I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 527 The {#34}Hypocrite Fang{#34} Reappears!

Chapter 527 The "Hypocrite Fang" Reappears!

"One occasionally turns into a flying crane in a dream and overlooks common people."
"When he awakened his spiritual sense, he laughed and didn't know he had become immortal."
The Immortal Flying Spirit wrote this poem when he attained his cultivation path. It was also the proudest work of his life. Every time he celebrated his birthday, which happened once every thousand years, he would ask the immortal "fellow Daoists" in his residence to condense the twenty-eight words for him with their cultivation ability and place them on Mount Lingxing, where he lived.
From afar, it seemed like half the sky had become the poem's territory.
"Fellow Daoist Han, that's Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit's immortal estate. Since he's a member of the Jade Glaze Immortal Race, he built his immortal estate in such a luxurious manner in order not to humiliate his family. He held such a grand birthday banquet because of this. Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit is usually approachable and treats us rogue cultivators with great courtesy."
Zhu Yuxiao was naturally the one who said it.
At this time, they had already arrived near Mount Lingxing, where the Immortal Flying Spirit lived.
Initially, this place didn't have Mount Lingxing, but it appeared because the Immortal Flying Spirit came. The Immortal Flying Spirit had ordered his immortal subordinates, who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage, to gather the Northern Mount Earthy Immortal's mountain rocks and spiritual veins for him for thousands of years. Afterward, he used the Immortal Palace's Mountain and River Token to strengthen them, resulting in the majestic Mount Lingxing that stood above Northern Mount Earthy Immortal.
Since it was a man-made mountain, Mount Lingxing had many connate mountains, so it didn't have a luxurious aura!
There was gold everywhere and jade everywhere.
At first glance, this damn place really deserved to be called "beautiful."
Therefore, when Fang Jinyu heard it, he couldn't help but stare at Zhu Yuxiao. He was curious about the origin of Mount Lingxing in front of him. He thought, "How did Zhu Yuxiao believe that nonsense?"
"Moreover, the so-called immortal 'fellow Daoists' are probably the 'cultivation slaves,' right?"
It wasn't a secret in the immortal realm.
In almost every immortal city, those who held the position of city lord or had broken through the Immortal Ascension stage knew about it. It was because they were the main force that "purchased" such a special cultivation ability.
After the immortal races controlled a "cultivation slave," they wouldn't only use it, but they would also sell it publicly.
Thinking back to what Zhu Yuxiao had said about the Immortal Flying Spirit on the way here, Fang Jinyu was even more annoyed.
No matter how Fang Jinyu tried to understand it, the Immortal Flying Spirit was unrelated to the adjectives that Zhu Yuxiao had just described!
If it weren't for the inappropriate setting, Fang Jinyu would have retorted.
After all, Fang Jinyu had seen people lying through their teeth, but he had never seen someone lying through their teeth in such a way.
When a True Immortal appeared, he was naturally accompanied by an immortal phenomenon.
Although Fang Jinyu's path of freedom was good at hiding, a hazy fog would surround him if he didn't cover himself with the Uprising Immortal Cloud.
It was illusory but also looked like a dream!
Compared to Fang Jinyu, who was shrouded in clouds, Zhu Yuxiao's immortal phenomenon was more shocking. An illusory figure of a fairy appeared on her body. Her figure was graceful but seemed to be holding up the sky.
It was somewhat strange.
It was like a combination of a gentle and refined face with a robust physique.
When Fang Jinyu followed Zhu Yuxiao to walk forward, he saw dense flowers blooming in the vegetation along the way.
It was the effect of Zhu Yuxiao's cultivation path!
Therefore, a long laugh came from Mount Lingxing, "So it's Fairy Zhu Yuxiao. Fairy, please come in. I still have guests to receive, so please forgive me if I ignored you."
Zhu Yuxiao replied with a smile, "Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit, please do as you please. However, please come quickly. I have a True Immortal fellow Daoist here whom I would like to introduce you to."
Afterward, Zhu Yuxiao motioned for Fang Jinyu to go in with her. However, at this moment, she suddenly heard Fang Jinyu say, "Fairy, although you have a close relationship with Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit, you are still a True Immortal. I was amazed when I heard of your good reputation when you became immortal. However, Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit isn't willing to send a projection to receive you. Could it be that he is meeting some Supreme True Immortal?"
Fang Jinyu looked extremely sincere when he said it. The depths of his eyes were filled with sincerity because it was also something he didn't understand.
Fang Jinyu thought, "His main body can't come over because of some matters, but can't he send over a cultivation mark projection?"
It wasn't difficult for Immortal Ascension stage cultivators to send over their cultivation mark projections.
Although Fang Jinyu had a large amount of "dragon's core" that allowed him to easily create cultivation mark projections, the others at most couldn't create their cultivation mark projections as recklessly as he did!
Therefore, after Zhu Yuxiao heard Fang Jinyu's words, her gaze changed a little, and she didn't hide her dejection.
It was obvious that Fang Jinyu had succeeded in his instigation.
However, a moment later, Zhu Yuxiao shook her head again. She explained to Fang Jinyu and comforted herself, "Fellow Daoist Han, Fellow Daoist Immortal Flying Spirit may have his reasons!"
Ordinary people would have stopped instigating at this time.
However, Fang Jinyu intended to cause trouble. He wanted to kill the True Immortal of the immortal race to fulfill the first chapter of his cultivation path—"I can do it too!"