I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 494 You Don’t Know The Fate And Don’t Know Me (Part 3)

Chapter 494 You Don't Know The Fate And Don't Know Me (Part 3)

"Or is it troublesome?"
Fang Jinyu was deep in thought. After all, why would there be a description of "no retreat" if it wasn't the case?
"However, I can't completely believe it…"
Under the premise that Fang Jinyu had failed to intercept the other party's fate, he couldn't believe the other party's words.
Therefore, Fang Jinyu summoned a certain little girl.
That was right. Fang Jinyu would look for Qing Fu if he couldn't make up his mind!
The little girl soon responded, "Oh, mother, did you come to the immortal realm again? Why does the immortal realm seem to have left a 'back door' for you?"
The little girl talked a lot before she asked, "Mother, why are you looking for me?"
Fang Jinyu said, "I wanted to return to my position, but a 'Bloody Arhat' appeared to dissuade me. It wanted me to 'think thrice,' which were thinking of safety, thinking of retreat, and thinking of danger."
"I don't know either. I've never been to the Immortal Palace, but..."
The soft voice stopped abruptly.
However, in the next second, a small and exquisite figure appeared in front of Fang Jinyu.
Fang Jinyu couldn't help but widen his eyes.
It was because after Fang Jinyu came to the immortal realm, although he could still gather and disperse freely, he couldn't cross an unknown distance between reality and illusion as he did in the Sea of Realms.
Although Fang Jinyu could still use the divine power in the heavenly book, the fixed immortal traveler, it was only limited to him returning to the small immortal domain in the Sea of Realms from the immortal realm or returning to the North Universe City from the small immortal domain.
It was as if the divine power in the heavenly book had become a fixed teleportation array!
"Mother, why don't we capture the 'Bloody Arhat' to ask it? At that time, won't we know everything?" The little girl said so and did so.
When Qing Fu and the "Bloody Arhat" fought with full strength, Fang Jinyu realized that he wasn't qualified to watch the immortals fight from the side!
In the end, the "Bloody Arhat" used the immortal law.
"The sky is bright, the earth is sparse, the four directions are silent, and Bodhi cries with blood!"
When the "Bloody Arhat" said it, heaven and earth became boundaries. It was as if the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token in Fang Jinyu's hand had been perfect and sublimated infinitely. Its power was terrifying, and he couldn't understand it.
However, the little girl's words quickly defeated such a terrifying immortal law attack.
"You don't know your fate and don't know me!"
As the soft voice said it, the world instantly became clear. The "Bloody Arhat" took a step back, then another step back. When it took the third step back, its body collapsed.
A bloody drizzle appeared in this area.
It was the phenomenon of an immortal's death!
However, in the next second, the shattered "Bloody Arhat" gathered together again. Afterward, the "Bloody Arhat" cupped its hands and thanked Qing Fu, "Fairy, thank you for cutting off my past nightmare and allowing me to return!"
When the "Bloody Arhat" spoke, its bloody appearance faded, and he finally turned into a fat young man with his belly exposed.
He had a thirty-year-old appearance. He looked a little silly and honest when he smiled.
Although he didn't have a pair of big ears like cattail leaf fans, he was still like Mr. Zhu, who had said the famous phrase, "There are no ugly men in the world."
At this moment, the immortal rune on the young man who looked like "Mr. Zhu" became even stronger.
However, a certain little girl didn't care about it. She opened her big, clear eyes and asked, "Why did you tell my mother to 'think thrice' before returning?"
The young man, who looked like Mr. Zhu, glanced at Fang Jinyu and said, "It's because he can't regret it after he decides."
Afterward, he explained, "Once he obtains an immortal position, he must finish what he started. He needs to bear all his burdens and complete all his karma. Otherwise, he could never improve his cultivation base, and the past and future demons might spy on him. Fairy, I wonder if there's anything else you want to know. If you don't have any other questions, I still have some things to deal with."
"No, you can go!"
Qing Fu waved her little hand, looking like she didn't care about it.
The young man, who seemed to be Mr. Zhu, bowed again before turning around and leaving.
He walked away.
He had only taken one step. However, it was as if he had reached the end of the world. During this period, bloody shadows kept rushing towards the young man, who looked like "Mr. Zhu."
As soon as the bloody shadows touched him, they directly fused into his body.
Fang Jinyu was now certain that the "Bloody Arhat" here was indeed the result of the immortal's accident. After he encountered the "nightmare of the past," he scattered and transformed into the mortal world's "Bloody Arhats."
At this moment, Fang Jinyu suddenly saw green-gold human-shaped characters appearing continuously. These characters seemed to be alive as they kept running.
They even ran fast!
It was because when Fang Jinyu first saw the green-gold human-shaped characters, they pounced on his face one by one!
Afterward, the green-gold human-shaped characters were directly imprinted in Fang Jinyu's mind!
At this moment, Fang Jinyu finally comprehended the mysteries of the humanoid characters. However, it wasn't because he had extraordinary abilities to comprehend it but because Qing Fu had given half of what she had comprehended to Fang Jinyu!
Afterward, Fang Jinyu asked with a strange gaze, "Qing Fu, are you serious about the immortal law's name? Are you serious about the method of using it?"
The previous "You don't know fate and don't know me" was so normal and domineering!
"How am I not serious?" A certain little girl looked at Fang Jinyu from the corner of her eyes as if she were saying, "Give it back to me if you don't want it."
"Alright! You're serious!"
Upon hearing such a threat, how could Fang Jinyu tolerate it? He immediately nodded repeatedly and expressed his deep agreement. He was just short of praising Qing Fu.
"Mother, why don't you use this immortal law to help you communicate with the immortal position and temporarily obtain its power? Moreover, if there is a problem, you can use it to retreat without being hurt!"
"Since you can't regret it after you decide, I'll give you a chance to regret it!"
"What a simple thing!"
The little girl was very pleased with herself.
It was because it was an immortal law that she had just made up.
Afterward, she glanced at Fang Jinyu suspiciously and asked, "Mother, do you think my immortal law is bad? Why aren't you using it now?"
Seeing the little girl's suspicious expression, Fang Jinyu quickly agreed.
Afterward, Fang Jinyu put his hands on his hips expressionlessly and said in a completely emotionless voice, "A true gentleman won't regret his decision, so I'll be a villain!"
Putting on such a despicable posture and saying such strange words, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but wonder if the little girl had made up the weird immortal law!
However, Fang Jinyu gave up on his guess in the next second. He thought that it was a coincidence. After all, it was a little too ridiculous to make up an immortal law!
At this moment, when Fang Jinyu finished speaking, a green-gold halo appeared on his body.
It was the effect of Qing Fu's immortal law!
The function of Qing Fu's immortal law was to allow Fang Jinyu to go back on his word without getting hurt once! He could go back on his word anytime! Even if he was about to die!