I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 522 As Long as She Didn’t Burn Incense Sticks for Me (Part 3)

Chapter 522 As Long as She Didn't Burn Incense Sticks for Me (Part 3)

The person pointed out by the supervising cultivator was Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian).
When the little girl saw the scene, she couldn't help but purse her lips. However, she didn't say anything and just went to Pit C-32 without saying a word.
After all, she couldn't beat that supervising cultivator.
Moreover, the supervising cultivators' whips were all special talismans. They could bind the Qi Condensation stage cultivators' magical power.
If the Qi Condensation stage cultivators were to take a hit, their skin and flesh would split open!
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) went into Pit C-32. She looked around nervously. After confirming that there were no vengeful spirits, she picked up a chisel that was much taller than her body. Afterward, she circulated all her inner energy and smashed it forward!
In just a moment, she skillfully dug out a piece of coal.
However, the recoil also made her feel uncomfortable.
However, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) had no time to care about it. At this moment, she was stunned.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) surprisingly found out that the energy of earth and wood had fused into her magical power during her previous action. The "Earthly Green-Wood Immortal City Scripture" that she had never cultivated before had broken through the beginner level in such an unbelievable way!
Thus, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) swung her chisel again. When she dug out another piece of coal, she instantly plundered this place's earth and wood energy.
However, it wasn't because Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) was overbearing. It was because the "Earthly Green-Wood Immortal City Scripture" had finally revealed its hidden side.
It was just like someone's path of freedom. The great cultivation hid the unbridled dominance of the human world!
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) was born as a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Qi Condensation stage. Although she had obtained a basic cultivation technique, nobody guided her, and she didn't have time to cultivate it. However, when the cultivation technique appeared, her cultivation began to advance by leaps and bounds!
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) broke through rank 8 in the Qi Condensation stage!
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) broke through rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage!
Afterward, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) naturally broke through rank 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage!
When Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) came back to her senses, she was slightly stunned. She thought, "I've broken through?"
"Is cultivation so simple?"
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) blinked her eyes. She felt as if someone was helping her circulate her inner energy. Not only did she avoid all possible bottlenecks, but she could even easily break through the restrictions of heaven and earth when she was breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage from the Qi Condensation stage.
Afterward, she stopped thinking about it.
Since she had broken through to the Foundation Establishment stage, she could end her "cultivation service" ahead of time.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) immediately walked out happily. As soon as she left, a supervising cultivator immediately discovered her.
"Stop! How dare you leave without permission?! Did you get permission? Where did you such a rude girl come from? You don't know the rules, right? Let me teach you a lesson!" The supervising cultivator cursed and waved the whip in his hand.
Although Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) still looked like a little girl, one could see she would be a beautiful woman in the future. However, it was a pity that the supervising cultivator liked men, so he didn't care about her feelings and wanted to destroy her ruthlessly.
However, the supervising cultivator had misjudged the situation.
It was because Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) casually defeated the eruption of the pressure of the Foundation Establishment stage from the whip he threw out.
The whip could easily defeat Qi Condensation stage cultivators, but it couldn't hurt the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators!
To most cultivators, the suppression of cultivation stages was an unsolvable problem that triumphed over everything else.
"You're a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator!"
The supervising cultivator was shocked and looked at Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) in disbelief because no cultivator had ever chosen to break through in such a place.
The reason the supervising cultivator thought so was that if he had bokeh through the Foundation Establishment stage before this, he would automatically end his "cultivation service" and naturally wouldn't have to come to this place to dig for coal.
"I'm already a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator. Do I still need permission to leave?" Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) was disgusted with these supervising cultivators. Therefore, she didn't speak politely.
The supervising cultivator hurriedly said, "Sure, sure! Lady, please forgive me!" Whether it was in the Sea of Realms or the immortal realm, as long as one could break through a major stage, one's status would change greatly.
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) snorted lightly and didn't intend to pursue the matter. She turned around and left.
However, although Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) had left, the news that she had broken through the Foundation Establishment stage and ended her "cultivation service" had spread all over the place.
After all, wasn't the most important thing for the Qi Condensation stage cultivators to be able to end their "cultivation services?"
If it weren't for the delay caused by the "cultivation service," the number of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty would have tripled!
Most of them had lost their precious cultivation time because of their "cultivation service."
The matter made Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) famous among the Qi Condensation stage cultivators in Xialuo Immortal City. Moreover, many Foundation Establishment stage cultivators also heard of her.
There was an organization called the "Decent Friends Association."
The immortal realm didn't have sects, but every city had countless small factions. Some were formed by local aristocratic families, while others were formed by cultivators.