I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 493 You Don’t Know the Fate and Don’t Know Me (Part 2)

Chapter 493 You Don't Know the Fate and Don't Know Me (Part 2)

If the world thought that the person should be punished, they would take the "medium" to get a punishment to punish the person.
However, Fang Jinyu wasn't in a hurry to refine the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token. He shifted his gaze to the lowest position.
It was also the place under the Harmony Heavenly Robe.
Fang Jinyu felt that one of his immortal position's treasures should be missing.
Fang Jinyu muttered to himself, "Other than the Harmony Heavenly Robe, the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, and the Self-restraint Crown, there should be another treasure that corresponds to the position of Immortal Lord of Justice…"
After all, who didn't wear shoes when they went out?
Fang Jinyu would return to the position as an Immortal Lord of Justice, not the "Barefoot Immortal!"
Fang Jinyu thought about it. He believed the missing treasure should be with the immortal who belonged to the immortal race that had tried to impersonate him back then!
The immortal race's tricks were truly astonishing.
After all, the immortal king was the one who decided the candidate for the position of Immortal Lord of Justice. Whoever passed the examination would get it. However, the other party had used some unknown tricks to replace Fang Jinyu!
There was most likely someone collaborating with the outside forces to succeed in seizing it. However, it was enough to show how extraordinary that immortal race was.
Therefore, the possibility of the other party taking away an immortal treasure was very high.
"However, in this case, do I still have to wait a while before my return?" Fang Jinyu's heart skipped a beat because he was unaware of the strength of the four immortal races who had joined forces to hunt him down.
If Fang Jinyu returned now, under the premise of insufficient merit, even if he were the Immortal Lord of Justice, he would only have the power of a ninth-grade Immortal Lord of Justice!
With such a weak power, it was very likely that Fang Jinyu couldn't even protect himself.
At this moment, Fang Jinyu suddenly turned around because he sensed that someone was watching him.
Fang Jinyu followed his senses and immediately saw a red figure.
The figure's face was blurry, and its body was dim, making it impossible to tell if it was a man or a woman. Fang Jinyu could barely make out a human figure, as if it were just a bloody shadow.
However, since the figure's appearance was too obvious, Fang Jinyu immediately recognized it. It was a famous local specialty near the North Universe City—the "Bloody Arhat."
"Is it an immortal position? It should be because I feel a little familiar…"
The "Bloody Arhat" spoke first and let out a hoarse voice that sounded like it was talking in its sleep. However, in the next second, it looked at Fang Jinyu and said, "In that case, you did the right thing by not returning immediately!"
Fang Jinyu didn't respond, but his eyes gradually revealed a look of surprise.
It was because the "Bloody Arhat" surprisingly had the immortal rune that only immortals had. Moreover, its cultivation rune wasn't weak. It could even be said to be very strong!
Previously, the wisp of the primordial spirit of "Immortal Zizai" that shortly appeared in the Sea of Realms was slightly inferior to the immortal rune exposed by Fang Jinyu's cultivation technique.
However, "Immortal Zizai" was one of the best among the True Immortals and was qualified to sit at the last seat in the immortal feast hosted by the exalted immortals!
What was the origin of the "Bloody Arhat?"
However, at this moment, "Bloody Arhat" spoke again, "If you want to return to your position, you'd better make sure you 'think thrice'."
However, although "Bloody Arhat" was talking to Fang Jinyu, his tone sounded more like talking to himself.
It was as if it was touched by the scene and thought of something, so it let out a sigh.
Looking at "Bloody Arhat's" blank expression, as if it had lost his memory, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but have a guess.
The "Bloody Arhat" in front of Fang Jinyu might have been a True Immortal in the past…
Or rather, the "Bloody Arhats" here were all formed after the death of some powerful True Immortal! The one in front of Fang Jinyu was the largest portion of the True Immortal!
At this moment, Fang Jinyu's eyes flashed slightly, so he bowed from afar and asked politely, "May I know what you mean by 'think thrice?' Fellow Daoist, I hope you can enlighten me."
Fang Jinyu had just tried to intercept the other party's fate.
However, Fang Jinyu surprisingly failed again.
It was the second time Fang Jinyu had failed since he mastered the secret technique, "I'll listen quietly for a while!"
The first failure was reasonable. After all, who would be injured by their self-created technique?
However, Fang Jinyu could tell that the other party was extraordinary with his second failure!
Upon hearing Fang Jinyu's words, the "Bloody Arhat" replied, "Think of safety, think of danger, think of retreat, think 'thrice!' You should think about why you are safe, think about the source of the dangers in your past, and think about how to save yourself when you have no place to retreat…"
The voice was still ringing out, but the bloody figure had disappeared without a trace.
Fang Jinyu sensed the departure of the "Bloody Arhat," but he didn't know how it had left. The only thing he could be sure of was that the "Bloody Arhat," who had suddenly appeared, didn't have any ill intentions. It was as if it was simply attracted by the immortal treasure here.
"Why did this former immortal become the 'Bloody Arhat'?"
Fang Jinyu couldn't help but think about what the "Bloody Arhat" had said before it left.
The "Bloody Arhat" said, "Think of safety, think of danger, think of retreat!"
Ordinary people would think twice, "thinking of danger and retreating," but there was no such thing as "thinking of safety." There was only "thinking of change!"
After all, one should think of change when one is poor. However, one should seek stability when one becomes rich.
"Could it be that the immortal position has some hidden dangers?"