other party didn't agree with it, he couldn't deprive the other party of heavenly luck!
In addition, it was also related to the recent special situation.
The ratio of True Immortals who weren't from the immortal race to True Immortals who were from the immortal race had recently reached three to five! The distant ancestors of each family who had become Supreme True Immortals began to enter closed-door cultivation, hoping to break through the "Immortal of Heaven" stage.
Therefore, they carried out their "hunting" plan against the Earthy Immortal Realm's rogue cultivators.
The reason the major immortal clans had allowed the Earthy Immortal Realm to become a place for rogue cultivators to cultivate was to nurture a sufficient number of "True Immortals who weren't from the immortal race" so that they could increase the number of their families' True Immortals!
However, it was also because so many immortals had attacked together and "hunted" the various True Immortals in the Earthy Immortal Realm that a serious "internal conflict" had appeared among the immortals!
It was also one of the reasons that the Immortal Flying Spirit could suppress his anger and only question Fang Jinyu.
Fang Jinyu said calmly, "He's just a cultivator who ranks 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage, but he dares to provoke me again and again. I'm only giving him a small punishment because I'm respecting you, Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit!"
Of course, Fang Jinyu didn't respect the Immortal Flying Spirit. However, it didn't didn't stop him from saying that now.
The Immortal Flying Spirit said with a gloomy expression, "You're Fellow Daoist Han Feiyu, right? Do you know he is a direct descendant of our Jade Glaze Immortal Race?"
Fang Jinyu sneered, "Just based on this?" He looked natural and handsome when he spoke. Therefore, he gave people a sense of elegance.
It made many female cultivators turn to look at Fang Jinyu.
When the Immortal Flying Spirit saw "Han Feiyu's" attitude, he knew "Han Feiyu" was an unruly person. However, he was confident in dealing with such a person, so he smiled and said, "Fellow Daoist, I heard you say that you are proficient in alchemy and refining spirit tools. Is that right?"
It wasn't what the Immortal Flying Spirit had heard just now. However, he was on his immortal estate, so he knew it after asking around.
"That's right!" Fang Jinyu wouldn't deny it.
The Immortal Flying Spirit said, "What a coincidence! I'm also proficient in alchemy and refining spirit tools. Fellow Daoist Han Feiyu, why don't you compete with me?" His words seemed to have another meaning.