I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 305 - 305 The Specialty of a Cultivator Who Used the Perfect Incarnation Technique, Working

Chapter 305 - 305 The Specialty of a Cultivator Who Used the Perfect Incarnation Technique, Working for “Free” for the Heavens

305 The Specialty of a Cultivator Who Used the Perfect Incarnation Technique, Working for “Free” for the Heavens
Fang Jinyu followed Qing Fu’s advice and bought the green bell-type magic treasure. The little girl said that the five scarlet immortal books weren’t for the magic treasure but for materials.
As the five scarlet immortal books disappeared, a huge green bell flew out of the “immortal medium.”
As soon as Fang Jinyu got his hands on the magic treasure, he realized that it was a nourishing type of magic domain. It absorbed the heavens and earth’s vitality and accumulated it within.
Logically speaking, this magic domain would often accumulate a lot of vitality. Sometimes, there would even be the birth of a simple spiritual intelligence and the condensation of essential energy.
However, this magic domain was empty.
It was because something had absorbed the essence of vitality.
However, no matter how Fang Jinyu looked at it, he couldn’t see what else was hidden in the magic treasure. This was because the green bell-type magic treasure had an extremely mysterious aura.
It was a type of cultivation rune.
However, with the present cultivation rune, even if Fang Jinyu was no longer the same as before, he couldn’t see through it at all.
Qing Fu said, “Mother, there’s an ancient shed skin hidden inside.”
“Ancient shed skin? Is it immortals from ancient times?” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but ask, “Is there any difference between this and the current Immortal Ascension stage shed skins?”
When facing “Cang,” the little girl had said a lot about shed skins.
Although she didn’t say everything, Fang Jinyu could tell that there were many Immortal Ascension stage shed skins, and it wasn’t a good thing to encounter this kind of shed skin because it might have been left behind by the immortal cultivator on purpose.
“Mother, this is different! The ancient immortals were referring to the ancient beasts. In the beginning, ancient beasts could also cultivate to become immortals. However, some unknown problems occurred later on, and no ancient beasts could become immortals anymore. From birth to death, the ancient beast had been hovering around the early-stage Immortal Ascension. It was also impossible for it to reincarnate after dying. They couldn’t do the same thing as an Immortal Ascension stage Almighty could do.”
Qing Fu explained.
Although she had yet to recover all her memories, she would still be able to learn more secrets after breaking through the Immortal Ascension stage.
After all, if an Incarnation stage cultivator asked another Incarnation stage cultivator something, the other Incarnation stage cultivator might not say much. There was even a high chance that the other Incarnation stage cultivator wouldn’t answer.
However, what if an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator asked an Incarnation stage cultivator?
In this case, the Incarnation stage cultivator would most likely wish that he could even tell them about how he had peed on the brick bed when he was young so that the Immortal Ascension stage cultivator could leave earlier.
“There’s an ancient beast corpse that once ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage inside?” When Fang Jinyu heard Qing Fu’s words, he immediately became interested. Thus, he carefully observed the green bell.
A moment later, Fang Jinyu’s expression changed slightly. He reached out with his hand and a stone cauldron appeared.
“These two magic treasures should have come from the same person!”
Fang Jinyu said it with absolute certainty.
Although the cultivation runes in the stone cauldron were extremely powerful, so much so that they covered about 99% of the traces, Fang Jinyu still found a trace of refinement.
The trace was almost 100% similar to the one on the green bell.
After that, Fang Jinyu pointed at the green bell and continued, “This magic treasure should be the testing work of the person who refined it, and this stone cauldron should be the product of the other party’s great improvement in refining skills.”
“Eh? Mother, how could you tell?”
“Because the refining method of this bell-type magic treasure is too unbearable…” Fang Jinyu’s mouth twitched as he spoke.
It was because such crude and clumsy traces of refining were rarely seen, even on a talisman artifact!
Fang Jinyu remembered that he had only made this kind of mistake on the first day of refining. After that, he didn’t make any more mistakes. Although he had benefited from the system, people who cultivated craftsmanship wouldn’t make such mistakes after cultivating it for half a year at most!
