I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 487 Surprise! I’m Also an Immortal Lord of Justice! (Part 2)

Chapter 487 Surprise! I'm Also an Immortal Lord of Justice! (Part 2)

Fang Jinyu's finger point was the ultimate evolution of the secret technique, "I eat a lot, but I'm super strong." It could make anything return to its original state and reveal its true appearance!
One could consider it an amplification and protection cultivation technique or a killing technique!
It was because when the green-gold light landed on the vicious mortal thought, it immediately caused the hidden True Immortal's primordial spirit to appear.
Afterward, the vicious mortal thought became even more terrifying!
Fang Jinyu's heart palpitated.
However, at this moment, an ethereal sword energy that seemed to not exist in the world suddenly appeared and destroyed the mortal thought and the trace of the True Immortal's primordial spirit.
"Qing Fu was telling the truth!"
Fang Jinyu squinted his eyes and couldn't help but nod repeatedly. Would he dare to be so calm if he had nothing to rely on?
If the other party couldn't unleash the strength of an immortal, he wouldn't be able to do anything to Fang Jinyu.
However, if the other party couldn't unleash his immortal strength...
Afterward, the other party could "happily" experience how the Sea of Realms didn't allow immortals to exist!
Fang Jinyu didn't even need to do anything.
"However, this matter won't end just like this…"
How could Fang Jinyu not respond when his enemy arrived?
Did the other party think that he was helpless in the immortal realm?
Fang Jinyu thought about it and called out to a little girl in his heart. The little girl almost instantly responded to him.
"Mother, why are you looking for me?" The familiar soft voice sounded a little sneaky as if someone would find out if she contacted Fang Jinyu in such a way.
"Qing Fu, do me a favor. Can you find out who Daoist Honghu's brother is?"
"Mother, why don't you come to the immortal realm yourself for such a small matter? Didn't you just return to the Sea of Realms from the immortal realm?" Qing Fu expressed that she was busy and didn't have enough people to run errands for her!
Fang Jinyu didn't insist because it wasn't an urgent matter.
After all, only three years had passed in the immortal realm, while thousands of years had passed in the Sea of Realms.
Therefore, Fang Jinyu took out the grade 9 heavenly material and earthly treasure-type spiritual items he had exchanged from the immortal realm and began comprehending the Immortal Ascension stage prescription.
Fang Jinyu wanted to use it to help him break through rank 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage!
Fang Jinyu's had reached its peak in the Sea of Realms with the help of his system and even faintly got in touch with the immortal realm. Therefore, self-creating a prescription couldn't stump him.
In just a dozen years, Fang Jinyu created a peerless prescription. Afterward, he began to refine it.
The elixir was called the "Winding River Elixir."
The elixir had such a name because Fang Jinyu had refined it with the reincarnation-river scripture. This technique, which was obtained from reincarnation, wasn't difficult for Fang Jinyu at the beginner level, minor success and phenomenal success. After he had a sufficient cultivation base, he could master it with the help of his system.
Only the perfection stage was something that Fang Jinyu failed to achieve, even if he ranked 7 in the Immortal Ascension stage!
Originally, Fang Jinyu had no way to deal with it. However, he had some clues after a trip to the immortal realm and obtaining several grade 9 heavenly material and earthly treasure-type spiritual items that involved time.
Fang Jinyu wanted to use the technique to refine elixirs. Afterward, he would use the elixir's power to improve his cultivation base to rank 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage!
At the same time, Fang Jinyu could also cultivate the technique to perfection.
At that time, Fang Jinyu could use the time cultivation technique that people said only immortals could master. He didn't dare say that he could use it to travel to the future. However, he believed that he could go back to a certain period a few years ago!
It was just that... There was a high chance that he could only do it in the Sea of Realms.
If Fang Jinyu was in the immortal realm, he might only travel to the time it took to brew a cup of tea at most.
A hundred years passed just like that.
It was also on this day that Fang Jinyu walked out of his Dao Integration Palace. At this point, he was already ranked 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage. Moreover, he had also cultivated the reincarnation-river scripture to perfection, allowing Fang Jinyu to completely master a time cultivation technique.
Thus, Fang Jinyu didn't even think about it and transmigrated to the past.
Originally, Fang Jinyu thought that he could only travel to the past few years, but to his surprise, he traveled more than a hundred years ago in the Sea of Realms!
It was because, at this moment, a feminine-looking man was transmitting a message outside his small immortal domain, saying, "Fellow Daoist Fang, I came from the netherworld. Please meet me…"
It was the immortal incarnation from the netherworld.
Fang Jinyu was surprised. At this moment, the feminine man was stunned and said in disbelief, "Fellow Daoist Fang, it turns out that you've cultivated a rather extraordinary time cultivation technique. Your time cultivation technique is close to the immortal law!"
After saying it, the immortal incarnation from the netherworld seemed to have thought of something and turned to leave.
"Fellow Daoist Fang, since your cultivation base has improved so much, then that True Immortal from the immortal realm definitely can't do anything to you. I'm relieved. Farewell!"
The immortal incarnation from the netherworld immediately escaped.
One could even say that he disappeared in an instant!
Fang Jinyu wasn't surprised by it. After all, what kind of moral integrity did the people of the netherworld have? Afterward, he began to think about the information that the other party had revealed.
"The effect of the time cultivation technique that originated from reincarnation in the Sea of Realms is beyond imagination. It consumes a lot of the cultivator's cultivation ability to travel back more than 100 years ago. Cultivators have to consume dozens of years of cultivation ability to travel back to one year ago."
However, Fang Jinyu could afford such a "consumption" in his cultivation ability.
After all, Fang Jinyu could gain "cultivation ability +1!"