I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 526 I’ve Once Dominated the Human World Too

Chapter 526 I've Once Dominated the Human World Too

However, Fang Jinyu couldn't ask anyone about the heavenly luck. He could only wait and see what benefits the Immortal Flying Spirit's immortal race would get after Zhu Yuxiao's immortal heart retreated and her cultivation base plummeted.
When Fang Jinyu thought about it, he couldn't help but feel regretful. Even if he sublimated the "I'll listen quietly for a while" that originated from a little girl to the extreme and reached the level of an immortal technique, he couldn't intercept the True Immortal's fate.
It was because the immortal's fate was irreversible!
However, it wasn't that there was no way to solve this problem. Otherwise, there wouldn't be some immortals dying in the immortal realm.
The problem would be solved if Fang Jinyu could cultivate one of the immortal laws that involved fate!
It was just that…
It was extremely difficult to cultivate the immortal law!
Even True Immortals would need to spend at least 100,000 years of hard work to achieve minor success and barely be able to use it to fight with others.
It was also why the Immortal Palace's immortal position was so attractive to the immortals!
It was all because as long as cultivators obtained an immortal position, even if it was only a grade 9 immortal position, they could instantly master an immortal law.
Just like Fang Jinyu previously did.
There was a prerequisite for the immortal law that originated from the position of Immortal Lord of Justice to take effect—the other party had to violate the heavenly rules of the Immortal Palace first. However, just the first layer of the immortal law was enough to make a True Immortal go to the Sinful Immortal Mountain to be punished. Therefore, the power of the immortal law could be seen at a glance!
Although Fang Jinyu had used the "immortal law of regret" that Qing Fu had lent him, resulting in such a "relatively fair" result, the first time he had used it, it was interfered with by the heavenly rules of the "Immortal of Heaven." It was irresistible.
Fang Jinyu stayed in this immortal city.
It was called the "Tai Hengyi Immortal City." Initially, it had another city lord. After Zhu Yuxiao became immortal, the position of city lord was handed over to one of Zhu Yuxiao's descendants. The other positions in the immortal city, regardless of rank, were all held by people who were somewhat related to Zhu Yuxiao.
It could be considered a standard case of how one person's success helped the people around her.
However, it wasn't the reason for a True Immortal like Zhu Yuxiao to stay in this immortal city to cultivate.
Those who could become True Immortal all had their own pride. Even if they were their own descendants, they wouldn't be the nanny of the other party and help him in everything.
Therefore, the biggest possibility for a True Immortal to stay in an immortal city was profit!
It was indeed the case.
The Tai Hengyi Immortal City was influenced by a newly formed immortal realm nearby. Every few thousand years, a strange spiritual item between the immortal grade and the mortal grade would be born due to the interaction of heaven and earth energy.
This kind of strange spiritual item was nameless because it was born differently every time. The only thing that could be determined was its grade.
Although it was far inferior to the essence of divine treasures, it was more than enough to be used as a True Immortal's birthday gift.
The birth of the strange spiritual item was just a few days away. Zhu Yuxiao was preparing to obtain the strange spiritual item.
Although Fang Jinyu was acting, he didn't delay his daily cultivation.
After all, other immortals would have a high chance of not gaining anything after a day of cultivation. However, Fang Jinyu was different because he had a "minimum gain" every day!
Coincidentally, just as Zhu Yuxiao obtained the strange spiritual item, Fang Jinyu had also successfully deduced the most crucial part of the immortal cultivation technique that was suitable for him with the help of his system!
Therefore, Fang Jinyu's left hand had once again cultivated the immortal body's left hand!
It was the most mystical aspect of the immortals.
Any gains from comprehension could be directly reflected. However, the immortal cultivation technique only played a role in adding fuel to the fire and shortening the time for Fang Jinyu's immortal body to be born.
The immortal body represented two meanings. One was that after one could live as long as the world, the endless lifespan would baptize the immortal body, causing the body of flesh and blood to undergo incredible changes.
However, such a description was usually used by cultivators below the Immortal stage.
The second meaning was to use one's cultivation path as the core to drive one's creation and naturally give birth to a body that could carry one's cultivation path!
The world harmony immortal body, "Taichu's" immortal body, the primordial immortal body, and even the semi-finished everlasting immortal body that Fang Jinyu had accidentally created belonged to the second type.
Therefore, the best situation was that a cultivator should condense and comprehend his immortal body by himself. Afterward, his body of flesh and blood could naturally undergo incredible changes!
However, if he obtained a supreme-grade immortal body, it would be fine even if it wasn't born from his own comprehension.
A supreme-grade immortal body was already perfect.
Even if it didn't match his cultivation path, he could slowly polish it and use hundreds of thousands of years of hard work to gradually transform it into an immortal body that was most suitable for him!
At this moment, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but sigh when he felt the domineering will in his left hand. Afterward, he pretended to be serious and said, "After my left hand turned into a part of the immortal body, it displayed what I experienced in the Sea of Realms. However, I didn't expect that I had once dominated the human world!"
After Fang Jinyu finished his words, he no longer cared if the little girl had heard them. He walked out happily.
Zhu Yuxiao was already at the entrance of his temporary immortal estate.
The "Tai Hengyi Immortal City" had especially built the temporary immortal estate for immortals, and it used a lot of mortal-nine spiritual items. The "Tai Hengyi Immortal City" intended to please the True Immortal, Zhu Yuxiao, but it became useful this time.
It wasn't that Zhu Yuxiao didn't have any friends before, but an existence like the immortals wouldn't stay for a while even if they came to visit a friend.
If they were taking refuge, they wouldn't look for their friends.
Who knew if their old friend would betray them for benefit? The human heart couldn't withstand the test, and the "immortal heart" of someone who had become immortal couldn't withstand the test either!
Moreover, there were still those who were self-proclaimed immortals, acting as the mastermind behind the scenes, wantonly robbing the heavenly luck. There were already countless immortals who clearly had the cultivation bases of immortals, but their "immortal hearts" had long since retreated to the mortal heart.
However, since they were in the immortal realm, where the immortal cultivation path was the most prosperous, those immortals that had lost their "immortal hearts" didn't look different from the past.
Their cultivation bases didn't even show any signs of regressing. At most, it had been tens of thousands of years since their cultivation bases had improved.
However, was a mere tens of thousands of years important to immortals with endless lifespans?
Moreover, too many immortals no longer had the mentality of "treading on thin ice and advancing courageously" after they became immortals. They started to indulge in excessive enjoyment and engage in activities they had previously been afraid to do.
Those immortals would believe it was reasonable that their cultivation bases wouldn't improve in such a situation.