I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 310 - 310 An Immortal Sect Preparing to Warn the Others, the Devil’s Intent of the Fall of t

Chapter 310 - 310 An Immortal Sect Preparing to Warn the Others, the Devil’s Intent of the Fall of the Midway

310 An Immortal Sect Preparing to Warn the Others, the Devil’s Intent of the Fall of the Midway
The flashing blue dots were symbols of heaven and earth.
When an immortal cultivator who hadn’t passed the lightning tribulation but had broken through a major realm appeared near Fang Jinyu, the small blue dots would appear and guide Fang Jinyu’s path so that he could quickly find the other party.
When would it appear? It was the first time it gave Fang Jinyu time to prepare before it appeared again.
When Fang Jinyu “worked” for a long time, or when his “performance” was good, the symbols of heaven and earth would appear at Fang Jinyu’s whim.
At that time, Fang Jinyu would also obtain the privilege of condensing the “lightning tribulation virtual image.”
However, what was more awkward was that the “lightning tribulation virtual image” wasn’t even useful to an Incarnation stage cultivator like Fang Jinyu.
Wherever an Incarnation stage cultivator was, phenomena would naturally appear.
Just the seven-colored clouds that the world had manifested for Fang Jinyu were more powerful than the “lightning tribulation virtual image,” and the effects were even more mystical.
Although it was because Fang Jinyu used the perfect incarnation technique to break through and was thus favored by the heavens and earth, after pondering for a while, Fang Jinyu realized that the power of the “lightning tribulation virtual image,” which one had to spend decades to condense, was roughly equivalent to the full power of an early-stage Incarnation cultivator who used the leaping incarnation technique to break through.
For cultivators who used the leaping incarnation technique to break through, it was a great help in the early stages of their cultivation.
As for the cultivators who used the heavenly incarnation technique to break through, it was slightly helpful in the early stages of their cultivation.
However, it was completely useless against a cultivator who used the perfect incarnation technique!
It was why Fang Jinyu had joked that he was working for heaven and earth for free.
“Speaking of which, the sensing range seems to be only ten miles. How can there be so many in such a small place?” Fang Jinyu’s gaze swept across the symbols of heaven and earth, and he couldn’t help but be shocked.
It could only be said that the Lightning Evasion Crystal was magical enough!
It was only a grade 6 heavenly material and earthly treasure, but it had such an unbelievable effect.
“If it weren’t for the immortal seed suppressing it, the Lightning Evasion Crystal would be completely occupied by an immortal sect and could win over the entire realm!”
Fang Jinyu was deep in thought.
If one had enough elixirs and rare items to assist him in breaking through the Nascent Soul stage, he could successfully pass through it even if he didn’t perfect his cultivation technique.
However, the lightning tribulation that followed wouldn’t be so easy to overcome!
It was because cultivators who forcefully broke through to the Nascent Soul stage were powerless against the lightning tribulation. They would be completely shattered with a single touch.
A world with a powerful immortal path would give this kind of cultivator three chances to reincarnate.
The opportunity to reincarnate meant that cultivators could possess spiritual roots in their next three reincarnations, and the attributes of their spiritual roots would be very good. Other than that, memories of his previous life would also surface from time to time.
However, in a world where their immortal path was beginning to weaken, this kind of cultivator wouldn’t be treated so well…
If he died, then so be it. There was no chance to start over!
For example, the Cave Lake Realm.
The immortal path of the “Thousand Realms” had entered its twilight years. As a part of the “Thousand Realms,” the Cave Lake Realm was naturally unavoidable.
It was probably the reason why the “Buddhist Realm” would have other plans and collude with a little girl to cleanly cut himself off, leaving the protection of the immortal path of the “Thousand Realms” and falling into the lower realm.
Even though heaven and earth had no self-awareness, they knew the pros and cons.

At this moment, news spread that the Shenhua Sect had established a new Deva Palace to welcome Lord Cultivator Han Feiyu’s return to the sect. Everyone also knew Lord Cultivator Han Feiyu would be in charge of cultivating the array formation and alchemy of the Shenhua Sect.
Since the matter was related to a top-notch immortal sect like the Shenhua Sect, the news naturally spread very quickly.
Even though the Cave Lake Realm was huge and had many dangerous lands, it was still a part of the “Thousand Realms.” In ancient times, there had even been immortals preaching, and their methods were naturally miraculous.
Moreover, for ordinary cultivators, it was tough to send a Ten Thousand Miles Letter. For these immortal sects, they could send as many as they wanted.
Because of this, all kinds of information about Han Feiyu could be said to be piled up in front of the sect leaders of the various immortal sects at the first moment.
However, what surprised the sect leaders was that there was too little information about “Lord Cultivator Han Feiyu.” Even if they tried their best, they could only find out that “Lord Cultivator Han Feiyu” had sneaked up from the lower realm and joined the Shenhua Sect due to a misunderstanding. After that, he seemed to have been cultivating hard until he became Lord Cultivator Yuanyu’s in-name disciple. Afterward, he encountered an unexpected disaster and mysteriously disappeared.
When “Han Feiyu” returned, he was already an early-stage Incarnation cultivator. His aura was even more shocking.
Fortunately, “Lord Cultivator Han Feiyu” wasn’t very powerful.
It was because even though Han Feiyu had released the pressure of an Incarnation stage cultivator, none of the low-level cultivators he encountered were injured!
Most of the cultivators were only shocked by the sudden pressure, and then there was no other effect.
As for the seven-colored cloud, only by feeling it would one know how powerful the phenomenon was, so it was directly ignored by these sect leaders.
After sorting out the information, they submitted it.
The sect leaders in the Cave Lake Realm were like the sects in the Nine Desolations, they weren’t the strongest cultivators among the various sects. However, unlike those who acted like a tool in the Nine Desolations, the sect leaders in the Cave Lake Realm were undoubtedly stronger.