I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 520 As Long as She Didn’t Burn Incense Sticks for Me

Chapter 520 As Long as She Didn't Burn Incense Sticks for Me

Perhaps she was different from the "female leads" in the other extraordinary books. Her plot focused on the amazing effect of a loser rising. It was because she was born with a weak cultivation base, which was a Qi Condensation stage cultivator.
She was only ranked 1 in the Qi Condensation stage!
Moreover, she wasn't an ordinary cultivator who ranked 1 in the Qi Condensation stage. She only had half a wisp of magical power. Therefore, she could barely be considered a cultivator who ranked 1 in the Qi Condensation stage.
One could say that the "female lead, Mu Nianer's" birth had added a lower limit to the birth aptitude of the people of the immortal realm. One wouldn't feel surprised that her parents didn't care much about her and had a cold attitude towards her.
It would be impossible for her to cultivate if she were born into an ordinary family.
Only the Mu family was one of the top families among the aristocratic families in Xialuo Immortal City, which allowed "Mu Nianer," an ordinary disciple, to continue cultivating. At the age of four, she had already used the identity of the Mu family member to break through rank 4 in the Qi Condensation stage.
Her starting cultivation base could be said to be good. However, "Mu Nianer" had her previous life's memories, so how could she be satisfied with them?
Therefore, "Mu Nianer" seized the opportunity and won the favor of the Mu family's Incarnation stage grandmaster.
Once the grandmaster of an aristocratic family began to value a certain junior, the junior would undoubtedly take advantage of the situation to rise.
The "female lead, Mu Nianer," was only seven years old. However, she had broken through rank 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
She had broken through five minor ranks and one major stage in three years!
On the other hand, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian), who was about the same age as the "female lead, Mu Nianer," had yet to break through the Foundation Establishment stage even though she was born as a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Qi Condensation stage.
After all, she had to go underground to dig coal every day. How could she have the time to cultivate?
Moreover, she was born in a rural village and lacked cultivation resources. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that she only had the basic cultivation technique given by the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty.
However, she has one more thing now!
After washing her face, she realized that the small jade bottle of magical elixir that the extremely good-looking cultivator had given her today was special.
It looked dusty and slightly dirty outside but contained a strong spirituality. Even if she had seen it from afar once, the spirit tool of the city lord's daughter was weaker than the small jade bottle!
Although Shi Xiaoyue's (Xin Qianqian's) knowledge of cultivation was still shallow, she could keenly sense that it was at least a ridiculously powerful spirit tool!
It made her extremely happy!
"Eh? What did that good-looking cultivator look like? Why can't I remember at all?" Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) wanted to thank Fang Jinyu, but Fang Jinyu left too quickly. Moreover, she couldn't ask around since she only knew a few people. When she recalled it, she was surprised to find that she couldn't remember any information related to the other party!
Thus, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) tilted her head and pondered for a while before setting up a wooden plaque for Fang Jinyu.
She wrote a few words on it with her small hand—a good-looking cultivator.
Although she had just learned to read, she had worked hard. Therefore, she wrote these words beautifully.
Afterward, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian), who had put the small jade bottle away, kowtowed to the wooden plaque, prepared to blow out the oil lamp and lie down to sleep.
As for the "female lead, Mu Nianer," Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) had never even met her before, let alone become enemies with her. It was because she had come to Xialuo Immortal City from the countryside and had only been to three places. She had gone to the immortal path relay station during her registration, the Martial Arts Practice Field when she received her lecture, and finally, the Heavenly Worker's Training Residence, where she mined coal.
The third place was where she stayed the longest.
"Mu Nianer" was from an aristocratic family in Xialuo Immortal City. One could say that they came from different worlds.
While "Mu Nianer" was enjoying life, playing, and enjoying herself, Shi Xiaoyue was trying her best to survive!
However, although Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) had no parents to support her and she had to work hard every day to cultivate, she was optimistic and didn't complain.
However, since Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) was often too tired from working during the day, she, who had always been dreamless, suddenly had a dream tonight. Moreover, she thought it was a strange and magical dream!
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) saw her spiritual roots in the dream. Afterward, those two spiritual roots taught her a cultivation method that was obscure and difficult to understand in a way that she couldn't understand. However, she learned the beginner-level cultivation method with a glance.
When she finished learning the cultivation method, she suddenly woke up.
At this time, the sky was still dark. The east was hazy, and there was only some light.
"The Earthly Green-Wood Immortal City Scripture."
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) chanted the name of the cultivation technique she had learned in her dream.
"It suits me perfectly!"
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) opened her big black eyes widely. Although she felt incredulous, she was also overjoyed at the same time.
It was because Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) had dual-attributed spiritual roots. They were earth and wood-attributed spiritual roots.
However, Shi Xiaoyue's (Xin Qianqian's) spiritual roots were extraordinary. She had dual-attributed Tianling spiritual roots! It was because her earth and wood-attributed spiritual roots had reached the peak of the A grade!