I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 518 The {#34}Yellow Lotus{#34} Who Wanted to Move Three Mountains

Chapter 518 The "Yellow Lotus" Who Wanted to Move Three Mountains

Although there were many rogue cultivators in the Earthy Immortal Realm cultivated here, and many Immortal Ascension stage cultivators came here to seize the blessed lands out of their will or under other people's orders, they were still a part of the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty in the immortal realm.
Therefore, there were many mortals here.
At this moment, Fang Jinyu, who deliberately didn't gather the immortal realm's aura, followed the direction indicated in the extraordinary book.
Fang Jinyu was going to an immortal city.
Xin Qianqian's reincarnation was in that immortal city.
Previously, Qing Fu had given Fang Jinyu specific information, telling him that Xin Qianqian was in Xialuo Immortal City. However, Fang Jinyu didn't know Xialuo Immortal City's location. He only heard Qing Fu mention it was in the Earthy Immortal Realm.
However, one had to know that Xialuo Immortal City was only a small city!
The highest official position in the immortal dynasty was only ranked 9.
The Buzhou Immortal Dynasty followed the example of the Immortal Palace's immortal positions to set their official positions. There were nine grades, from low to high.
The lowest grade was grade 9, while the highest grade was grade 1.
Grade 9 to grade 7 official positions were among the lower official positions. It was because those who obtained these immortal dynasty positions could only display the Cultivation Seeking Supremacies' strength.
In other words, they were only ranked 2 or 3 in the Immortal Ascension stage.
They could become immortal Almighties in the Sea of Realms with their cultivation bases. They could suppress all kinds of discontentment and turn a place into the best place for cultivation. However, in the immortal realm, it turned out that the highest official position of the immortal dynasty only had such strength. One could imagine that the Xialuo Immortal City could only be considered a remote place in the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty.
With the vastness of the nine lands of the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty, it was still quite difficult to find, even if the Earthy Immortal Realm didn't differentiate between north, south, daylight, and night.
It was because there were at least 100,000 immortal cities like the Xialuo Immortal City in the Earthy Immortal Realm!
Even if Fang Jinyu had a sudden inspiration and could sense Xin Qianqian's reincarnation, he would probably take decades of hard work to find her.
However, it was a few decades in the immortal realm!
It was a little too long.
Therefore, Fang Jinyu, who was afraid of trouble, originally planned to go to the Earthy Immortal Realm to seek help from the immortals after becoming a True Immortal. He planned to pay a price to find Xin Qianqian.
Although Fang Jinyu could entrust this matter to Qing Fu, finding a wife... He believed that it was better to do it himself!
However, Fang Jinyu didn't expect that the extraordinary book would indicate Xin Qianqian's location after it changed!
It was because the extraordinary book's plot not only mentioned Xialuo Immortal City, it also mentioned that Xin Qianqian played the role of a great villain.
She became a vicious woman who was at odds with "the female lead, Mu Nianer." She was arrogant, cold-blooded, capricious, and two-faced! However, in reality, she was only one step faster than Mu Nianer in terms of cultivation and looked prettier than Mu Nianer. In addition, she was good at disguising herself, and the two of them had to compete for cultivation resources that were useful to her.
Of course, it was Fang Jinyu's understanding after reading half of the extraordinary book's plot.
However, it should be the truth.
After all, although Xin Qianqian had reincarnated, her reincarnation differed from others. Qing Fu took care of the matter!
Even reincarnation had to respect the little girl.
When Fang Jinyu went to see reincarnation with Shi Wushuang in the Sea of Realms, they didn't even get to see it, let alone "owing cultivation ability."
At that time, although reincarnation had indeed left that place, abandoning its old body and replacing it with a mysterious new body, Fang Jinyu felt that if the little girl Qing Fu were among those who went at that time, reincarnation would manifest itself!
Therefore, although Xin Qianqian had reincarnated, she wouldn't change too much in her personality.
Xin Qianqian was a Core Formation stage cultivator before she reincarnated. Therefore, after she reincarnated, she had to break through the Core Formation stage again before recovering her memories… To the current Fang Jinyu, breaking through the Core Formation stage was just a matter of an elixir.
Fang Jinyu had thought about it when he was in the Sea of Realms and created an elixir that could allow a Qi Condensation stage cultivator to break through the Core Formation stage without any side effects!
Back in the Sea of Realms, due to the restrictions on spiritual items and heaven and earth, cultivators who ate the elixir could only form a grade 4 core!
However, since Fang Jinyu was in the immortal realm, he was confident that he could let her form a first-grade core while breaking through the Core Formation stage. After all, those True Immortals who had attained the cultivation path for tens of thousands of years might not be as good as him!
Xialuo Immortal City was located at the foot of Earthy Immortal Realm's Northern Mount Earthy Immortal. There were few spiritual items there. Although there was no shortage of mortal-one to mortal-nine spiritual items, there were only three types. Moreover, Fang Jinyu couldn't use them to refine elixirs because of the local environment.
As a result, many spiritual items had to be transported from other places, which caused the cultivators in Xialuo Immortal City to be particularly deformed in terms of cultivation bases.
Only cultivators who were proficient in spirit tool refinement, or even those who had extremely high achievements in refining spirit tools, could cultivate smoothly.
It was because the spiritual items produced here were all top-tier forging materials.
People said that the exalted immortal who created the immortal realm's primary spirit tool refining method, intermediate spirit tool refining method, and advanced spirit tool refining method belonged to Xialuo Immortal City.