I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 519 The {#34}Yellow Lotus{#34} Who Wanted to Move Three Mountains (Part 2)

Chapter 519 The "Yellow Lotus" Who Wanted to Move Three Mountains (Part 2)

The three varieties of the immortal realm's spirit tool refining techniques were well-known there and had the best results.
As a result, these three immortal realm's spirit tool refining techniques affected 99% of the spirit tools, magic treasures, pseudo-immortal treasures, and even immortal treasures circulated in the immortal realm.
Even Fang Jinyu was not an exception.
When Fang Jinyu was in the Sea of Realms, he came into contact with the immortal realm's spirit tool refining techniques. Later, he found the complete three refining techniques in North Universe City and comprehended them all. However, he didn't cultivate it. Instead, he organized a more refined refining technique that was suitable for himself.
"I'm finally here!"
Fang Jinyu stood on the clouds and looked into the distance a day later. His heart skipped a beat when he saw an immortal city in the middle of a desolate land.
Fang Jinyu had an impulse that allowed him to sense that Xin Qianqian was in the county city at the foot of the mountain!
Thus, Fang Jinyu didn't conceal himself and flew towards Xialuo Immortal City. Although the extraordinary book's plot that he hadn't finished reading mentioned that a severely injured immortal was hiding in Xialuo Immortal City, would he care?
Fang Jinyu was a "First Immortal!"
Even though Fang Jinyu had yet to fully become a True Immortal, cultivators who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage still couldn't compare to him.
Moreover, the other party was injured.
Moreover, Fang Jinyu dared to go over in such a way because he had something to rely on. It originated from the secret technique of a little girl, "I'm good at hiding." The power of the secret technique improved while his cultivation base improved. When it became an immortal technique, its power exceeded Fang Jinyu's expectations!
After all, Fang Jinyu didn't believe in the extraordinary book. The reason he dared to do so was that he was bold.
When Fang Jinyu entered the immortal city, he spread his immortal intent. However, since he cultivated the path of freedom, it naturally reduced its edges. In addition, no True Immortal was in the city, so no one noticed it.
How could Fang Jinyu fail to find Xin Qianqian's reincarnation when he even used his immortal intent?
However, Fang Jinyu's expression suddenly became a little strange.
"Hmm? This dirty person... Could it be that she was assigned the task of making a pot?"

