I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 513 I’ll Be A True Immortal After I Slaughter A True Immortal (Part 3)

Chapter 513 I'll Be A True Immortal After I Slaughter A True Immortal (Part 3)

Hence, Fang Jinyu didn't disturb Shi Wushuang.
Fang Jinyu's projection waited patiently for a few months. When the phenomenon between heaven and earth appeared, a myriad of multicolored lights surged over and vaguely formed the phantom of the Immortal Palace. Fang Jinyu knew that Shi Wushuang had already succeeded in cultivating the "path of truth and illusion."
It was because the phantom of the Immortal Palace wasn't a phenomenon of the heavens and the earth. Shi Wushuang was the one who created it.
"Brother Feiyu, why are you here?" Soon, Shi Wushuang ended her closed-door cultivation. She was overjoyed when she saw Fang Jinyu.
After Fang Jinyu's projection found her, he had specially refined a lot of elixirs for her. He also specially created a prescription and refined a special elixir that was compatible with her cultivation path. Therefore, although Shi Wushuang had just broken through, she didn't have to spend much effort to consolidate her cultivation base like other cultivators.
"Qing Fu left it for you." As Fang Jinyu's projection spoke, he took out the talisman.
Shi Wushuang couldn't help but ask happily, "Sister Qing Fu? Where is she? Speaking of which, it's been a long time since I've seen her!"
Of course, Shi Wushuang was happy because Fang Jinyu came to find her.
As for Qing Fu… It was obvious that Shi Wushuang had never taken the initiative to ask Fang Jinyu about Qing Fu in the past few years.
"She has already gone to the immortal realm."
Fang Jinyu said. At the same time, he couldn't help but think, "She went to the immortal realm from my Immortal Ascension Hall."
It was simply too ridiculous.
It was as if she had taken her own money from his "bank account" and didn't take his money.
"Qing Fu, this shorty… Has Sister Qing Fu become an immortal?" Shi Wushuang was so shocked by the news that she subconsciously said what was on her mind. Fortunately, she reacted quickly and changed her words.
Shi Wushuang still remembered the time when Qing Fu made her smaller!
Women, regardless of age, were all vengeful.
Upon hearing it, Fang Jinyu's projection thought for a moment and pretended not to hear it.
At this moment, Shi Wushuang took the talisman from Fang Jinyu's hand. She tried to open it to see what was inside because the moment she held it, she knew that it was a "sealing talisman."
There was a message hidden in the talisman. It was transmitted to Shi Wushuang when she held it in her hand—"There's a surprise when you open it! Little Wushuang!"
Shi Wushuang opened the talisman, and a green-gold stream of light surged out. It was the manifestation of Qing Fu's cultivation path. The place was instantly filled with immortal runes.
In the next second, Shi Wushuang's originally graceful figure began to shrink.
In the blink of an eye, Shi Wushuang had returned to her appearance when Fang Jinyu first met her.
Shi Wushuang looked like a little girl who was even shorter than Qing Fu!
Fortunately, Shi Wushuang had fallen asleep because too many immortal runes had fused into her body. Otherwise, she would have gone crazy.
Even though there was only Fang Jinyu's projection, he couldn't help but twitch his mouth.
"Mother, you've delivered it! I'll take her away! When she opens her eyes, she will have a supreme-grade immortal body and be in the immortal realm. At that time, Little Wushuang must be overjoyed!"
The soft and sweet voice laughed.
Fang Jinyu didn't say anything. He believed that Shi Wushuang should be happy. After all, which cultivator in the Sea of Realms wouldn't be excited to go to the immortal realm? However, she would go crazy too.
It was because not only Shi Wushuang's body had shrunken, but everything about her had returned to when she was young!
In other words, Shi Wushuang's Incarnation stage cultivation base that she had just attained was instantly gone.