“Could it be some second-generation immortal king?”
Fang Jinyu could only think this way. Otherwise, who would use such a top-notch spiritual item as a practice when they first cultivated craftsmanship?
Moreover, he even put an ancient shed skin in it.
Qing Fu opened her eyes wide and observed the two magic treasures. After hearing Fang Jinyu’s sigh, she raised a different opinion. She said, “Mother, do you think there’s a possibility that the stone cauldron was able to perform exceptionally well during the refinement of the magic treasure and that the person who refined the bell-type magic treasure was able to perform at the normal level?”
“Impossible!” Fang Jinyu shook his head and said it firmly.
“Why not?”
“Because someone can’t be so weak! Even if I picked up a dog and taught it for a few years, it wouldn’t have such terrible spirit tool refining skills!” Fang Jinyu’s words originated from the affirmation of his spirit tool refining skills.
Qing Fu glanced at Fang Jinyu with a strange expression and didn’t refute.
At this moment, the Nine Desolations started to “remove” her again.
Therefore, the little girl said, “Mother, the land of cultivation-seeking in the 8,000 miles of Lightning Territory has disappeared.”
As soon as she finished speaking, she disappeared in an instant.
Fang Jinyu naturally knew that the Nine Desolations had chased her out. When he heard Qing Fu’s words, his joy from breaking through to the Incarnation stage instantly disappeared.
“It only takes a breath to cross worlds and take something. I wonder if it’s the uniqueness of the ‘immortal medium’ or the ability of the people from the immortal realm?”
Fang Jinyu’s mind raced. Although he still had two red immortal books left, he no longer had the desire to continue buying them.
As for the green bell that he had just obtained, he couldn’t get the ancient shed skins out.
Thus, Fang Jinyu returned to the Tianling Sect’s Mount Xiaohe.
Fang Jinyu sat down cross-legged and continued to comprehend the mysteries of the primordial spirit.
In the land of cultivation-seeking, Fang Jinyu used the cultivation runes as the foundation of his Incarnation to evolve his Incarnation place. Thus, his Incarnation place was naturally extraordinary. After all, the cultivation runes were the best foundation for one’s Incarnation.
After that, with the 8,000 miles of Lightning Territory and the ultimate heart force as the medium, Fang Jinyu took the crucial step and cultivated his primordial spirit!
From then on, not only would Fang Jinyu be able to live for tens of thousands of years, but he would also be immortal! Even if there was a peerless figure who killed him, as long as he could escape with a clone, he could transform the clone into his main body. With this, not only could he instantly recover his cultivation, but he could also summon all the clones that he had killed previously to recover.
However, it was something that only cultivators who used the perfect incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage could enjoy!
For example, although a cultivator who used the mini-perfection incarnation technique to break through could also be indestructible and live forever, even if his clone could continue to cultivate, his talent would be halved, let alone his clone transforming into his main body! Not to mention that his cultivation had instantly recovered!
Moreover, a clone was only a clone after all.
Thus, if a cultivator who used the mini-perfection incarnation technique to break through only had one clone left, they would at most be able to cultivate to rank 9 in the Incarnation stage and have no hope of breaking through the Immortal Ascension stage.
It was something that even those who used the leaping incarnation technique and the heavenly incarnation technique couldn’t avoid. Compared to those who used the mini-perfection incarnation technique, those who used the leaping incarnation technique had a few more life-saving techniques, such as the bloodline descendants dying in place of the tribulation. On the other hand, those who used the heavenly incarnation technique possessed the same abilities as those who used the leaping incarnation technique. Moreover, it could also allow the clone to instantly recover its cultivation base.
However, the cultivation validation of a clone was something exclusive to a cultivator who used the perfect incarnation technique!
After all, if the clone turned into the main body and summoned the other dead clones to fuse with the main body, then he would still be himself!
Naturally, the primordial spirit formed by a cultivator who used the perfect incarnation technique was also extraordinary. Not only would his inner energy be more powerful and unpredictable, but his divine sense could also be transformed into divine consciousness!
