I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 415 - 415 The Cultivation Path Of The Human World Also Wants To Kill Me? Are You Worthy?! (P

Chapter 415 - 415 The Cultivation Path Of The Human World Also Wants To Kill Me? Are You Worthy?! (Part 2)

415 The Cultivation Path Of The Human World Also Wants To Kill Me? Are You Worthy?! (Part 2)
It was “Yi Luoxin.”
At this moment, the “dragon” characteristics of the “female lead” were constantly fading. However, the “turning into a dragon” process had finally come to an end. Therefore, even if there was Immortal Ascension stage divine consciousness entering it, it could only temporarily suppress her “dragon” characteristics.
Sensing the discomfort in her body, the netherworld Immortal Ascension stage cultivator who had taken over “Yi Luoxin’s” body couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.
“You’ve already become the only one, and you’re only one step away from being recognized and recorded by the Heavenly Stele. I didn’t want to kill you because you have such good fortune, but now I can’t let you live!”
The netherworld Immortal Ascension Stage cultivator in “Yi Luoxin’s” body said it coldly as if she were passing judgment on Fang Jinyu.
“People kill for death.”
“It’s a disaster for ghosts to kill people.”
“The disaster is beyond the past, and you’ll never be able to reincarnate!”
She opened her mouth and chanted. It was still a true incantation that could end one’s life because it contained the cultivation she had cultivated. A sense of life and death instantly entangled Fang Jinyu!
Afterward, the sense of life and death seemed to entangle nothing.
Fang Jinyu didn’t even move. The sense of life and death dissipated, and the true incantation didn’t even have any effect on him.
“Did the Transcend-moment Dragon have such an ability?”
A voice rang out, and then the “dragon” characteristics on another body disappeared. Another Immortal Ascension stage cultivator from the netherworld had arrived.
It was the nameless “male lead.”
At this moment, the person looked at Fang Jinyu’s Transcend-moment Dragon body in shock.
“It’s not because of Transcend-moment Dragon talent, but because of the cultivation path he cultivates.”
Another voice sounded. Another Immortal Ascension stage cultivator from the netherworld had arrived.
It was the “heart-stealer.”
The person who came along with him was the “Bootlicker King of Ghosts.” The “dragon” characteristics on the person’s body were also disappearing. Of course, it was only temporarily suppressed.
However, the “Bootlicker King of Ghosts” didn’t speak. He just looked at Fang Jinyu’s Transcend-moment Dragon body in silence.
When the nameless “male lead” saw the two of them, he couldn’t help but laugh and said, “A mere Ghost stage cultivator has alarmed four Immortal Ascension stage cultivators. What an interesting scene!”
The “Bootlicker King of Ghosts,” who had been silent all this while, suddenly said, “What’s interesting? Speaking of your fate, it’s still in the hands of this Transcend-moment Dragon.”
It made the nameless “male lead” stunned, and then his expression became extremely pale.
Afterward, he looked at Fang Jinyu.
“You reckless thing!”
As he said it, he raised his hand and slashed!
Instantly, a monstrous sword energy exploded. An ancient sense seemed to want to “kill immortals,” causing countless phenomena in the Sea of Realms.
The concept of space didn’t exist in the Sea of Realms, but at this moment, it seemed to exist.
The invisible binding and cutting force wanted to crush Fang Jinyu in an instant!
However, when the Immortal Ascension stage might that could kill countless Incarnation stage cultivators landed on Fang Jinyu, it disappeared silently. Even the binding force didn’t have any effect!
“What cultivation path is this?”
At this moment, the “Bootlicker King of Ghosts” couldn’t help but reveal a shocked expression. He was very clear about the nameless “male lead.” He knew that the other party didn’t hold back at all.
It could be said that it was the strongest power that could be unleashed with the body of a “pseudo incarnation!”
However, it was as if he hadn’t hit the Transcend-moment Dragon. It was ridiculous!
Afterward, the “Bootlicker King of Ghosts” also attacked Fang Jinyu.
He also used a sword technique!
However, what was different was that the core concept was also very ancient. It was similar to the nameless “male lead’s killing immortals attack,” but it wasn’t completely the same. There was an endless sense of death in it.
However, it could be seen that the two should have been from the same sect, or perhaps they had obtained the same ancient inheritance.
After the “Bootlicker King of Ghosts” used the sword technique, the chaotic, turbid air in the vicinity seemed to be boiling, and layers of death phantoms evolved.
