I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 478 The Immortal Realm’s {#34}Han Feiyu!{#34} (Part 2)

Chapter 478 The Immortal Realm's "Han Feiyu!" (Part 2)

However, facing the pressure from the immortal races, was it something a cultivator who ranked 1 in the Immortal Ascension stage could do?
Only a Primordial Chaos True Immortal who had condensed the perfected chaos-immortal light could have such confidence!
According to what Luo Wenda knew, the four immortal races that had signed the arrest warrant all had immortal experts of this level.
"Hahaha! Brother Han, you are very talented. I believe you will be one of the supremacies in the future." Luo Wenda smiled and was about to invite Fang Jinyu because he was satisfied with Fang Jinyu.
However, at this moment, something unexpected happened!
At this moment, a figure actually appeared from the arrest warrant hanging high on the cliff.
The figure was dressed in luxurious clothes and wore a tall crown.?He had a jade scepter in his hand and looked down on commoners with a haughty and cold expression.
His gaze shifted slightly, and he stared at Fang Jinyu coldly.
"Yes, there are indeed some similarities. Little brat, hurry to the Wang family's immortal race. After our Wang family has verified your true identity, we will let you go."
The figure spoke in an arrogant tone as if it were an order.
After the figure finished speaking, he looked at Luo Wenda and snorted in dissatisfaction, "Luo Wenda, you have repeatedly spread rumors that aren't beneficial to our immortal race. I originally didn't hold it against you, but our immortal race is broad-minded. However, you have never repented. Therefore, come to our Wang family's immortal race's place to receive your punishment!"
The figure disappeared when he finished speaking.
Although it was only an arrest warrant, it was extraordinary in terms of refining methods or materials. Thus, even if it wasn't connate, it was comparable to a magic treasure in the Sea of Realms with five magic domains!
It could monitor everything within a million miles.
It was also the reason the arrest warrant would fly to Mount Skeleton and hang there.
Luo Wenda wouldn't have sighed like that if it was just an official arrest warrant like the one in the Sea of Realms's mortal dynasties.
In the end, the arrest warrant was equivalent to monitoring the entire Mount Skeleton area!
To any cultivator, it was like a fishbone stuck in their throat.
After all, nobody enjoyed being watched.
The figure's appearance made Luo Wenda's expression turn bad.
However, Luo Wenda immediately revealed his original cultivation base and apologized to Fang Jinyu, "Brother Han, it's not that I have any ill intentions in hiding my cultivation base. How about this? I'll be the one to go to the Wang family's immortal race this time. You don't have to go. I'll explain on your behalf. After all, the lower realm's supremacy on the arrest warrant hasn't ascended yet, so it definitely won't be you!"
After saying it, Luo Wenda smiled and said, "Brother Han, me and my grandsons happen to live nearby. I once planted a spirit fruit that ripened recently. Since you and I hit it off at first sight, why don't we have it together?"
"Since Senior Luo has invited me so warmly, how could I dare to refuse?" Fang Jinyu didn't refuse because he wanted to see what Luo Wenda's great-granddaughter looked like.
What if she was Xin Qianqian's reincarnation?
Although the probability was very low, it was hard to say!
Therefore, Fang Jinyu could only go and investigate every time he had such a thought, even if it wasn't a whim.
However, Fang Jinyu soon knew it wasn't the "yellow lotus'" reincarnation.
She was a young girl in her prime!
Firstly, their ages didn't match.
A year in the Sea of Realms was equivalent to a day in the immortal realm.
Therefore, even after Xin Qianqian reincarnated and Fang Jinyu stayed in the Sea of Realms for nearly a thousand years, Xin Qianqian, who reincarnated in the immortal realm, shouldn't even be three years old.
Since they were in the immortal realm and people were nourished by the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, kids wouldn't pee their pants. However, at this moment, Xin Qianqian was still running around the courtyard…
Luo Wenda had a great-granddaughter and a great-grandson.
