I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 488 Surprise! I’m Also An Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 3)

Chapter 488 Surprise! I'm Also An Immortal Lord Of Justice! (Part 3)

"In this case, the only thing I need to pay attention to is that my transmigration to the past won't affect the immortals. To the immortals, even if I return to more than a hundred years ago, they can still sense it."
Fang Jinyu thought about it and felt it should be because immortals have the same lifespan as heaven and earth!
Only the immortal incarnation from the netherworld came to the Sea of Realms. It didn't have the immortal's strength. Otherwise, he would most likely not appear outside the small immortal domain.
Instead, he would choose to return to the netherworld.
It was because he had known the result!
"Daoist Honghu's brother, the True Immortal's primordial spirit, didn't show up." Fang Jinyu waited for a long time, but the vicious mortal thought didn't appear.
It also confirmed Fang Jinyu's guess.
"However, it turns out that the immortal realm cultivators think the time cultivation technique is extraordinary?"
Fang Jinyu was slightly surprised.
Afterward, Fang Jinyu stopped thinking about it because the image of the North Universe City began to appear in his mind.

In the immortal realm.
Fang Jinyu had already been here for half a day.
Fang Jinyu was fortunate enough to witness ten suns rising together and nine moons rising together! The magnificent scene of the sun and moon coexisting made him feel even more insignificant.
It was because Fang Jinyu became indecisive after he came to the immortal realm.
Firstly, although Fang Jinyu had traveled back more than a hundred years in the Sea of Realms, the time in the immortal realm wasn't affected. It had been more than a hundred days since he left last time.
According to the calculation of one year in the Sea of Realms and one day in the immortal realm, the time was right.
Secondly, it was Fang Jinyu's time cultivation technique. In the immortal realm, not to mention traveling back to the time it took to brew a cup of tea, he couldn't even travel to a moment in the past!
Fang Jinyu's time cultivation technique could be said to be ineffective in the immortal realm.
Of course, it didn't mean that Fang Jinyu had cultivated the reincarnation-river scripture for nothing. He had a chance of obtaining the time-immortal law just because of such a foundation!
Afterward, Fang Jinyu began to inquire about Daoist Honghu.
After all, Fang Jinyu only knew his name.
Initially, Fang Jinyu expected it to be difficult to find out, so he had prepared himself mentally for a long time. However, he didn't expect to get the answer by just randomly asking a stranger.
Moreover, the person who knew about it was a talkative Foundation Establishment stage youth!
"Fellow Daoist, if I'm not wrong, you're asking on behalf of one of your younger sisters, right? Haha, because I am too! However, you're lucky to have met me because you don't have to run around to ask about the matter! I dare to guarantee that I've heard the most complete information!" The talkative young man had an "I knew it" expression.
Afterward, he told Fang Jinyu everything he knew.
Only then did Fang Jinyu know that Daoist Honghu had the title of "Crazy for Love Sage" in the immortal realm!
It was also the title that made Daoist Honghu famous. In one fell swoop, he became the ideal partner for the girls in the immortal realm.
Of course, it was also possible that some young men admired him.
As for the reason, it was a cliche story.
Rumors said that after Daoist Honghu completed cultivation validation, he met an incomparably beautiful woman when he was traveling in the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty. At first, he didn't care about her. However, he couldn't help but fall in love with her as they spent more time together.
Later, the woman was captured by the Immortal Palace because she violated the heavenly rules.
After Daoist Honghu found out, he held his brother's immortal treasure and fought all the way to the Immortal Palace, looking completely crazy for love.
As a result, Daoist Honghu, the "Crazy for Love Sage," became famous all over the world!
In the eyes of many female cultivators, he had become someone worthy of their marriage!
When Fang Jinyu heard it, he understood why the reincarnated cultivator had to go to the Sea of Realms to re-cultivate and make up for the problem of his cultivation path…