I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 517 What Will Happen if I Keep Stealing the Extraordinary Book’s Chances?

Chapter 517 What Will Happen if I Keep Stealing the Extraordinary Book's Chances?

At the Earthy Immortal Realm, the Northern Mount Earthy Immortal.
There were many vast forests here. These were ancient trees that towered into the sky. They were at least a hundred years old. Therefore, one could see countless trees swaying along with the mountain wind.
If one looked further, one would see a vast cloud of mist that gathered and dispersed at times, connecting with the green forest as if the world were one color.
One would be amazed by the scene. However, one couldn't help but feel a little depressed.
It was the manifestation of the might of heaven and earth!
At this moment, a gust of wind suddenly halted because a figure had appeared and blocked its path.
It was a stunning man. His facial features were flawless, and he exuded a masculine aura. Strangely, although the handsome man had a faint immortal intent, he had a dense mortal aura. His mortal aura was even denser than that of those mortals in the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty!
However, the man didn't seem to care about it. He adjusted his breathing, and his dense mortal aura dissipated when he revealed his cultivation ability.
With the speed at which the mortal aura dissipated, it would not take much time for the mortal aura of the Sea of Realms to dissipate and gather the immortal realm's aura. At most, it would take time to brew half a cup of tea.
The man was handsome. Therefore, his actions appeared to be particularly charming, even if they were just one or two of his ordinary actions.
A mountain-shaped immortal treasure came out unsteadily. At the same time, the phoenix eyes that emerged from the immortal treasure looked at the man with infatuation.
If the immortal treasure had hands or feet, it would go and hug the man!
How could there be such a good-looking man?!
At this moment, something unexpected happened. A ray of light suddenly flew out of the man's body. Afterward, an incomparably powerful force instantly broke all the seals that were binding him!
However, the ray of light didn't manage to escape successfully.
After all, it wasn't an empty title for an immortal treasure to be called a rare treasure of the immortal realm and to be regarded as a top-notch treasure by many cultivators and even True Immortals!
The mountain-shaped immortal treasure with a pair of phoenix eyes completely blocked the ray of light.
It even shattered the light enveloping it, causing it to reveal its original form!
It was a book-like object.
With such a commotion, the man who was gathering the aura of the immortal realm naturally couldn't continue. After all, using the aura of the immortal realm to purify his body was a piece of cake for him since he had such a profound cultivation base. At most, it would take some time.
"Why did this extraordinary book come out?"
The man spoke with a puzzled and surprised expression.
After all, although the method he used to seal the extraordinary book might not be powerful in the immortal realm, it wasn't something other cultivators could easily break.
The man was Fang Jinyu.
Fang Jinyu had once dissipated the aura of the immortal realm in the Sea of Realms and gathered the aura of the mortal world in the Sea of Realms. Therefore, he had a dense mortal aura that far exceeded the mortal aura of the mortals in the immortal realm.
Although the mortals of the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty were also mortals, they lived in the immortal realm.
These mortals were still the same as the Sea of Realms' mortals even when they were born as Qi Condensation stage cultivators. They would still die from catching a cold. However, in terms of mortal aura, the Sea of Realms' mortals weren't unqualified to compare with them.
It was also one of the reasons why it was easier for cultivators in the immortal realm to achieve a higher stage in their cultivation.
After all, the less mortal aura one had, the easier it would be to comprehend the immortal path. Even if these kinds of cultivators didn't have sufficient cultivation resources, they could rely on their hard work to obtain a chance to break through a major stage.
However, compared to the Sea of Realms, where the superior-tier spells could be bought and sold casually in some Great Realms, in the Immortal Realm, the only thing that could be bought and sold was the low-tier spells.
If an ordinary low-ranked cultivator with no background wanted to obtain the superior-tier spells and didn't want to "sell" himself, the only way was to find the opportunities of his predecessors.
"This is an extraordinary book? I think I've heard of it before. It's the imperial edict of the Immortal Palace!" The "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal" came over, and its phoenix eyes stared at the book-like object that emitted the aura of an immortal treasure. It looked surprised.
"After the four imperial edicts of the Immortal Palace were circulated, they turned into four extraordinary books. However, this extraordinary book isn't one of the four imperial edicts. There are more than ten such books in the world, and one of them has already reached the level of a superior treasure!"
Fang Jinyu shook his head and told her what he knew.
"It turns out that there are so many of them? The extraordinary book is indeed incredible. Refining an immortal treasure is as difficult as becoming immortal! There are even more than ten of such books?!"
Ah Ru was even more surprised after she heard it. Although she had easily turned the "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal" into an immortal treasure, how many "Primordial Ruyi Gold"?could there be in the immortal realm?
Moreover, Fang Jinyu had invested a lot of effort into the "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal" before it became an immortal treasure!
