I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 528 The {#34}Hypocrite Fang{#34} Reappears! (Part 2)

Chapter 528 The "Hypocrite Fang" Reappears! (Part 2)

Therefore, Fang Jinyu pretended to be indignant for Zhu Yuxiao. He said, "What's so difficult about that? I'm just a newly advanced True Immortal. In fact, for some reason, my 'First Immortal' cultivation base can only be considered to have taken in half of my body! However, I can easily create dozens of cultivation mark projections. Could it be that Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit can't even do it?"
Seeing Fang Jinyu's expression, especially his face, Zhu Yuxiao couldn't help but feel that it was right for her to treat "Han Feiyu" well from the beginning.
Therefore, Zhu Yuxiao, who had already put away her unhappiness, was in a bad mood again.
After all, no one would doubt someone they had helped before.
One could say that Zhu Yuxiao had previously "helped" Fang Jinyu. From her intentions, she had kindly invited him to stay and brought him to the Immortal Flying Spirit's birthday banquet to help him find a solution to his current cultivation problem.
Although the premise of Zhu Yuxiao's actions was that she was interested in Fang Jinyu, she still "helped" him, right?
Therefore, Zhu Yuxiao didn't suspect Fang Jinyu's ulterior motives. Instead, after listening to his words, she felt that "Fellow Daoist Han Feiyu" was right!
That's right. No matter what, she, Zhu Yuxiao, was a famous figure who had become immortal thousands of years ago!
Even if the Immortal Flying Spirit was receiving a Supreme True Immortal and had no time to welcome her, he could still send a cultivation mark projection over!
At this moment, seeing that Zhu Yuxiao didn't speak, Fang Jinyu didn't continue.
Fang Jinyu was purely doing it on a whim to destroy the other party's "friendship." As for whether it would work or what would happen after it worked, it had nothing to do with him.
Even if Zhu Yuxiao didn't do anything, Fang Jinyu didn't lose anything. After all, he only said two sentences.
At this moment, Zhu Yuxiao suddenly said faintly, "Since Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit is busy, we'll take the initiative to meet him. We can see which senior expert he's receiving right now!"
After Zhu Yuxiao finished her words, she quickly descended to Mount Lingxing without waiting for Fang Jinyu's reply.
Of course, Fang Jinyu followed Zhu Yuxiao.
When Fang Jinyu entered the mountain, he called out to a little girl in his heart.
The little girl's soft voice immediately echoed in Fang Jinyu's heart, "Mother, why are you looking for me?"
Fang Jinyu said, "Qing Fu, help me sense if there are any powerful True Immortals who have condensed the immortal light in this area."
Although Fang Jinyu had immortal intent and could do it, he naturally couldn't act rashly.
Fang Jinyu couldn't do it without anyone knowing if he used his immortal intent to sense it.
"It's simple. Mother, wait a moment!"
After the soft voice finished speaking, Fang Jinyu felt that someone controlled the wisp of his immortal intent, making it instantly sublimate. At this moment, he seemed to have comprehended the meaning of the chaos intent and the marvels of the perfected chaos. Finally, he saw the source of the "cultivation path."
It was an indescribable place!
Afterward, Fang Jinyu suddenly realized that his vision had become "broader."
Fang Jinyu saw the entire Mount Lingxing. Moreover, he even saw everything within a million miles.
At this moment, Fang Jinyu heard a series of terrified exclamations.
Afterward, a male True Immortal dressed in luxurious clothes ran out with a terrified expression. The man bowed to the sky with extreme unease and said, "Junior Immortal Flying Spirit comes from the Jade Glaze Immortal Race. Greetings, exalted immortal! I wonder if there's anything you want me to do since you've descended. I'll do my best. If I can't do it, I'll seek help from my family's ancestors."
His words showed that he would be obedient in a respectful way. However, he also wanted to show his identity and warn the other party not to bully him.
The Jade Glaze Immortal Race's ancestor was an "Immortal of Heaven" who had cultivated the heavenly rules!
Although the Jade Glaze Immortal Race's ancestor hadn't appeared for a million years, it was normal for him to disappear for tens of millions or even trillions of years, let alone a million years.
After all, those who could step onto the "heavenly cultivation path" wanted to take the final step and become immortal kings!
However, the Immortal Flying Spirit, who was wearing luxurious clothes, seemed to be winking at a blind man. He didn't get any response from the other party within tens of thousands of miles.
It made the Immortal Flying Spirit even more anxious.
Although the Immortal Flying Spirit looked confident, if the mysterious exalted immortal attacked and killed him, the Jade Glaze Immortal Race's ancestor might not appear.
It was because when one became the "Immortal of Heaven," many relationships would become unimaginable.
For example, someone once killed the other party's only son. One could consider such hatred second only to the hatred of killing his father. However, after the two of them became "Immortals of Heaven," they suddenly reconciled and even became friends. They often played chess and discussed their cultivation.
It was unimaginable for the "First Immortals."
However, such a situation often happened among the "Immortals of Heaven." It was as if all the hatred in the past was meaningless after stepping on the "heavenly cultivation path."