I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 523 As Long as She Didn’t Burn Incense Sticks for Me (Part 4)

Chapter 523 As Long as She Didn't Burn Incense Sticks for Me (Part 4)

The "Decent Friends Association" was the latter.
The person who created the small faction was the daughter of the city lord of Xialuo Immortal City.
However, the young lady created the "Decent Friends Association" on a whim, so it was usually her personal servant, "Suo Yi," who took care of it.
Although Suo Yi was only a servant working in the city lord's mansion, she was a great Core Formation stage cultivator!
When Suo Yi heard about Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian), she didn't say anything and immediately used her authority to send a letter to Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) and order her to join the "Decent Friends Association."
With Suo Yi's knowledge, she instantly understood that the commoner named "Shi Xiaoyue" had obtained the opportunity left behind by a Nascent Soul stage cultivator to easily break through.
Suo Yi couldn't help but snort, "How can such an opportunity be worthy of a commoner?" Meanwhile, one could see the greed in her eyes.
Although Suo Yi was a Core Formation stage cultivator and was the city lord's daughter's personal servant, such an opportunity left behind by a Nascent Soul stage cultivator could only be encountered by luck!
Suo Yi thought, "Since I've encountered it, how can I let it go?"
"If the heavens don't accept it, they will definitely suffer!" Suo Yi muttered coldly, her face as cold as a hundred-year-old widow.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian), who had finally finished her "cultivation service," was happily packing her luggage. Afterward, she realized that a figure had appeared at her door.
It just happened to block the sunlight that shone in.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) immediately turned around and widened her big black eyes. Her picturesque face couldn't help but reveal a look of surprise.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) shouted happily, "The handsome cultivator, why are you here?"
"I came to see how your cultivation is going."
Fang Jinyu said. He looked at Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) and slowly retracted his immortal intent. He had already confirmed that the "Earthly Green-Wood Immortal City Scripture" he created was suitable for her to cultivate.
However, the cultivation technique still had some flaws. Since Fang Jinyu created it, it inevitably included a part of the path of freedom.
It was especially true after Fang Jinyu made a breakthrough in one fell swoop through the "Land of My Thoughts." Although he hadn't killed a True Immortal to fulfill the goal of "I can do it too," the path of freedom had broken through the upper limit of the human world, so its power had become even stronger.
However, it was only a minor flaw. It wasn't a big problem.
After all, Fang Jinyu was the one who cultivated the path of freedom. As long as he controlled himself, Xin Qianqian wouldn't be affected by the path of freedom.
"Brother cultivator, did you give it to me?" When Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) heard it, how could she not understand what Fang Jinyu meant? She was instantly even happier.
It meant that the "handsome cultivator brother" in front of Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) cared about her.
Therefore, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian), who had already thought of where the two of them would be buried together in the future, hurriedly asked with 30% anticipation, 30% surprise, 40% apprehension, and 90% ecstasy, "Brother cultivator, why did you give me such a powerful cultivation technique?"
"I don't know what it'll be like after I create it. Moreover, you have earth and wood dual-attribute spiritual roots, so it's just right." Of course, Fang Jinyu wouldn't tell the truth.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) instantly became less enthusiastic. However, in the next second, she became happy again. Just as she was about to continue speaking, she suddenly heard a shout from outside.
Although those who could enter the Heavenly Worker's Training Residence had magic power, these cultivators were all serving the "cultivation service." They didn't even have time to cultivate, let alone cultivate techniques. Therefore, many people here were no different from mortals in the Sea of Realms.
For example, they relied on shouting to call someone.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) asked the other party and knew that someone had sent something to her. She thought it was a restraining order that represented the end of her "cultivation service." Therefore, after she invited Fang Jinyu into the house and sat down, she hurriedly ran out.
Fang Jinyu's gaze shifted. Knowing that there was no danger, he leisurely looked around.
After all, it was Xin Qianqian's residence.
Soon, Fang Jinyu saw a strange object.
Hence, Fang Jinyu walked over.
It was a wooden plaque made of ordinary material. On the wooden token, a line of words was written in beautiful handwriting—a good-looking cultivator.
Fang Jinyu instantly fell silent.
It was because it seemed to be the name that Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) had called Fang Jinyu just now.
Afterward, Fang Jinyu thought about it and realized that it was because Xin Qianqian couldn't remember his face that she made such a move. He could only comfort himself, saying, "Luckily, she didn't burn incense sticks for me."