I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 532 I’m the Immortal Lord of Justice!

Chapter 532 I'm the Immortal Lord of Justice!

Fang Jinyu thought that the Immortal Flying Spirit would directly attack him to capture him and explain the situation to his family. Even if he didn't make a move, he would have to chase him away with an unfriendly expression. After all, Zhu Yuxiao was among them.
After all, Fang Jinyu thought Zhu Yuxiao was their target, and they wanted to rob her of heavenly luck.
During this period, the Immortal Flying Spirit and the people behind him probably didn't want to cause any trouble. However, after taking away Zhu Yuxiao's heavenly luck, it was naturally another matter.
However, why did the Immortal Flying Spirit suddenly make such a request?
Fang Jinyu was somewhat puzzled.
Moreover, no matter how Fang Jinyu thought about it, there seemed to be something wrong!
However, it didn't matter.
If Fang Jinyu couldn't make up his mind, he would summon Qing Fu!
"Qing Fu, Qing Fu, did you catch Shi Wushuang? Cough, did you find her?" Fang Jinyu accidentally followed the little girl's previous words.
"I've caught her! Hehe! This little girl still wants to escape, huh?"
Just by listening to Qing Fu's soft voice, Fang Jinyu could imagine how smug she was. He didn't understand why she, someone who had stepped onto the "heavenly cultivation path", would be smug because of it.
Fang Jinyu thought, "Could it be that all experts liked to bully newbies?"
"Qing Fu, there's something strange that I want to ask you…"
Fang Jinyu recounted his previous experience concisely.
"Mother, the immortal race… What is it?" However, it was the first time that the little girl was confused by Fang Jinyu's question.
It differed from the last time they were in the Sea of Realms. Qing Fu couldn't tell Fang Jinyu about some things because she innately used the perfect incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage.
This time, the little girl didn't know about it. It was because, to her knowledge, the immortal race didn't exist in the immortal realm!
Thus, she said solemnly, "Mother, there is no such thing in the immortal realm. You must have been deceived! You're so stupid!"
Fang Jinyu was deep in thought. Afterward, he expressed that he understood.
Since the little girl said so, her meaning was obvious. She wanted Fang Jinyu to directly take action!
Although the other party had a self-proclaimed ancestor of the immortal race supporting him and was an "Immortal of Heaven," Fang Jinyu also had someone who had stepped onto the "heavenly cultivation path" supporting him!
Fang Jinyu thought, "High-level combat strength is even. How powerful can a self-proclaimed immortal be?"
"'Master' Qing Fu, I've understood!"
Fang Jinyu instantly became overconfident and insufferably arrogant. Afterward, his mind returned to its previous state in less than a second.
Fang Jinyu became unrestrained and casual.
It was the path of freedom!
Of course, it involved the ultimate heart force. After Fang Jinyu broke through the Immortal stage, his cultivation base turned into a staircase that connected to the ultimate heart force. Although it couldn't make Fang Jinyu always be in a state of "not being affected by success or failure," he was always peaceful and calm.
However, it also made Fang Jinyu want to open another "female lead blind box."
After all, although Fang Jinyu's system produced the ultimate heart force, it originated from a dead "female lead."
Fang Jinyu could say that the "female lead," with whom he defeated her luck back then, was extraordinary.
Or perhaps she was hiding something extraordinary!
Afterward, Fang Jinyu looked at the Immortal Flying Spirit in front of him and agreed, "Fellow Daoist, since you want to compete, I'm interested in it. Why don't we decide on the reward?"
The Immortal Flying Spirit sneered, "What reward?"
The Immortal Flying Spirit had robbed others of their heavenly luck more than once. After doing it so many times, although he couldn't immediately obtain the other party's cultivation core, he could still obtain a similar thing!
In other words, the Immortal Flying Spirit could also be good at what the other party was good at!
Alchemy, spirit tool refinement, talisman creation, puppets, array formations—after the Immortal Flying Spirit deprived other people of heavenly luck 12 times, his achievements in these aspects had long reached perfection.
The Immortal Flying Spirit only needed to strip other people's heavenly luck one or two more times before he could use it to condense the chaos-immortal light!
The method of seizing heavenly luck could also be considered a cultivation method for harvesting thousands of living beings, like leeks.
"Fellow Daoist, if you lose once, I'll cripple your Immortal stage cultivation base. If you lose twice, I'll continue to cripple your Immortal Ascension stage cultivation base. If you lose five times, I'll kill you. How about that?" Fang Jinyu used an extremely calm tone to say such domineering words.
"Fellow Daoist Han, what should I do if you lose?" The Immortal Flying Spirit was laughing out of anger. He even suspected that Han Feiyu had suffered Qi Deviation!
Fang Jinyu deliberately said ambiguously, "Of course, you can do the same thing." After all, if he lost, he would renege on his debt. He was a dignified Immortal Lord of Justice. What was wrong with him reneging on his debt?
Moreover, although Fang Jinyu didn't think he would lose, he didn't want to say anything bad about himself.
Fang Jinyu didn't dare simply complain when he was an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator, let alone when he was immortal.
After breaking through the Immortal stage, many destined things were likely to be caused by a moment of euphoria.
Well, it was what a little girl told Fang Jinyu.
After cultivators broke through the Immortal stage, it was true that "my fate is up to me, not the heavens!"
"Alright then. Fellow Daoist, how do you want to compete?" The Immortal Flying Spirit naturally agreed. However, even if "Han Feiyu" lost, he wouldn't do anything to him. At most, he would slightly punish him. The reason he proposed the competition was to defeat him in something he was good at so that he could make him feel defeated!