I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 445 - 445 She Is The Origin Of The Fallen Immortal (Part 2)

Chapter 445 - 445 She Is The Origin Of The Fallen Immortal (Part 2)

She Is The Origin Of The Fallen Immortal (Part 2)
It was also why the “best exalted immortal in the aspect of time” couldn’t control himself and lost his composure.
However, the “best exalted immortal in the aspect of time” soon couldn’t be bothered to hate his old friend anymore because he felt his heart palpitate for no reason. As he followed the palpitations and looked over, he discovered something was wrong with the little girl.
The little girl was still ranked 5 in the Immortal Ascension stage. However, a power that didn’t belong to this realm appeared, and even an “Immortal of Heaven” like him wasn’t qualified to control it. It was because the other party’s attack came from both the past and the future!
At this moment, the “best exalted immortal in the aspect of time” seemed to see the beginning and the end of everything. Or rather, there was no beginning and no end.
It was above “everlasting”—eternity!
The “best exalted immortal in the aspect of time” finally understood why his old friend had stopped him. At the same time, he also understood that he was unlucky this time…
Afterward, the powerful figure of the “best exalted immortal in the aspect of time” who came from ancient times instantly collapsed.

In the immortal realm.
In an extremely mysterious place.
There was only a hill here that looked ordinary, but the strange thing was that no matter who came here, they couldn’t accurately recognize it.
There was a hall with a similar appearance that didn’t have a plaque within the mountain.
However, although the hall was nameless, as long as it was an immortal cultivated in the ancient years of the immortal realm, everyone knew what the place was and was extremely excited about it.
It was the Immortal King’s Hall!
When the everlasting power above the 33 layers of Clear Heaven appeared, a figure who had sat in the Immortal King’s Hall for countless years finally opened his eyes.
He gently moved the prayer beads in his hand, his eyes deep and emotionless.
At this moment, a young monk walked in from outside the hall.
The young monk respectfully kowtowed.
“That girl asked you to come in and ask whether the Green Supreme is back?” The figure spoke, but he directly expressed the little monk’s thoughts.
The figure said, “The Green Supreme is coming back.” He looked very friendly.
When the young monk got the answer, he immediately revealed a happy expression and ran over excitedly.
However, the figure shook his head slightly at this moment. Afterward, as he stood up, he put down the prayer beads in his hand. The prayer beads’ immortal spirituality was extraordinary. There was also a power that seemed to have a beginning and an end, flowing endlessly. It was karma.
At this moment, another figure appeared in the hall.
As soon as the figure appeared, he smiled and said, “You’re not being kind. You even lied to your disciple?”
“He has been with me for so many years, but he is still acting in the same way. Now, he’s even lost his mind because of a woman. What can I do? I can only send him to the Green Supreme to kill him to liven things up.”
“That’s true. We have no beginning and no end. Since there’s no beginning, how could the Green Supreme fall? Even if she isn’t here, what difference does it make to us?”
As the figure spoke, he added, “However, you can’t blame your disciple for being bewitched by that woman. After all, that woman is special. She is the source of the changes in those imperial edicts. The immortal realm even has the path of fallen immortals because of her arrival!”
“So I left him this string of beads.”

At this moment, in the 33 layers of Clear Heaven that carried the immortal realm and made it indestructible, a figure holding a sword had already learned the news of his old friend’s death.
At the same time, he also knew about his old friend’s resentment toward him.
The sword-wielding figure couldn’t help but sigh deeply. Afterward, he smacked his lips in annoyance and said, “If we weren’t friends, why would I stop you? Although you are dead now, you still have a chance to live. Moreover, it is good to use this opportunity to escape reincarnation.”
As the exalted immortal king’s ninth disciple, although he wasn’t the exalted immortal king’s direct disciple and had never seen him before, he knew a lot about him.

It was still in the immortal realm.
Outside the magical hill, the young monk finally came out.
As he left the area of the Immortal King’s Hall, his figure instantly changed. He originally looked like a seven or eight-year-old child, but now he immediately became a handsome young monk with red lips and white teeth.
His name was “Six Sages Genius.” He wasn’t famous on the outside, but his background was extraordinary. He was a direct disciple of Immortal King Xu Tuo.
Ever since he started cultivating with Immortal King Xu Tuo, he had broken through the “First Immortal” stage.
Moreover, he wasn’t an ordinary “First Immortal” stage cultivator.
He was a Primordial Chaos True Immortal who had condensed the primordial chaos-immortal light!
Although many people with such cultivation bases existed in the entire immortal realm, and thus they weren’t good enough to become a realm’s controller, how long had the immortal realm existed?
From the earliest exalted immortal king to the most recent Green Supreme! The length of time involved was impossible to calculate with numbers.
When the Six Sages Genius appeared, he headed straight for an exquisite flower valley.
He soon saw a graceful and peerless beauty in a flowery environment. She had an elegant temperament as if she were the purest thing in the world.
Thus, when the Six Sages Genius saw the woman, he couldn’t help but be filled with joy.
“Yier, I’ve asked my master. He said that the Green Supreme is coming back!”
“Is she finally coming back?”
When the woman heard it, she immediately smiled. Her eyes were also full of smiles as if she were really happy about it. “I knew it. How could a mere devil’s path cause the Green Supreme, who suppressed the immortal realm back then, to die?”
“Indeed, although the Green Supreme only became an immortal king between ancient times and recent times and has the shallowest accumulation, she should have half of my master’s ability to become an immortal king.” The Six Sages Genius nodded repeatedly. He looked at the woman and said it with a smile.
Although this person was the disciple of the immortal king and often accompanied him, he couldn’t be compared to the exalted immortal king’s ninth disciple.
It was because he didn’t know about the immortal king.
One had to know that if one could become the disciple of an immortal king and stay by his side, then the immortal king could already be said to have gone easy in this aspect.
However, under such “conditions,” the Six Sages Genius still didn’t know about the immortal king.

In the Sea of Realms.
A certain little girl finally came back to her senses.
“Eh? What happened to me just now?” She thought about it seriously for a second and then stopped thinking because she saw so many good things in front of her.
The immortal opportunities were densely packed among them. They were just like the great cultivation foundation pool.
Other than that, there were also several immortal treasures!
However, the little girl soon realized that she shouldn’t be happy that early. When she rushed over excitedly, she realized that several immortal treasures had instantly turned into illusions.
It was because the previous endless power was too terrifying, directly turning these things into nothingness.
The only reason it could still exist was because the little girl was the source of the endless power. Under the interaction of the energy, it naturally stopped for her.
If she could attack from the past, she could still bring these things back. However, if she could only break the interaction of the energy and make these things disappear after she pounced toward them.
“Eh? Why is it gone?” Qing Fu’s eyes widened. A few strands of hair brushed past her face and landed on her lips. Her mood immediately worsened.
After all, it was the first time she had seen so many immortal opportunities and immortal treasure!
Ever since the little girl broke through the Immortal Ascension stage, the thing that she suffered the most from was the immortal treasure. It caused her to be almost obsessed with immortal treasure.