I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 339 - 339 All Female Leads Will “Drop” Something Good (Part 2)

Chapter 339 - 339 All Female Leads Will “Drop” Something Good (Part 2)

339 All Female Leads Will “Drop” Something Good (Part 2)
While Chi Suzi was running away, she was also a little confused. The lightning tribulation that Yi Yuaner suffered was similar to hers. After the lightning, the second bolt was also the dragon’s lightning. But why did Yi Yuaner have a follow-up?

At the same time, Fang Jinyu, who had locked his divine sense on this area, had a strange expression.
It was because Fang Jinyu wasn’t the one who had created that huge cloud of lightning tribulation.
Moreover, Fang Jinyu couldn’t do so!
That was a true lightning tribulation!
When Fang Jinyu attacked previously, he was lucky that the immortal path of the Nine Desolations covered it up for him. It was why the two bolts of lightning that had transformed into dragons looked like lightning tribulations.
“What did Yi Yuaner do just now?” Fang Jinyu was deep in thought. He had seen Chi Suzi use the only thought divine power, and she even cultivated it to perfection. Thus, he had focused all his attention on her.
It was an inheritance that Fang Jinyu left behind. There were no restrictions or tests of talent. It was just a matter of luck.
Fang Jinyu had thought that it would be some rogue cultivator who had it, but he didn’t expect that Chi Suzi would be the one who picked it up.
“Fortunately, I’m not a Buddhist disciple. Otherwise, based on this fate, I would have shaved a shiny bald head.”
Fang Jinyu retracted his gaze.
Yi Yuaner was dead for sure. Even if she could withstand the real lightning tribulation, Chi Suzi wouldn’t let her go.
In Fang Jinyu’s realm, he could already see that the fates of these two people were intersecting and wanted to fuse. However, since one of them wasn’t dead yet, it couldn’t fuse for a long time.
“I once placed a chess piece on Bu Qianyao and scattered her luck. That luck should have been divided among Yi Yuaner, Chi Suzi, and Xiao Youyue. Xiao Youyue was brought back to the origin realm by the spirit beast Ruyi, but she was able to leave the scheme. These two people…”
Fang Jinyu suddenly felt that he had understood some of the mysteries of luck!