One had to know that a cultivator who didn’t use the perfect incarnation technique, even if they used the heavenly incarnation technique, could only transform one-tenth of their divine sense into divine consciousness.
As for the difference between divine sense and divine consciousness, what was the use?
The divine sense could be released to observe the world and could penetrate most things to see through the essential cultivation of others. It could also be a specific magic treasure used to give the virtual body power.
Although it seemed extremely mysterious, it was just that.
The divine consciousness was focused on the word “consciousness!”
It was because the divine consciousness could identify the treasures of heaven and earth!
When the 8,000 miles of Lightning Territory resonated with each other, divine consciousness was born. It was why the 8,000 miles of Lightning Territory were able to transform into a small illusory world and become Fang Jinyu’s great divine powers.
It could be said that one could identify everything in the world when one possessed divine consciousness.
Unless it was blocked by someone’s cultivation runes.
For example, the green bell and stone cauldron contained powerful cultivation runes, so Fang Jinyu couldn’t see through them. He could only see some traces.
The reason Incarnation stage lord cultivators could comprehend nomological powers was ultimately because they possessed divine consciousness!
The divine consciousness was the qualification for getting in touch with the nomological powers.
It was also the only thing that could protect one’s body from any aftereffects after coming into contact with the nomological powers!
At this moment, whether he was looking at the sky, the earth, or the mountains and rivers, Fang Jinyu could see things that ordinary Incarnation stage cultivators couldn’t.
It was a unique “language” between heaven and earth.
The mountains communicated with the rivers with this “language,” the heavens communicated with the earth with this “language,” and the north, south, east, and west communicated with the wind, rain, and thunder with this “language.”
It was the truth.
If he could comprehend and master it, it would be a great divine power.
But now, Fang Jinyu had no time to listen to this “language” of heaven and earth. After he understood the mysteries of the primordial spirit, he finally understood why cultivators who cultivated the lightning technique could enjoy preferential treatment in the face of the lightning tribulation!
It was especially true for cultivators who cultivated the lightning technique and broke through the Incarnation stage from the Nascent Soul stage. They wouldn’t even encounter a lightning tribulation!
It was because heaven and earth were paying the rewards in advance!
The heavens and earth here didn’t just refer to a realm or a world but to thousands of worlds.
Every cultivator who had cultivated the lightning technique and broke through the Incarnation stage had to serve the lightning tribulation unconditionally. In the current world, if someone avoided the lightning tribulation without going through it and successfully broke through their cultivation, such as the lightning tribulation when they broke through the Nascent Soul stage. In that case, an Incarnation stage cultivator who cultivated the lightning technique would have to take action to deal with the other party in place of the lightning tribulation.
The Incarnation stage cultivator could kill the other party or show mercy! As for the specifics, it all depended on the mind of the Incarnation stage cultivator.
“Punishing on behalf of the heavens?”
Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little conflicted. It was because it sounded good, but in reality, they were just free laborers working for heaven and earth.
Although the reward had already been given… However, was that bit of remuneration enough to make an Incarnation stage cultivator free of labor for tens of thousands of years?
Due to the night dragon body, Fang Jinyu’s lifespan far exceeded that of other Incarnation stage lord cultivators. In fact, it was even longer than the lifespan of Incarnation stage lord cultivators by ten to twenty thousand years. However, it was also because of this that Fang Jinyu had to “work” for heaven and earth for a longer time.
“Forget it. Since I’ve already gotten the benefits, how can we turn hostile and not admit it? Moreover, this isn’t completely troublesome…” Fang Jinyu seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes couldn’t help but reveal joy.
At this moment, the mirror that was used for communication moved. Fang Jinyu casually waved it.
Sect Leader Qin’s figure immediately appeared in the mirror. He said, “The disciple congratulates Grandmaster on breaking through the Incarnation stage! Grandmaster, are you going to announce it to the entire cultivation world?”
“There’s no need…” Fang Jinyu waved his hand to stop him. He felt that it was meaningless to act pretentious in front of a group of Nascent Soul stage, Core Formation stage, Foundation Establishment stage, and even Qi Condensation stage cultivators.