I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 486 Surprise! I’m Also an Immortal Lord of Justice!

Chapter 486 Surprise! I'm Also an Immortal Lord of Justice!

The netherworld was a special place. It could be regarded as another Sea of Realms, and the upper limit of its capacity was higher because it could allow immortals to exist.
However, the immortals of the netherworld were weaker than the immortals of the immortal realm.
An immortal was inferior to a True Immortal, let alone an immortal from the netherworld.
Therefore, after explaining the reason and expressing his helplessness, the feminine netherworld immortal ran away.
He didn't even hesitate for a minute.
It also made Fang Jinyu sure of one thing. He believed that it was hard to say about other things, but the position of Emperor Yama in the netherworld might be high and mighty. Moreover, it was troublesome to the point of making one's scalp tingle!
There were even many dangers!
After all, the people of the netherworld had a "fine" tradition of betrayal!
Whether dead or alive, they all liked to backstab once, twice, or three times… Or many times!
In that case, the reason so many Immortal Ascension stage cultivators in the netherworld, and even the immortals, were so "dutifully" searching for a successor to the throne was because, although there were indeed benefits to sitting on the throne, the disadvantages that came with it would far outweigh the benefits.
The disadvantages outweighed the advantages, which was why the people of the netherworld were so uninterested in the throne!
They even wanted to find someone who wasn't from the netherworld to succeed to the throne!
The reason the previous Emperor Yama, Lord Wusheng, wanted to go to the immortal realm, other than the reason that sounded a little ridiculous, might be that he found an opportunity to leave that position!
It was obvious that such a position was hard to inherit and leave!
After understanding it, the last bit of confusion in Fang Jinyu's heart disappeared. Afterward, he looked at the mortal thought before him and said with some surprise, "The power of a True Immortal is beyond my imagination. A wisp of primordial spirit enters reincarnation and reincarnates as a human. Afterward, he kills his parents and the entire family to collect their resentment to help him become an alien between the primordial spirit and ghost!"
"You're also quite beyond my imagination. No wonder you can condense great divine power immortal treasure, causing the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators in the Sea of Realms to be terrified!" The voice from the mortal thought sounded again. Although it was a sigh of surprise, it was sorcery energy. It said, "However, you can only stop here. I didn't hesitate to violate the heavenly rules and commit a huge mistake. I'm here to kill you!"
"Kill me?" Fang Jinyu's expression was extremely calm when he heard it. He smiled and asked, "If that's the case, why haven't you made your move yet?"
"You're quite calm, but you're just relying on the fact that I can only kill one of your lifetimes, right? You believe you can reincarnate in a few years, right?" The voice from the mortal thought seemed unhappy to see Fang Jinyu's calm expression. He deliberately said, "Do you think I didn't consider this? I especially prepare a sinful mortal thought that won't only haunt you for a lifetime but for eternity! Even if I can't show my immortal realm's strength and completely kill you, I can still make you beg for death! Believe me, when that time comes, you will only want to give up your Immortal Ascension stage cultivation base so that you can die quickly!"
Fang Jinyu asked meaningfully, "I naturally believe the words of a True Immortal. It's an incomparably brutal technique. However, since you violated the heavenly rules, aren't you afraid of being discovered by the Immortal Lord of Justice?"
"You even know about the Immortal Lord of Justice? You turned out to be capable! However, you only know one thing and don't know the other! Forget it. It will make you even more desperate when I explain it clearly!"
The voice from the mortal thought laughed coldly.
Afterward, he continued, "The relationship between the seven Immortal Lords of Justice of the Immortal Palace can be said to be intertwined with the forces of the immortal realm's human world. Therefore, although I don't work in the Immortal Palace, I'm not someone without a background who ascends from the Sea of Realms. Moreover, it's not that I can't work in the Immortal Palace. I just want to live freely in the human world for a while! When I'm tired of playing, I can work in the Immortal Palace anytime!"
"Besides, not to mention what happened in the Sea of Realms, even if this kind of thing happened in the immortal realm's human world, the Immortal Lord of Justice is busy with their merits. Therefore, they won't be bothered!"
Fang Jinyu nodded thoughtfully. The seven Immortal Lords of Justice of the Immortal Palace were all from those immortal races. Or rather, those seven were the ancestors of seven immortal races!
Thus, Fang Jinyu asked gently, "True Immortal, I wonder if you can make me despair a little more?"
Fang Jinyu still had some questions to ask.
For example, how did the other party know that Fang Jinyu's Immortal Axe of Freedom was a great divine power immortal treasure?
Although the True Immortal had remarkable abilities, he couldn't know the nature of Fang Jinyu's immortal treasure before he used the Immortal Axe of Freedom!
After all, they were in the Sea of Realms, not the immortal realm!
Immortals couldn't show their strength in the Sea of Realms!
However, it was a pity that the True Immortal didn't give Fang Jinyu a chance to learn about it. After hearing his words, maybe he was worried that a long delay would cause trouble or that he was unhappy with Fang Jinyu's expression and thought that he had "winked at the blind," so he directly attacked.
Fang Jinyu naturally didn't let him be. He raised his hand and pointed, and a dim green-gold light surged out.
It was Qing Fu's secret technique.
As Fang Jinyu cultivated to rank 6 in the Immortal Ascension stage, the characteristic of the rank, the "ultimate cultivation technique," took effect, causing the little girl's secret technique to undergo unprecedented changes.