I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 492 You Don’t Know the Fate, You Don’t Know Me

Chapter 492 You Don't Know the Fate, You Don't Know Me

Countless phenomena continued to evolve in the Immortal Palace. The immortal fairy seemed to be formed from heaven's intention mark, and the golden lotus that landed with a wave of her hand contained immortal runes. Since ancient times, the immortal conch has sounded on its own, praising the difficulty of the ancient immortals in seeking their cultivation. The figures of the "Immortals of Heaven," who had been cultivated since ancient times, were constantly summoned, and they cupped their hands together as if they were greeting each other.
In the end, another illusory figure that surpassed "everlasting" appeared in the Immortal Palace.
She was petite, with her sleeves rolled up and her arms bare. At this moment, the hem of her dress swayed, revealing the shadow of her feet without shoes. Her appearance was incompatible with the glory and solemnity of the Immortal Palace, and it also had no prestige.
However, when the immortals were alarmed and walked out of their respective cultivation residences, they hurriedly bowed when they saw the petite figure.
"Junior greets the Green Supreme!"
The True Immortals kowtowed!
The Primordial Chaos True Immortals kowtowed!
The Supreme True Immortals also kowtowed!
As for the exalted immortals in the "Immortal of Heaven" stage, they all cupped their hands respectfully and bowed their heads slightly to show their respect!
Since it was just a phantom left behind by the Immortal Palace in the past, it didn't have any power. However, it was still a "legendary stage!"
The phenomenon quickly disappeared, and the Immortal Palace returned to its original state. However, the immortals here couldn't calm down because they all understood what had just happened.
A Supreme True Immortal who had attained his cultivation path in the immemorial era couldn't help but say with a complicated tone, "The real eighth Immortal Lord of Justice is about to return!"
They all knew about the incident from decades ago.
There was a guy who used to follow an immortal king who threw a tantrum and deliberately threw a spot for the examination into the Sea of Realms. Initially, he only wanted to disgust a certain immortal race because that immortal race had spent tens of thousands of years to obtain the examination spot. They had only obtained it when the young Green Supreme suddenly disappeared.
Although no one from the immortal race could pass the examination, the examination spot had always been circulated among the immortal race.
However, it was fine. After all, that fellow did have the right to throw a tantrum.
Moreover, who asked that immortal to offend him first?
An accident happened. After the examination spot went to the Sea of Realms, it quickly found a suitable candidate!
Initially, everything was fine. After all, the immortal test for the Immortal Lord of Justice was extremely difficult!
It was because the immortal test was based on a special law.
It would get harder and harder!
The first Immortal Lord of Justice was the easiest to obtain, while the difficulty for the second Immortal Lord of Justice directly doubled. When it came to the third Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal test, the difficulty became four times that of the first Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal test!
The fourth Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal test was eight times more difficult than the first Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal test.
The fifth Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal test was 16 times more difficult than the first Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal test…
If it continued, one could imagine how difficult the test for the eighth Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal test would be!
It had been millions of years since ancient times, before the Green Supreme became king, and until recent times when the Green Supreme suppressed the immortal realm. However, the eighth Immortal Lord of Justice had not yet appeared.
It was only because the Immortal Lord of Justice's immortal position was too special. Otherwise, the immortal race could have chosen an immortal position that was somewhat similar to that of the Immortal Lord of Justice but easier to obtain with their strength.
The position of Lightning Immortal!
It was indeed the first choice of many immortal races.
There were 8,000 Lightning Immortals in the Immortal Palace!
However, since they mentioned an "accident," it naturally meant that a significant change had occurred at that time.
Many immortal races believed that nobody could pass the immortal test to become the eighth Immortal Lord of Justice. However, it turned out that the mortal whom that fellow sent for reference and obtained the examination spot in the Sea of Realms passed!
Furthermore, he passed the test in one go.
The most ridiculous thing was that the mortal answered the questions very quickly, as if he didn't think about it, and answered casually.
Moreover, his answers were all correct!
The immortal race had also taken some measures to remedy the situation. However, someone discovered the originally flawless remedy for some reason. The "Green Immortal," who had attained her cultivation path in recent years and condensed the perfected chaos-immortal light, even took out the most critical evidence and asked for a calligraphy scroll left by the Green Supreme before he suddenly disappeared. As a result, the immortal race had no choice but to send a True Immortal from their family to the Immortal Executioner Stage!
After the immortal race's "hard effort," although the True Immortal who was sent to the Immortal Executioner Stage wasn't killed, it wasted his cultivation base, and he could only start all over again.
Since the Immortal Executioner Stage had severed his True Immortal cultivation base in his previous life, he could only become immortal in this life.
He could only cultivate to rank 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage, where he could no longer advance his cultivation base.

When Fang Jinyu held the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, he immediately knew more about its power. He knew that it contained nine layers of immortal laws. Every time he advanced his immortal rank, he could grasp an additional layer of immortal laws.
The first layer of the immortal law was what Fang Jinyu needed right now.
Its name was—using everyone's power to punish someone!
The immortal law could allow Fang Jinyu to complain about someone. However, he wasn't complaining to the heavens or the earth, nor any immortal kings, but to the myriad spirits of the immortal realm!
After it was announced to the world, the world's evaluation of the accused would subtly influence the other party.
If the world thought that person deserved to die, he would immediately die!