I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 530 Sorry, I’m More Arrogant

Chapter 530 Sorry, I'm More Arrogant

It was undoubtedly a land of immortals because those who could be here, even if they weren't immortals, were still immortal cultivators. Moreover, the Nascent Soul stage cultivators had the weakest cultivation bases, which could be said to be the ancestors of an aristocratic family.
However, when Fang Jinyu looked at the various immortals on Mount Lingxing, he didn't feel any immortal runes. Moreover, he felt like he was in a market.
There was even some annoyance.
There was flattery, pandering, and fawning. There was no sense of independence or ethereal beauty.
The more Fang Jinyu looked and listened, the more he felt as if these people were contaminating this place.
Although Mount Lingxing wasn't innately formed and had some of the luxuries of the human world, with the support of the Immortal Palace's Mountain and River Token, one could also consider it a high-grade blessed land.
Although the Mountain and River Token weren't famous, how could it be simple and ordinary when it was passed down from the Immortal Palace?!
A Mountain and River Token could create a high-grade blessed land!
In the vast immortal realm, since the birth of the first Mountain and River Token, only 108 of them have been passed down. It showed how precious they were.
Although the Earthy Immortal Realm had many blessed lands, most could barely be considered blessed lands. In terms of grades, they had the lowest grades.
If there were low-grade blessed lands, it would cause True Immortals to fight for them.
As for the higher grades, there were still four grades—the middle-grade, upper-middle-grade, higher-grade, and upper-high-grade.
Among them, even if it was just the birth of a medium-grade blessed land, ordinary True Immortals were no longer qualified to interfere. They had to condense the chaos-immortal light and break through the second stage of True Immortals.
The Immortal Flying Spirit could create a high-grade blessed land with Immortal Palace's Mountain and River Token despite being an ordinary True Immortal because of the Jade Glaze Immortal Race supporting him!
Otherwise, why not try it on a True Immortal with no background?
The best outcome that the other party could get was to be deprived of his heavenly luck and reincarnated to become a great Core Formation stage cultivator.
At this moment, Fang Jinyu heard someone mention "Han Feiyu." Those people thought they were being vague, but since he had immortal intent and the other party didn't, they couldn't escape his senses.
However, Fang Jinyu couldn't sense what they were saying. After all, they were also immortals.
As Fang Jinyu looked over, those people reacted since they were True Immortals. Although they were shocked, one of them didn't feel embarrassed. He cupped his fists at Fang Jinyu and apologized before explaining, "Fellow Daoist Han Feiyu, I heard Fairy Zhu Yuxiao mention you just now and saw that you have a peerless face. I can't help but be surprised."
Fang Jinyu wasn't surprised to hear it. There were countless capable people in the immortal realm. Although he didn't care about the identity of the Immortal Flying Spirit, other True Immortals treated him like an ordinary person in the secular world facing a noble.
Therefore, although the Primordial Chaos True Immortal didn't care about the Immortal Flying Spirit, ordinary True Immortals would come to the banquet as long as they were invited. It was normal for some of them to have extraordinary abilities.
Fang Jinyu said, "I see. However, if you are curious about me, we can discuss it in person. Why are you hiding it? Don't worry, I don't care about it." His words indicated that he accepted the other party's explanation. However, at the same time, he also expressed some dissatisfaction.
After all, everyone would be fine if they knew someone was saying something good about them behind their backs. However, they would feel slightly uncomfortable when the other party gossiped about them.
"Thank you for your forgiveness, Fellow Daoist Han!" When the True Immortal, who had explained, heard it, he smiled and introduced himself, saying, "Fellow Daoist Han, I'm Xu Huansong. These are my good friends. They have made great achievements in refining spirit tools, alchemy, talismans, formations, puppets, and so on. However, we can't compare to you. You are far superior to us since you used your immortal intent to attain your cultivation path."
At the end of his sentence, Xu Huansong couldn't help but sigh.
"Indeed, only those who have experienced the immortal path understand how difficult it is to attain our cultivation path through immortal intent!" Another person sighed with emotion and introduced himself, saying, "I am Zhang Zaisong, and I like to concoct elixirs. Fellow Daoist Han, nice to meet you."
"I'm Lin Busong. Fellow Daoist Han, you might have heard of me. I'm the Immortal of Human-Headed Puppet."
"I'm Li Ersong. Fellow Daoist Han, nice to meet you. I'm proficient in array formations. However, I'm not as famous as the Immortal of Human-Headed Puppet. I'm usually active in the Earthy Immortal Realm's Daylight Mount Earthy Immortal. It's my first time coming to the Northern Mount Earthy Immortal."
"Greetings, Fellow Daoist Han. I'm Tang Zhengsong. I'm the only one left who likes to refine talismans. I'm just like Ersong in not being famous. I used to only be active on the Daylight Mount Earthy Immortal, but I don't like to be quiet or inactive like Ersong. This time, I'm only here to accompany them."
These people introduced themselves.
However, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but feel slightly strange after he heard their names.
Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu thought, "Huansong? Busong? Zaisong? Ersong? Zhengsong?"
"Are they the 'penta kill squad'?"
However, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but think more about these five people's backgrounds. It was because they looked different from Fairy Zhu Yuxiao. They still had their heavenly luck and hadn't been affected much by the immortal races.
Thus, Fang Jinyu returned the bow and said, "I'm Han Feiyu. I'm greeting Fellow Daoist Xu, Fellow Daoist Zhang, Fellow Daoist Lin, Fellow Daoist Li, and Fellow Daoist Tang. Coincidentally, I've also done some research on the five techniques."