There was no one within a ten-mile radius of the polluted water region.
One by one, the cultivators ran far away. They only dared to look from afar and didn’t dare to get close.
The middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivator couldn’t help but ask, “Fairy Chi, why is Fairy Yi’s lightning tribulation so terrifying?” It wasn’t that he hadn’t gone through lightning tribulations before, but he had never encountered such a terrifying aura!
At the same time, the middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivator was also curious. Why would Yi Yuaner and Chi Suzi encounter the lightning tribulation when they were already Nascent Soul cultivators?
“She should be the same as me. To reduce accidents when she breaks through the Nascent Soul stage and not lose her combat strength, she suppressed her lightning tribulation. However, I believed she must have used some kind of forbidden technique, which attracted the wrath of the heavens.” Chi Suzi knew what the Nascent Soul stage cultivator wanted to ask, so she told him the truth.
It was because, in Chi Suzi’s past few lives, it wasn’t rare to find a way to hide from the lightning tribulation.
She even knew a few spiritual items that could help her hide from the lightning tribulation!
When the Nascent Soul stage cultivators around Chi Suzi heard it, they were shocked, and their eyes were filled with passion. The reason why Nascent Soul stage cultivators were so rare in the Nine Desolations was because the lightning tribulation was too terrifying!
Even if a Core Formation stage cultivator had a magic treasure, it would depend on luck if he wanted to survive safely.
If there was a way to suppress the lightning tribulation, wouldn’t the success rate be greatly increased if one broke through the Nascent Soul stage first before transcending the lightning tribulation? They didn’t dare say that they could 100% break through the Nascent Soul stage, but they had at least a 98% success rate in transcending the tribulation, right?
However, before the Nascent Soul stage cultivators could ask Chi Suzi anything, Yi Yuaner’s lightning tribulation started to change.
It was a series of lightning pillars!
It was as if Yi Yuaner was going to be blown to pieces, but when the last lightning beam fell, Yi Yuaner was still intact.
It was because there was a book protecting her.
It was the Book of Fortune and Misfortune.
However, at this moment, it might be more appropriate to call the book the “Life Mark Book.” It was because the book had taken away the life marks of those who had experienced changes in their fortune and misfortune.
As for the life mark, it was a sign of existence and also proof of reincarnation after death.
Once they lost their life mark, they would be no different from a wandering ghost, even if they were alive. If they died, they would disappear directly from the world.
It was as if the person had never existed.
As the lightning dragon was too terrifying, Yi Yuaner didn’t dare use her magic weapon to fight it head-on, so she used the Book of Fortune and Misfortune. However, after she touched the Book of Fortune and Misfortune, the lightning tribulation suddenly changed!
“I’ve finally made it through…”
Yi Yuaner was relieved. She looked at the sky in confusion because the lightning tribulation had dispersed, but the large cloud of lightning tribulation was still there.
Suddenly, Yi Yuaner saw a chessboard appear in the clouds of lightning tribulation.
There were no black or white pieces on the chessboard.
It was as if the chess game had not yet begun.
At this moment, the lightning essence began to condense into form, revealing the figure of a slender young man.
The man was dressed in ordinary clothes. He was only wearing a slightly old, greenish-gray robe, but his appearance was enough to be called peerless! No words in the world could describe how handsome he was!
“It’s Senior Fang! How did the lightning tribulation condense into Senior Fang’s appearance?” Some cultivators in the crowd exclaimed in surprise when they saw the scene from afar.
“Which Senior Fang?”
“Who else can it be? The best Incarnation stage cultivator in the Nine Desolations!” When someone said it, all the cultivators present became excited.
It was because “Senior Fang” was a living legend!
Although it had nothing to do with them, it didn’t stop them from getting excited.
At this moment, Chi Suzi was so shocked that she was speechless.
It was normal for the cultivators of the Nine Desolations to be unable to recognize what it was due to their limited vision, but Chi Suzi had encountered it once in her previous life, so she knew it very well.
“The great divine power has obtained the recognition of the immortal path and can be engraved into the world. This is a different type of cultivation core!”
Chi Suzi had thought that Fang Jinyu was already very impressive for being able to cultivate his primordial spirit. However, she didn’t expect that he could even condense his cultivation core!
It was the foundation of breaking through the Immortal Ascension stage!
“Yi Yuaner will definitely be dead…”
As Chi Suzi spoke, the “Fang Jinyu” transformed from the lightning essence changed. “He” raised a hand.
In “his” hand, a chess piece was formed!
Afterward, the chess piece landed.
The moment the chess piece fell, Yi Yuaner’s heart palpitated. She wanted to use the Book of Fortune and Misfortune to stop it, but the chess piece still fell on the chessboard.
Yi Yuaner’s body suddenly trembled. Her cultivation had begun to show problems because her luck had started to dissipate.
The Book of Fortune and Misfortune in Yi Yuaner’s hand suddenly closed, and then it broke free from her hand and flew away.
Just at this moment, another lightning pillar descended from the lightning tribulation cloud!
When the dazzling lightning disappeared, even the polluted water evaporated, not to mention Yi Yuaner. After digging thousands of feet into the ground, the “real murderer” who had created the stench for tens of thousands of years was revealed.
It was half a zombie with a human body and a snake tail that was still buried underground!
Since the corpse was extremely huge, like a mountain ridge, and it was lying on its side, the general shape of the corpse was clear at a glance.
There was a withered vine wrapped around the body of the zombie.
No one knew where the vines came from, but they didn’t show any signs of decay.

On the Tianling Sect’s Mount Xiaohe, Fang Jinyu looked happy and surprised. Just now, the world had borrowed power from him for no reason, causing a wisp of his aura to instantly float thousands of miles away. Afterward, the world used the divine power that could disperse one’s fate in his form!
When the chess piece was placed, one’s luck disappeared immediately.
Yi Yuaner, who had lost the luck of being the “female protagonist,” was sent to reincarnation after the lightning tribulation.
However, what Fang Jinyu cared about was that, under the recognition of heaven and earth, his divine power condensed into a cultivation core!
At this point, Fang Jinyu only needed to wait for his cultivation base to be strong enough and then fuse his cultivation techniques into the divine power cultivation core. Then he would be able to achieve his cultivation validation and become an immortal Almighty!
“The female lead seems to be able to drop something good…”
Fang Jinyu thought of the ultimate heart force when he placed a chess piece on Bu Qianyao, and his eyes flickered.