I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 504 The {#34}Sisterhood{#34} Between Immortal-Grade Spiritual Items

Chapter 504 The "Sisterhood" Between Immortal-Grade Spiritual Items

The appearance of the young True Immortal was undoubtedly flashy. It was as if flames had fallen and then blossomed, elegant and carrying layers of immortal might. However, it also made his exit particularly embarrassing.
After being attacked by just two rakes, his body had already turned incorporeal, and he could only flee in panic.
However, at this moment, the rake caught up with the young True Immortal again and directly smashed him into pieces. However, there was no bloody drizzle in the North Universe.
It was the sign of an immortal's death.
"It turns out that he is someone with an immortal position…"
Tai Er looked a little surprised. Afterward, he turned to look at Fang Jinyu and explained, "This fellow has an immortal position. Although his rank isn't high, his superior's rank isn't low. His superior is a grade 3 Spiritual Immortal Official."
"Thank you for saving me, Fellow Daoist Tai Er!"
Fang Jinyu thanked Tai Er and asked, "Fellow Daoist Tai Er, will that Spiritual Immortal Official attack because of this?"
"He's a person who helps people close to him for no reason. He can ignore the heavenly rules to protect people close to him." Even though Tai Er didn't express it explicitly, the meaning of his words was significant.
"Fellow Daoist, you should hide from people like the Spiritual Immortal Official as far away as you can and reject as many people as you can. Sometimes, you can live a carefree life by having fewer friends. Furthermore, you should know that there is a difference between the immortal positions!"
After Tai Er finished his words, he raised his hand and threw a cloud at Fang Jinyu. Afterward, he turned around and left while smiling.
He only took a step forward, and his figure instantly disappeared without a trace.
It was as if he had already gone ten thousand miles away!
However, Tai Er's voice still rang out, "When Fellow Daoist returns, I probably won't have the time to come and congratulate you, so I'll send you a gift in advance. This is the Uprising Immortal Cloud. Although it's only a mortal-nine spiritual item, it could sublimate into the essence of divine treasures after being nurtured for tens of thousands of years. With this item by your side, you can go anywhere, no matter how vast the immortal realm is! As long as nobody blocks you!"
Fang Jinyu didn't expect such a pleasant surprise.
Since Tai Er had already gone far away, Fang Jinyu wasn't sure if he could still hear his thanks. Therefore, Fang Jinyu didn't express his gratitude. Instead, he looked at the cloud in front of him and thought seriously.
"Fellow Daoist Tai Er should also have an immortal position. I wonder which grade and which kind his immortal position is."
Fang Jinyu felt that the rank of his immortal position should be high. It should be at least a grade 3 immortal position. Otherwise, he definitely couldn't have spoken so casually when he mentioned the grade 3 Spiritual Immortal Official.
Although the Immortal Palace wasn't like the imperial court in the human world, where there was an emperor and a strict hierarchy, the immortal positions were of different grades, and the power of the immortal law was naturally different! It also led to the fact that when a low-graded True Immortal encountered a high-graded True Immortal, there would instantly be a distinction between primary and secondary.
Fang Jinyu immediately used his cultivation ability to nurture the Uprising Immortal Cloud.
Other Immortal Ascension stage cultivators, or even immortals, would highly value their cultivation ability. They couldn't "squander" their cultivation like Fang Jinyu did. However, when it came to Fang Jinyu…
It felt like Fang Jinyu didn't need to value his cultivation ability.
As Fang Jinyu's cultivation base gradually became more profound, the frequency of the gains in his cultivation ability's appearance also increased. At rank 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage, the direction of his gains was set to be related to cultivation. Therefore, he could obtain gains in his cultivation ability almost every two to three days.
Every time Fang Jinyu obtained "cultivation ability +1" from his system, he could refine 81 years of cultivation ability!
The difference from cultivating in the Sea of Realms was that cultivating in the immortal realm for a year might not necessarily improve one's cultivation ability for a year. During the period, a slight deviation in cultivators' comprehension of a certain aspect would instantly affect their cultivation.
Therefore, if cultivators worked hard for three years to increase their cultivation ability by two years was considered a kind of cultivation efficiency above the passing score in the immortal realm.
When Fang Jinyu had three years of cultivation time…
Fang Jinyu could obtain almost 30,000 years of cultivation ability!
However, seeing Fang Jinyu's actions, the "Primordial Ruyi Gold," which had already turned into Fang Jinyu's immortal treasure, couldn't help but say, "Fellow Daoist Fang, the Uprising Immortal Cloud isn't that outstanding. I have a friend who is even better than that. It's not worth it for you to sacrifice your cultivation ability for it!"
"Fairy, you have a friend?" Fang Jinyu was shocked and thought, "It turns out that an immortal-grade spiritual item has a friend?"
It was Fang Jinyu's first time to hear it!
However, the "Primordial Ruyi Gold" thought that Fang Jinyu was asking about her friend, so she immediately introduced her friend to Fang Jinyu, "My friend is called the Skyrocket Rainbow. She is one of the best essences of divine treasures in the immortal realm, and she was originally cultivating with me on Mount Yuqiu's Heavenly Roc Peak. Although we didn't live a carefree life, we didn't have to worry much. However, I never expected that the previous evil immortal would come and capture my good sister. I originally wanted to save her, but in the end, I even lost myself…"
After Fang Jinyu heard her words, she immediately understood how the young True Immortal had come. He also understood how an immortal-grade spiritual item would suddenly appear in the North Universe!
It turned out that Fang Jinyu's handsome appearance had intercepted the young True Immortal's opportunity!
At this moment, the "Primordial Ruyi Gold" suddenly became a little angry and said, "However, I'll get angry when I talk about this. Fellow Daoist Fang, I deliberately created an opportunity to call her to escape together back then. In the end, you guess what happened?"
Fang Jinyu was naturally happy to "act" with the "Primordial Ruyi Gold," so he asked at the right time, "What nonsense did Fairy Skyrocket Rainbow say back then?"
"How is she muddle-headed? It's just because she's too old that she's become demented!" The "Primordial Ruyi Gold" didn't protect her friend's reputation.
"She surprisingly thinks that the evil immortal who wanted to refine her is not bad, so she wants to stay by that evil immortal's side!"
Speaking up to this point, the "Primordial Ruyi Gold" had a hint of disappointment.
Fang Jinyu nodded slightly and asked, "Fairy, is the True Immortal who looked like a young man the evil immortal you mentioned?"
The "Primordial Ruyi Gold" said, "How could it be him?! Although he was the one who captured me, he gave my friend to another evil immortal. I think he was his elder because I saw that his expression was very respectful at that time. However, I don't know any more information. I could find her after I escaped because that other evil immortal happened to go somewhere else at that time."
Fang Jinyu's heart skipped a beat when he heard it. He thought of a name that Tai Er had mentioned earlier, but since it was a bit of a coincidence, he suppressed his thought.
Fang Jinyu asked with a smile, "Fairy, since you've granted me this treasure, how should I address you in the future?"
"Just call me Ah Ru." The voice of the "Primordial Ruyi Gold" suddenly became sweet. If it weren't for the fact that she only had a pair of eyes, one would feel her charm just by listening to her voice.
"Then please forgive me for being rude!"
Fang Jinyu said politely before calling out, "Ah Ru."
It naturally made the "Primordial Ruyi Gold" extremely happy. It dragged Fang Jinyu's "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal" and rolled back and forth in the air.
After all, the immortal treasure was her body!