I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 490 The Harmony Heavenly Robe, the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, the Self-Restraint Crown

Chapter 490 The Harmony Heavenly Robe, the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, the Self-Restraint Crown! (Part 2)

In the immortal realm, if one couldn't bear to part with a spirit tool or if it was too special, there was still a transition stage before it could be used to create a magic domain!
The spirit tool that was in the transition stage was known as the spirit treasure!
The name was formed by combining the words "spirit tool" and "magic treasure."
What about the bead?
The bead would instantly complete its evolution when it got in touch with the cultivator's cultivation base. Moreover, it would evolve according to the attributes of the spiritual roots of the person who refined it!
Ordinary Foundation Establishment stage cultivators and even the Core Formation stage cultivators would probably think that the bead was extraordinary but wouldn't think much about it. However, after Gou Anshi served in the Immortal Palace for a hundred years, he naturally knew what kind of pseudo-immortal treasure the Incarnation stage cultivators needed!
Therefore, even though the bead had only given Gou Anshi a few pieces of information, he had thought about it.
"It turns out that he's an immortal!"
Gou Anshi had a complicated feeling. He couldn't think of anyone else who could refine such a treasure apart from the immortal realm.
Gou Anshi had only answered two questions. However, he had obtained such a treasure that could make Nascent Soul stage cultivators and even the Incarnation stage cultivators envious. It could undoubtedly be called a great opportunity!
After all, Gou Anshi was only a mere Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.
For such an immortal to inquire about a person in such detail, as well as information about that person's relatives and friends, his purpose was obvious!
Most likely, the other party had ill intentions!
When Gou Anshi considered how he had participated in the conflict between the immortals, he experienced numbness.
It was also why Gou Anshi fled from his sister's husband's house. One of the reasons was that he was afraid his sister would be implicated because of him.
As for the second reason…
Gou Anshi was afraid that he would tell others about the bead.
After staying in the Immortal Palace for more than a hundred years, Gou Anshi really wanted to talk to someone at this time. He was afraid that he might accidentally tell them about the bead when he was talking to someone.
At that time, Gou Anshi would be punished for hiding a treasure!
"A wise man once said that in one's life, one spends three years learning to speak, but the rest of his life learning to shut up. Those who were good at keeping their mouths shut were all experts with great wisdom."
Gou Anshi was deeply moved and couldn't help but shake his head. Meanwhile, he looked gloomy.
It was because Gou Anshi also wanted to learn to shut up.
In this way, Gou Anshi could skillfully serve in the Immortal Palace, instead of being scared all day long, afraid that if he accidentally said something, he would be "rewarded" for having his soul scattered.
That was right! He would be "rewarded!" He didn't use the wrong word!

"The Immortal Palace has an extraordinary foundation. Even a human cultivator who ascended to the immortal realm as a servant could accumulate such knowledge in a hundred years."
On Fang Jinyu's side, since he hadn't returned the fate he intercepted yet, all the thoughts and images that were running through Gou Anshi's mind were synchronized.
Fang Jinyu slightly shook his head, waved his hand gently, and removed all the subsequent restrictions on the bead from afar.
The bead was a practice piece that Fang Jinyu had made to deduce the superior-purity stage of "I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal."
Although it was a practice piece, the bead's final upper limit could reach the superior-purity stage! However, it required the person who refined it to use the heavenly incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage. Afterward, he needed to use his cultivation ability to nurture it for thousands of years!
The disappearance of the restriction in the bead made Gou Anshi, who was already suffering from "mental friction," instantly dumbfounded.
It was because Gou Anshi knew the bead's upper limit.
A superior-purity stage pseudo-immortal treasure?
Did it mean that it could sublimate and transform into an immortal treasure in one fell swoop, just short of going through the tribulation?
There was a saying in the immortal realm about this kind of treasure that could continuously advance—the "treasure of wonder!" It was a top-notch treasure that could be regarded as a life-saving treasure!
Afterward, Gou Anshi's "mental friction" undoubtedly became more serious…
Sometimes, people would easily be afraid when they knew relatively much but not enough information.
At this moment, Fang Jinyu had already returned Gou Anshi's fate to him. Therefore, he didn't know "Fellow Daoist Anshi's" constant change in thoughts.
Fang Jinyu headed towards a secret place.
Fang Jinyu didn't know where the place was either. When he came to the immortal realm previously, he had always had a vague feeling. However, since it was too vague, he could only vaguely feel that it was related to his immortal position, so he didn't dare go there rashly.
It was because Fang Jinyu had two immortal positions.
One was the Immortal Lord of Justice, and the other was a crippled Lightning Immortal.
Although the latter was only the tip of the iceberg, after Fang Jinyu cultivated to rank 5 in the Immortal Ascension stage, he realized that he could make up the flaws himself. Therefore, he was a little worried that the immortal realm had automatically helped him complete it.
After all, Fang Jinyu had only been here for a few hours, and his strength had multiplied after the aura of the Sea of Realms was washed away. It was reasonable and unsurprising if the immortal realm could have such power!
However, when Fang Jinyu came here after he broke through rank 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage, perhaps due to the influence of its characteristic, the "fake immortal true cultivation path," the place where he sensed suddenly became clear.
At the same time, Fang Jinyu could also confirm which immortal position it was related to!
At this moment, the place Fang Jinyu sensed was not far away. It was outside the North Universe City.
Since the place was born because of Fang Jinyu, it naturally had to appear near him.
The North Universe City was huge, but there wasn't a single immortal sect. The cultivators in the city either relied on their family's inheritance to cultivate or relied on the City Lord to obtain the cultivation method bestowed by the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty.