I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 491 The Harmony Heavenly Robe, the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, the Self-Restraint Crown

Chapter 491 The Harmony Heavenly Robe, the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, the Self-Restraint Crown! (Part 3)

The latter belonged to the royal family.
Therefore, most of them were rogue cultivators.
They all had a better cultivation base in the Qi Condensation stage when they were born. They were at least ranked 5 or 6 in the Qi Condensation stage. Therefore, they have the possibility of cultivating the Foundation Establishment stage.
It was because the city lord would give such people from the immortal realm a basic cultivation technique.
However, although it was just the most basic cultivation technique, such a technique wasn't something people from the immortal realm with lower talent could possess. Moreover, people of the immortal realm whom the city lord had given the basic cultivation technique would have to work for cultivators above the Foundation Establishment stage as alchemy helpers, medicine-gathering boys, spirit-seeking boys, girls who wandered around, painting girls, and so on after they reached ten years old.
It was called the "cultivation service!"
One could also understand it as a group of bastards ordering child laborers around.
Under the condition that the girls and boys didn't make any mistakes, their working period would be as long as 20 years. Unless they made great contributions, they would usually be in their forties when they ended their "cultivation service."
However, humans weren't saints. Who could be free from mistakes?
Moreover, they were working for the others. Their "bosses" were the ones who decided whether they had made a mistake.
Fang Jinyu had already arrived outside the North Universe City and saw a desolate scene—nobody was outside the tall city walls.
Further away was a continuous ice curtain.
It was blue, and under the nine moons, it would form many strange magic domains as if it were summoning the dead. People couldn't help but feel heartbroken while looking at it. Even Core Formation stage cultivators couldn't look at the ice curtain long.
Therefore, some people in the past thought that it was the Heavenly Pole.
After all, nobody could see the heavens!
It was unknown whether it was because of the ice curtain's strange magic domain or the great terror in the world, but many creatures called "Bloody Arhat" were born outside the North Universe City.
Some of the "Bloody Arhats" were powerful, while others were about the same as ordinary people in the immortal realm, having the strength of Qi Condensation stage cultivators.
However, the difference was that the "Bloody Arhats" mastered magic techniques no matter how weak they were.
Of course, regardless of how strong or weak the "Bloody Arhats" here were, their strength couldn't hurt Fang Jinyu. He continued forward but soon stopped.
It was because Fang Jinyu arrived at his destination.
At this moment, there was a seemingly empty stone hall in front of Fang Jinyu. It looked similar to the Immortal Ascension Hall. However, it also hid the charm of the immortal path.
When Fang Jinyu approached, the door of the stone hall opened.
There was nothing related to Buddhism in the hall. There was only an ancient black robe, an ancient token, and an ancient crown.
Fang Jinyu's eyes couldn't help but reveal joy when he saw the three items.
The black robe was called the Harmony Heavenly Robe.
It meant that everything would be a mess if there were no rules. Therefore, everything had to abide by the Immortal Palace's rules!
The ancient token was the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token.
It was the symbol of status and also the greatest source of power for the immortal position! As long as Fang Jinyu held the token, even if the other party was a True Immortal, he could only surrender and choose a day to be beheaded!
The last ancient crown was the Self-restraint Crown.
Its name implies that it was used to restrain oneself!
However, Fang Jinyu didn't have to wear the Self-restraint Crown. He could become immortal when he wore the Harmony Heavenly Robe and held the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token!
Even if Fang Jinyu's cultivation base wasn't enough, he could still use the immortal realm's techniques!
It was because of the immortal law within it!
Fang Jinyu couldn't help but say, "Initially, I will encounter quite a few difficulties and might have to repeatedly struggle for a while if I want to find trouble with Immortal Zizai. After all, the other party is an official. But now... I feel much more relaxed!" Afterward, he stretched out his hand and touched the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token.
There was no strange phenomenon here. However, in the depths of the sky, in the most transcendental place in the immortal realm—the Immortal Palace—a myriad of strange phenomena suddenly appeared!
An immortal fairy with picturesque features held an immortal basket as she descended from the sky. She seemed to be formed from heaven's intention mark as she scattered golden lotuses.
An immortal conch that was born in ancient times let out a melodious sound without anyone blowing it.
There was...