I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 489 The Harmony Heavenly Robe, the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, the Self-Restraint Crown

Chapter 489 The Harmony Heavenly Robe, the Heavenly Promethium Realm Token, the Self-Restraint Crown!

His name was Gou Anshi. Although he was only a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, his breadth of knowledge was comparable to the immortal realm's Immortal Ascension stage cultivators.
Fang Jinyu didn't realize it when Gou Anshi first told him about the past of the "Crazy for Love Sage," Daoist Honghu until he asked who Daoist Honghu's elder brother was. Gou Anshi continued his "story"…
"Thank you, Fellow Daoist Anshi!"
Fang Jinyu's eyes flashed slightly. He solemnly thanked the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, Gou Anshi.
Fang Jinyu finally knew who he was going to deal with.
Daoist Honghu's elder brother, who shared the same mother as Daoist Honghu, called himself Immortal Zizai!
Although Immortal Zizai wasn't famous, and many people only knew that Daoist Honghu had such a powerful elder brother because of the feats of the "Crazy for Love Sage" in the past, "Immortal Zizai" was quite famous among the immortals in the Immortal Palace!
When some exalted immortals of the Immortal Palace held immortal banquets such as the "Longevity Feast" and the "Heavenly Feast," Daoist Honghu's elder brother, Immortal Zizai, was qualified to sit at the last seat!
However, based on the other party's name, even without Daoist Honghu, Fang Jinyu would still have to be enemies with him.
It was a cultivation path battle.
After Gou Anshi finished his previous words, he looked smug and said, "Fellow Daoist, don't you think I'm very knowledgeable?"
"Fellow Daoist Anshi, I've never seen someone as knowledgeable as you." Fang Jinyu nodded in agreement, but there was a deep meaning in his eyes.
It was because Fang Jinyu had already used the method to intercept the other party's fate.
Since the other party had such broad knowledge, no matter how weak his cultivation base was, it was worth Fang Jinyu's time to use the secret technique, "I'll listen quietly for a while," on him!
The characteristic of rank 6 in the Immortal Ascension stage, the "ultimate cultivation technique," could only be used once, so the secret technique didn't transform into a cultivation technique.
Afterward, Fang Jinyu knew the origin of Gou Anshi.
Other than his identity as a mere Foundation Establishment stage cultivator in the immortal realm, it turned out that he had another important identity—the immortal attendant of the Immortal Palace!
Although Gou Anshi's cultivation base was weak, a True Immortal of the Immortal Palace recruited him to serve as an attendant immortal because of an encounter when he was young.
However, although Gou Anshi had gained much knowledge in the Immortal Palace built by the Immortal King, which was the most transcendent place in the immortal realm, his status in the Immortal Palace was too low!
Moreover, Gou Anshi was a soul who went up to serve. He usually didn't dare say a word. He was trembling with fear and treading on thin ice while working every day.
Therefore, Gou Anshi was very talkative after his soul returned to his mortal body during his off day.
Gou Anshi had been holding it in for too many years!
Gou Anshi couldn't wait to find someone to talk to.
As for what Gou Anshi said just now about helping his so-called sister collect information… Naturally, it was just an excuse because his soul had just returned to his body.
Moreover, although Gou Anshi had a younger sister, his younger sister already had three grandchildren and two granddaughters.
Although cultivators in the Sea of Realms were born to be Qi Condensation stage cultivators, most of them were the same as the mortals in the Sea of Realms.
Sometimes, a typhoid fever similar to the one in the Sea of Realms could take the life of a commoner in the immortal realm!
Therefore, Gou Anshi's sister got married early.
Although Gou Anshi's sister had broken through the Foundation Establishment stage with his help, she was no different from the wife of a rich family in the Sea of Realms.
At most, when she was a hundred years old, she would still look like a young woman in her thirties or forties.
Therefore, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but suspect that Gou Anshi might have had some personal grudges when he mentioned Daoist Honghu.
"Fellow Daoist Anshi, we'll meet again."
Fang Jinyu cupped his fists and left something behind. Afterward, his figure disappeared without a trace.
It stunned the smug and self-satisfied Gou Anshi.
"He should be at least a Nascent Soul stage grandmaster…"
When Gou Anshi thought about it, he looked at the item in his hand. It was an ordinary bead that looked like a piece of jewelry that wasn't worth much.
"A reward from a Nascent Soul stage grandmaster shouldn't be as simple as he looks like…"
Thinking of it, Gou Anshi hurriedly went to his younger sister's husband's house.
After Gou Anshi went to the Immortal Palace to be the immortal attendant and returned from the Immortal Palace, he didn't have many friends and family in the immortal realm. His only blood relative was his sister, who was already over a hundred years old.
Gou Anshi's younger sister's husband welcomed him happily, even if he didn't know about his past.
After all, Gou Anshi was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.
However, Gou Anshi had only stayed for half a day before he ran away as if he had seen a ghost.
It was because after Gou Anshi refined the ordinary-looking bead, he found out in disbelief that not only was the bead unrelated to ordinary-looking, but it was also far beyond his imagination!
Although the bead didn't look like a talisman, as long as the person who refined it was a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, it would automatically advance to a superior-grade spirit tool without any spirit items.
When the person who refined it broke through the Core Formation stage, the bead could directly evolve into a magic domain. It was extremely unbelievable that it could reverse the innate and turn into a magic treasure!
It wasn't that nobody in the immortal realm could reverse the innate, but that no one could do it so quickly!