Luo Wenda's great-grandson was tall and handsome. He was three or four years older than his sister, but he didn't have the slightest sense of calmness. He was still as mischievous as a teenager.
On the contrary, his sister was a little more mature.
The young girl looked pure and lovely. She had two hair buns and was wearing a light purple dress with a necklace, giving off a faint spiritual light.
It was a superior-grade spirit tool.
Although she was young, she was already ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage, one rank higher than her brother.
At this moment, the girl was staring at Fang Jinyu without blinking. He naturally noticed her gaze, so he looked over.
However, when Fang Jinyu looked at the little girl, her face immediately turned slightly red. She didn't dare look at his face again and quickly bowed. She said, "Greetings, Senior!"
"You brat, hurry up and greet your seniors!" Luo Wenda couldn't help but feel annoyed when he saw that his great-grandson didn't move.
"Oh! Oh! Greetings, Senior!"
Although the kid only reacted now, he bowed respectfully. It was obvious that Luo Wenda was good at teaching children.
"You're too polite. It's my first visit, and I didn't prepare anything good. These two bottles of elixirs are just enough to help you." Fang Jinyu took out two bottles of elixirs and handed them over. He had refined them more than a thousand years ago. Although the ingredients used were simple and ordinary, they shouldn't have expired.
"Since Brother Han has brought out such a good thing, what are you two still standing there for? Hurry up and pick some from that fruit tree in the herb garden. Remember to use jade to pick them, or they'll melt upon contact."
"Got it, great-grandfather." This time, Luo Wenda's great-grandson reacted quickly. He agreed and dragged the girl away.
Soon, they delivered the fruits.
They were indeed good spirit fruits. However, they were useless to Fang Jinyu.
Fang Jinyu had a taste and was about to speak when someone knocked on the door.
Since the other party came with ill intentions, Luo Wenda let Fang Jinyu leave first.
Fang Jinyu walked out of the door, but he didn't go far. He just hid his figure. His eyes were still looking at Luo Wenda. After Luo Wenda argued with the other party for a while, the other party left angrily. After confirming that the Luo family was safe, Fang Jinyu left.
Fang Jinyu naturally had to return the favor.
Fang Jinyu left Mount Skeleton and headed to the North Universe City. The guest who went to find Luo Wenda with ill intentions was from the North Universe City.
It was an immortal city.
The city could manage its taxes after obtaining the Mystic Immortal Emperor's gift. Since the emperor's authority wasn't high, the successor of the city lord would be able to enjoy the official position of the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty.
The immortal dynasty of the immortal realm was different from the immortal dynasty of the Sea of Realms. It was because those official positions didn't only represent power but also luck and divine powers.
They were imitating the Immortal Palace.
It could also be said to be a low-level immortal position in the Immortal Palace.
Speaking of which, the position of Mystic Immortal Emperor was actually a low-level immortal position that was recognized by the Immortal Palace! However, in the Buzhou Immortal Dynasty, he was only a puppet because the imperial power couldn't leave the palace.
However, the Mystic Immortal Emperor didn't plan for the imperial power to leave the palace.
It also caused the fact that, although there was only one Buzhou Immortal Dynasty under the Immortal Palace, the immortal dynasty had many kinds of "currency." They were jointly forged by some immortals.
After all, no matter how much money they made, how could they earn it faster than printing money?
As long as they advocated the importance of money and made people think about money, these immortals would only need to pay the lowest price to obtain the most generous rewards!
They could even use it to easily control others and harvest heavenly luck!
At this moment, Fang Jinyu arrived in the North Universe City.
When Fang Jinyu entered, he discovered something strange.
Even the most ordinary person in the immortal realm would be born with the Qi Condensation stage cultivation base because of the dense spiritual energy of heaven and earth.
The Qi Condensation stage cultivation base could make a person strong and healthy, preventing them from getting sick.
However, Fang Jinyu surprisingly saw some people suffering from diseases, and they were all very simple diseases. It was as if the people of the immortal realm were no different from the mortals of the lower realm!