I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 521 As Long as She Didn’t Burn Incense Sticks for Me (Part 2)

Chapter 521 As Long as She Didn't Burn Incense Sticks for Me (Part 2)

Thus, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) tried her best to recall the "Earthly Green-Wood Immortal City Scripture."
The cultivation technique was still clear in her mind.
Afterward, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) couldn't help but mutter in shock, "This cultivation method doesn't require any special spiritual items or elixirs! Moreover, it's not picky about the place where I cultivate. It doesn't matter, even if it's a barren mountain or a rough river. It's because as long as there's a place with the earth and wood attribute, I can borrow the power of the world to cultivate…"
However, it wasn't the thing that shocked Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) the most.
It was because if Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) could master the spell, it would mean that she had also mastered the path of spirit tool refinement, the path of puppets, the path of talismans, and the path of array formations!
However, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) felt that she would take a few thousand years to cultivate the "Earthly Green-Wood Immortal City Scripture."
Therefore, the only thing Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) could come into contact with now was the cultivation technique's path of spirit tool refinement!
For example, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) could use her late-stage Qi Condensation magical power to condense a powerful talisman! If she could break through the Foundation Establishment stage, not only could the talisman she condensed be upgraded to a spirit tool, but she could also condense a few more powerful spirit tools!
In the future, if Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) could cultivate the Core Formation stage, the spirit tool she condensed could even reverse nature and directly sublimate into a magic treasure that was compatible with her!
"What a powerful spell!"
The more Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) looked at it, the more amazed she became. Even if she was inexperienced and had little knowledge of the immortal path, the power of the "Earthly Green-Wood Immortal City Scripture" was clear at a glance!
It made Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) feel even happier after touching the small jade bottle in her arms!
Hence, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) hurriedly got up from her bed.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) turned her head and looked left and right. In the end, she couldn't find her target to thank, so she went to get a basin of water. Afterward, she kowtowed three times to her reflection.
"Spiritual roots! Thank you!"
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) said it with a serious expression.
At this moment, the bell rang again.
It made Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) subconsciously nervous. When she knew she had run out of time, she hurriedly ran out, not bothering to cultivate the spell she had obtained from her dream.
It was because the manager cultivator of the Heavenly Worker's Training Residence was calling for people to dig for coal.
It was Shi Xiaoyue's (Xin Qianqian's) "cultivation service."
She had to do it because of her background. It was an innate obligation. Otherwise, she would have violated the laws of the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty and been punished.
At that time, even her parents, who were still farming in the countryside, would be punished along with her.
Therefore, even if Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) had such a powerful cultivation technique, she could only stay here obediently and couldn't leave at will.
In a deep underground area outside Xialuo Immortal City.
There used to be crystallized coal formed by the ancient spiritual plants here, but it had been dug up long ago because that kind of coal was beneficial for refining spirit tools and alchemy in the immortal realm. After Xialuo Immortal City's lord set up the Immortal Ascension stage formation, the city could postnatally obtain coal.
Although it was a decent spiritual item, it couldn't compare to the original crystallized coal.
There was a supervisor at this place.
At this moment, those supervising cultivators were constantly berating and waving the whips in their hands from time to time. They treated the cultivators here as slaves.
The immortal cultivators who were in "cultivation service" were indeed no different from slaves.
The only difference between them and slaves was that other people couldn't decide their deaths.
These supervisors were immortal cultivators who had once been in their "cultivation services." It was just that they had connections, and had been loyal to a certain family for generations, so they obtained such a job.
Since they painstakingly obtained their jobs, any cultivator who got this kind of job would be deeply grateful to their master!
Therefore, they would often think they were superior to others! They believed that even if people of the same background as them had the same cultivation bases as them, they weren't worthy of standing with them.
Moreover, from time to time, these cultivators would show off their little powers.
It was because, other than being able to get some benefits, it was also the biggest source of their sense of superiority!
"You! Go to Pit C-32!" The supervising cultivator was assigning tasks.
"Please don't, Brother Zhang. I'm a weak woman. How can I go to that place to suffer?" A female cultivator got the task. She couldn't help but grimace when she heard it.
Digging coal underground was tough. The C region was the place they suffered the most.
Especially Pit C-32!
Since it was newly developed, the Immortal Ascension stage formation would also breed some unconscious vengeful spirits. They were aggressive and threatened the Qi Condensation stage cultivators.
At this moment, the female cultivator said it and quickly leaned against the supervising cultivator. Her expression looked somewhat ambiguous.
Although the female cultivator looked ordinary, she was good at causing trouble. Thus, the supervising cultivator understood and immediately smiled. "I remembered wrongly. Go to C-1! As for C-32, that little girl over there, you go!"