Although Xialuo Immortal City was an inconspicuous small immortal city in the nine lands of the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty, it was only because of the ancestors who had once left and had extraordinary achievements in the path of spirit tool refinement that it barely had some reputation near this place.
However, as the saying goes, it's small but fully equipped.
Although Xialuo Immortal City was small, it had the City Lord's Mansion, the immortal races, and aristocratic families.
Of course, there was only one city lord who had a rank 9 official position in the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty. The immortal cultivators here naturally wouldn't have strong cultivation bases. Even their bloodline was only a branch of the immortal race.
Moreover, the biggest reason they were rooted in this small immortal city was to spread the supreme ideals of the immortals.
After all, it was a supreme technique that could rob heavenly luck!
Of course, they wouldn't tell the outside world about it. The immortal cultivators here said they regularly purchased spirit tools and magic treasures in the Xialuo Immortal City because they could still gain something from the city's spirit tool refining technique.
The aristocratic families had different scales. Some families would have Incarnation stage cultivators as their strongest members, while others could only have Core Formation stage cultivators as their strongest members. However, their upper limit of inheritance didn't differ much from the Sea of Realms' aristocratic families.
However, these three types of people might also be as weak as ants in the vast immortal realm. However, for someone like Shi Xiaoyue, one of them could be compared to a mountain that could crush people to death!
"Sigh, when can we, the weak cultivators, remove the three mountains from our bodies?"
Shi Xiaoyue rested her chin on her hand and pretended to sigh like an old woman. Afterward, she suddenly cried out in surprise. She finally realized that she had just dug up the coal and came over.
Therefore, the little girl who was sighing like a knowledgeable elder, immediately ran to find water to wash her face.
However, the coal in the immortal realm had its extraordinary aspects.
Therefore, with Shi Xiaoyue's Qi Condensation stage cultivation base and the fact that she only found water from an ordinary well, although she tried her best to wash it for a long time, she found that her originally fair little face had turned black.
"Use this."
However, at this moment, a palm with jade-like, long, and beautiful fingers that looked like a heavenly hand reached out to Shi Xiaoyue, who was looking at the water in distress.
A small jade bottle was in the beautiful hand's palm.
Shi Xiaoyue subconsciously looked at the hand for a while. Afterward, she looked up to see who was handing her something. However, she couldn't take her eyes off him.
He was handsome, tall, and slender. His pitch-black eyes sparkled as if they could speak, transmitting a sincere smile.
Fang Jinyu took the initiative to ask, "How much longer do you want to watch?"
When Shi Xiaoyue heard it, her little face instantly blushed. At this time, she realized that she had been staring at the young man in front of her for a long time. It made her feel both shy and happy.
Therefore, she mustered her courage and said softly, "I want to see you for a lifetime."
Fang Jinyu was speechless.
Fang Jinyu couldn't help but glance at her height. He wanted to laugh because she wasn't even as high as his waist. He didn't expect Xin Qianqian's true nature to be exposed in her reincarnation before she even regained her memories.
Fang Jinyu said with a smile, "Aren't you going to wash your face? If the charcoal black stays at your face for a long time, your face will turn black."
Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian), finally realized it, so she took the jade bottle with her small hand, thanked Fang Jinyu gently, and hurried to fetch more water.
Since Fang Jinyu had found her, he stepped out and returned to the Uprising Immortal Cloud.
Fang Jinyu grabbed something with his backhand, and the sealed extraordinary book appeared. Fang Jinyu used the same trick, using a cultivation mark projection to flip it open, and continued to read the following plot.
When Fang Jinyu found out about the whereabouts of Xin Qianqian's reincarnation, he immediately put away the extraordinary book. Just in case, he even used the "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal" to suppress it.
An hour later, Fang Jinyu finished reading it.
The extraordinary book's plot was still incomplete.
However, it did mention "Shi Xiaoyue," the lucky girl reincarnation in the Sea of Realms' ending. She was beaten down to the mortal world by the "female lead Mu Nianer" and a cultivator who belonged to an immortal race that should be the "male lead."
In the end, since the "female lead, Mu Nianer" had fought with Shi Xiaoyue many times in the early stages, she said something to Shi Xiaoyue to kill her. She said, "Your usual arrogance is not worth mentioning in front of the truly noble immortals! You were already courting death from the moment you disrespected the immortals!"
As for Fang Jinyu, or Han Feiyu's plot, it was interesting to note that the plot in the extraordinary book was like a free person who wouldn't encounter any conflict from beginning to end. Moreover, he was even the female lead, Mu Nianer's friend.
In the end, the book even bluffed by saying that as long as he maintained his friendship with the female lead, Mu Nianer, he would have the opportunity to become immortal!
"If you dare to make such an arrangement, I think you're courting death…"
When Fang Jinyu saw the extraordinary book fail to bluff, he couldn't help but say it in a faint tone.
Fang Jinyu was about to point his finger and destroy the "female lead Mu Nianer," who was still a child but had already shown her talent.
However, at a critical moment, Fang Jinyu suddenly changed his mind.
If everything went according to the plot, Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian) not only defeated the so-called "female lead, Mu Nianer," but also killed the "male lead," who was born in the immortal race. Wouldn't it be interesting?
Fang Jinyu looked into the distance. At the end of his vision, he could already see the figure of the female lead, Mu Nianer.
She was also in Xialuo Immortal City.
However, unlike Shi Xiaoyue (Xin Qianqian), who came from a rural family, the "female lead, Mu Nianer," came from an aristocratic family.
The aristocratic family she belonged to was also a reputable figure in Xialuo Immortal City.
It was because the "female lead, Mu Nianer's" grandfather was an Incarnation stage cultivator!
Although he only used the leaping incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage, his cultivation base was enough for him to tyrannize in a small city like Xialuo Immortal City.
Therefore, the female lead, Mu Nianer, has lived a life doted over by everyone since she was born.
Although the "female lead, Mu Nianer," had other sisters in her family, she was smart. In terms of winning the favor of the elders, she was naturally much better than people of her age! As such, she was greatly favored by those Incarnation stage cultivators.