The inheritance of spirit tool refinement in the Sea of Realms, the mysterious inheritance of spirit tool refinement beyond the heavens, and the three spirit tool refining techniques circulating in the immortal realm… In the end, they all fulfilled the "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal."
One could say that the "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal" was a cultivation core that gathered Fang Jinyu's spirit tool refining technique!
A cultivation mark appeared when Fang Jinyu's figure blurred.
The cultivation mark projection had a slightly blurry appearance. However, its figure looked like Fang Jinyu. It grabbed the book and flipped it open.
Fang Jinyu wanted to find the Cloud-Light Book Spirit inside, but to his surprise, the book spirit's aura had disappeared!
With a flip of his hand, layers of sealing power appeared.
It was what Fang Jinyu had used to seal the Cloud-Light Book Spirit's fate.
Initially, a part of the Cloud-Light Book Spirit's fate was left. After all, the spells that Qing Fu cast could preserve it for a long time. However, when Fang Jinyu looked over, he saw that it was empty. The fate had also disappeared.
"How did the book spirit of that extraordinary book die?"
After confirming this conjecture, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but feel confused.
Although the tool spirit of an immortal treasure couldn't compare to that of a real immortal, it still had the immortal's most basic ability, "being the same as the world." Its lifespan was endless, and it didn't have the worries of aging and death.
The sealing power was just a sealing power. It didn't have any killing power. It wouldn't cause any harm to the book spirit.
"How did this book spirit die?"
Fang Jinyu suddenly realized that he didn't recognize the extraordinary book.
To be more precise, the extraordinary book seemed to hide more secrets than Fang Jinyu had imagined!
Otherwise, where did the power to break the seal and escape come from?
At this time, the extraordinary book in Fang Jinyu's cultivation mark projection's hand suddenly moved. The pages were flipping on their own.
Of course, it was what cultivators below the Immortal stage saw.
From Fang Jinyu's perspective, who had already broken through the Immortal stage but had yet to become a true immortal, he believed the extraordinary book was constantly absorbing his aura.
At this moment, although Fang Jinyu had dispersed the mortal aura of the Sea of Realms, he hadn't gathered the immortal realm's aura. Therefore, if one didn't sense the immortal might of Fang Jinyu, it was easy to mistake Fang Jinyu for a mortal from the immortal realm's Buzhou Immortal Dynasty.
The extraordinary book didn't absorb too much of Fang Jinyu's aura. On the originally blank page, words silently appeared one after another.
Fang Jinyu was stunned for half a second.
After all, Fang Jinyu hadn't seen such a scene for too many years.
The memories related to these were from an extremely long time ago.
Fang Jinyu carefully recalled his memories. He remembered that, at that time, he hadn't completely adapted to the immortal cultivation path in the Nine Desolations.
Fang Jinyu couldn't help but sigh.
What a distant memory!
It just wasn't wonderful…
Fang Jinyu also remembered Su Yier, who had caused him a lot of trouble. She even provoked the Nine Desolations and suffered the immortal cultivation path's heavenly tribulation. Otherwise, Fang Jinyu would have killed her reincarnation at least once!
Afterward, Fang Jinyu started to read the words in the extraordinary book.
Fang Jinyu's gaze turned strange.
It was because Fang Jinyu saw a name that he was familiar with—Han Feiyu!
Looking at the description of Han Feiyu in the extraordinary book, Fang Jinyu felt that it was even more familiar.
It described "Han Feiyu" according to Fang Jinyu!
However, there was a large deviation in Fang Jinyu's cultivation base. The extraordinary book described him as an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator, and he didn't obtain the immortal races' permission to complete his cultivation validation. Therefore, he didn't dare to reveal his cultivation base and only dared to reveal his Incarnation stage cultivation base to others.
There was also a description of Fang Jinyu, which was also Han Feiyu's background.
Fang Jinyu ascended from the Sea of Realms!
However, the extraordinary book described Fang Jinyu as a rogue cultivator from Mount Skeleton outside the North Universe City who only used a thousand years to become supremacy after receiving the inheritance of his predecessor because of his extraordinary talent.
That was right. It was the story that Fang Jinyu had made up for himself in the North Universe City.
Fang Jinyu couldn't help but fall into deep thought.
Once upon a time, Fang Jinyu believed that the description of the Nascent Soul stage cultivators in the extraordinary book was often wrong because the Nascent Soul stage cultivators were the apex predators in the Nine Desolations.
However, it was obvious that it wasn't because of strength.
It was because the extraordinary book deduced its information and plot! At the same time, it contained a lot of information with strong guidance, which made the cultivators who read it not only believe the book's contents but also take the initiative to maintain the book's "plot" for their "foresight!"
Fang Jinyu recalled his first time. If he hadn't accidentally awakened his system that was as powerful as him, then even if he hadn't tried to maintain the extraordinary book's "plot," he would have followed the book's "plot," such as intercepting Su Yier's opportunity.