I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 477 The Immortal Realm’s {#34}Han Feiyu!{#34}

Chapter 477 The Immortal Realm's "Han Feiyu!"

Fang Jinyu had some expectations for his life after ascending. He had many ideas about going to the most barren place in the immortal realm, such as the lack of spiritual items, the lack of inheritance, or the disappearance of immortal traces. However, he never expected to find himself wanted as soon as he came up!
Someone used immortal symbols to write on the arrest warrant, "Fang Jinyu, a mortal cultivator from the lower realm, is greedy and bloodthirsty. He has killed many good late-stage Immortal Ascension cultivators. He should ascend within 600 years. If anyone encounters him, please kill him or report the matter to our immortal race in time."
The arrest warrant was signed by Mount Daluo's Wang Immortal Race, the White Snake Dragon Palace's Xu Immortal Race, the Heavenly River's Chu Immortal Race, and the Elixir Mansion's Nangong Immortal Race.
"Brother Han, look, you and this wanted lower realm expert look a little similar."
An old man with white hair and a beard pointed at the arrest warrant that fell from the sky and landed steadily on the cliff in front of him. He couldn't help but smile as he spoke to Fang Jinyu.
The arrest warrant had an extremely brilliant refinement method, but it was limited by the uniqueness of the Transcend-moment Dragon's body. As a result, the portrait on the arrest warrant could only have a 50% to 60% similarity to Fang Jinyu.
The old man shook his head after he finished joking.
Afterward, he said with an extremely lonely expression, "It seems that the North Universe City has declined since the old city lord became a Daoist. Even the four great families' arrest warrants can ignore regions and fly directly here. It seems that the last paradise for us mortal cultivators is about to be gone."
At the same time, Fang Jinyu, who had intercepted the old man's fate, also took the opportunity to obtain the information he wanted to know about the immortal realm.
It turned out that the place Fang Jinyu was currently at was called Mount Skeleton.
However, despite its name, it wasn't just a mountain. There was also a large forest. As far as the eye could see, it was filled with lush, ancient trees that reached the sky. The Heaven and Earth spiritual energy here was abundant. Let alone grade 5 or grade 6 heavenly material and earthly treasure-type spiritual items. Even grade 7 heavenly material and earthly treasure-type spiritual items could be seen everywhere.
It was just that… A cultivator or a spiritual beast would guard the grade 7 or above heavenly material and earthly treasure-type spiritual items nearby.
However, in terms of spiritual energy and spiritual items, Mount Skeleton was superior to the Sea of Realms' Heavenly Spirit Realm before it was demolished without including the nine immortal mountains.
However, such a place was the most barren land in the immortal realm!
It was precisely because it was the most barren place that the immortal races didn't care about at all. They were too lazy to send people to occupy and manage the North Universe City. Therefore, they allowed some cultivators with no background to build immortal estates to cultivate on Mount Skeleton.
The cultivator with the highest cultivation base in Mount Skeleton was an Incarnation stage cultivator named Luo Wenda.
He was the old man in front of Fang Jinyu.
The reason Fang Jinyu had met Luo Wenda was purely a coincidence. He met Luo Wenda the moment he arrived.
Since cultivators often came to Mount Skeleton to cultivate, Luo Wenda didn't suspect Fang Jinyu. He even wanted to betroth his only granddaughter to Fang Jinyu because he was too handsome.
However, Luo Wenda was worried that Fang Jinyu's character wasn't up to standard, so he pretended to have the "same cultivation base" as Fang Jinyu and took the initiative to talk to him.
After knowing Luo Wenda's thoughts, Fang Jinyu couldn't help but feel slightly amused as he returned Luo Wenda's fate to him.
It wasn't only because their current Nascent Soul stage cultivation base was fake, but also because their names were fake.
Fang Jinyu called himself "Han Feiyu."
Luo Wenda called himself "Liu Dayuan."
"Brother Liu, I can't compare to that supremacy from the lower realm. Killing a late-stage Immortal Ascension cultivator is truly unimaginable!" Fang Jinyu replied naturally as if he wasn't praising himself.
People called the Core Formation stage cultivators great Core Formation stage cultivators. They called Nascent Soul stage cultivators grandmasters and Incarnation stage cultivators lord cultivators. As for Immortal Ascension stage cultivators, they respectfully called them "supremacies."
Four names for the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators corresponded to different ranks.
They were Cultivation Seeking Supremacies who ranked 1 in the Immortal Ascension stage, cultivators who ranked 2 and 3 were called the Immortal Seeking Supremacies, middle-stage Immortal Ascension cultivators were called the Close-to-Immortal Supremacies, and the cultivators who ranked 7 and 8 were called the Quasi-Immortal Supremacies.
As for cultivators who ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage, they were naturally in the immortal stage. People should call them immortals or True Immortals!
For example, the old city lord of North Universe City mentioned by Luo Wenda was a Cultivation Seeking Supremacy who had been free and unfettered for tens of thousands of years. However, the immortal realm was naturally different from the Sea of Realms, where the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators could be almost eternal and constantly reincarnated. After the old city lord reincarnated, someone schemed with him and caused him to become a Daoist!
In the immortal realm, "becoming Daoist" referred to the dead of the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators and the immortals.
When Luo Wenda mentioned that once the old city lord died, the immortal races started to interfere with the city's matters… In Fang Jinyu's opinion, it was a misunderstanding.
In the past, the immortal races should have interfered with the city's affairs. However, the ruler of North Universe City was good at changing the concept, or perhaps the immortal races would respect these Immortal Ascension stage cultivators from the immortal realm. It gave Luo Wenda the impression that the reason this place wasn't bullied by the immortal races was all because of the old city lord.