It was a sign that the power of the swordsmanship was so powerful that even the chaotic, turbid energy couldn’t corrode it!
The “Bootlicker King of Ghosts” spoke a true incantation. It improved the power of his attack. However, such a terrifying attack that surpassed the nameless “male lead’s” full-powered attack still struck nothing.
Although it did land on Fang Jinyu’s Transcend-moment Dragon body, its power couldn’t be shown at all!
“Let’s attack together and capture this Transcend-moment Dragon. The cultivation path he cultivates isn’t simple!”
The “heart-stealer” said.
The “heart-stealer” could tell that the cultivation path cultivated by the Transcend-moment Dragon couldn’t be described with words. It was extremely mysterious and unbelievable.
When Fang Jinyu heard it, he couldn’t help but laugh.
“Since you guys have been attacking me for so long, isn’t my turn now?”
Two golden pillars of light shot out from Fang Jinyu’s pair of golden vertical pupils. The terrifying cutting power split the chaotic, turbid air and directly blew up the “heart-stealer.”
However, the scattered pieces of flesh and blood quickly merged into one and returned to their previous appearance.
Although the other party didn’t come in person, he had sent his cultivation abilities over. In that case, the “pseudo incarnation” body could naturally possess the terrifying recovery ability of the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators!
Moreover, as long as one walked on the immortal path, from the moment one broke through the Nascent Soul stage, the body of flesh and blood was already somewhat secondary.
Otherwise, the path of body refinement, which could greatly increase one’s combat strength, wouldn’t have to be squatted in a corner.
“Don’t tell me you think that you can compete with the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators by relying on some crooked methods?”
The “heart-stealer” had a pale expression on his face as he stared coldly at Fang Jinyu.
“Isn’t that so? Moreover, for an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator like you, I even pressed her into the ground in her Immortal Ascension place last time and made her unable to return for hundreds of years!”
Fang Jinyu spoke loudly.
Although a certain little girl was the one who took the credit back then, that woman was indeed pressed into the ground by Fang Jinyu’s claws.
As soon as Fang Jinyu finished speaking, he continued to attack.
A pitch-black aura spread between Fang Jinyu’s five claws. As his claw descended, another claw appeared out of thin air and appeared beside Yi Luoxin. It then clawed her body apart.
Blood rained down and collided with the chaotic, turbid air, but neither could do anything to the other.
After that, the shattered body didn’t merge into one like the “heart-stealer.” Instead, after a painful cry, the flesh and blood were instantly devoured by the chaotic, turbid air.
The other party had already left.
“You are weaker than I imagined…” Seeing this, Fang Jinyu was a little surprised.
Although Fang Jinyu’s claw contained the divine power of the “passing days and months with a wave” after being activated by the “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique,” he had never thought that it would cripple the body of an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator who had descended.
After all, the “fake cultivation ability” of the Heavenly Spirit Realm had a limited effect on the cultivation path Fang Jinyu cultivated. It could only cause some injuries to the Immortal Ascension stage cultivator’s cultivation ability.
Hearing Fang Jinyu’s mockery, the three Immortal Ascension stage cultivators from the netherworld naturally showed pale expressions.
“You’re courting death!”
“I will kill you!”
“It looks like you’re courting death!”
Afterward, three sword techniques fell at the same time.
The ancient sense instantly spread out, and it was as if it was about to forcefully create a death sword world in the chaotic, turbid air!
The nameless “male lead” probably thought that victory was in his hands and spoke again, “It’s your honor to die under the combined attack of three Immortal Ascension stage cultivators!”
“You think you can kill me when there’s only the three of you?”
“Are you worthy?!”
Fang Jinyu’s claw slashed down, and the terrifying sword attack that could kill any Incarnation stage cultivator and severely injure an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator was shattered.
It wasn’t that the combined sword attack wasn’t powerful, but that the power of the attack couldn’t land on Fang Jinyu at all!
With a wave of the void tail, the chaotic, turbid air exploded in succession. The three of them couldn’t help but grunt. Their auras instantly withered, and the “dragon” characteristics that they had suppressed appeared once again.
Fang Jinyu felt that he was controlling their fate again, so he immediately began to pry.
With one look, Fang Jinyu understood why the four Immortal Ascension stage cultivators from the netherworld seemed to have problems with their heads and descended into a dead world!