I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 271 - 271 The Original Female Lead, the Fake Female Lead, the Real Female Lead, and the Chea

Chapter 271 - 271 The Original Female Lead, the Fake Female Lead, the Real Female Lead, and the Cheater

271 The Original Female Lead, the Fake Female Lead, the Real Female Lead, and the Cheater
Among the people the average-looking female cultivator had seen, Bu Qianyao was the one who liked to be arrogant and despotic the most.
“However, Bu Qianyao isn’t simple either. I can’t underestimate her because of her personality. She could replace Xiao Youyue’s role as the female lead until another person appeared to take the real female lead’s script. Bu Qianyao isn’t an easy person! To be more precise, she had great luck. Before her luck dissipated, nothing would happen to her!”
The ordinary-looking female cultivator disappeared into the crowd again. It was obvious that she was very good at hiding because no one around her noticed her.
She watched for a while more before leaving quietly.
The average-looking female cultivator thought that she had concealed herself very well because it was one of the abilities she had accumulated after obtaining the extraordinary book!
It wasn’t her first time transmigrating.
However, after her previous two transmigrations, all the power she possessed before would be wiped out, leaving only some techniques that didn’t require magical power to be activated. She called them “heart force techniques.”
Right now, she was using the heart force technique she had created herself—the uninhabited technique.
Once she used the heart force technique, the “uninhabited technique,” she could remain invisible even if she stood there. In the eyes of others, she was the person who needed the least attention. Sometimes, her presence might not even be as strong as a thriving weed by the roadside.
However, the average-looking female cultivator didn’t expect that not only was she discovered as soon as she transmigrated, but the person who discovered her had his gaze following her all this time!
The person was, naturally, Fang Jinyu.
Fang Jinyu’s overly powerful divine sense made him reach the limit of breaking all techniques with a single thought. As he used his divine sense, he could even faintly draw in the heavens and earth’s vitality and form the embryonic form of the heavens and earth’s magic domain.
However, it wasn’t a good sign.
It was because the path of cultivation had always been one where going too far was as bad as falling short.
Fortunately, Qing Fu had already promised Fang Jinyu that if his divine sense was over-advanced, she could help him solve it. Fang Jinyu had asked her three times about how to solve it, but the little girl refused to tell him…
Therefore, there was a high chance that the solution wasn’t a good one.
Fang Jinyu dared to swear on his experience of being cheated many times.
“Xiao Youyue is the female lead…”
At this moment, Fang Jinyu was analyzing the information he had obtained.
At the same time, Fang Jinyu was hesitating about whether he should intercept the fate of the average-looking female cultivator.
Ever since Fang Jinyu failed at using it on Xiao Youyue, he couldn’t help but hesitate to use the secret technique, “I’ll listen quietly for a while.”
Xiao Youyue, who was only a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, had a pseudo-immortal treasure that could affect one’s fate. Who could guarantee that the ordinary-looking female cultivator wouldn’t have something similar?
“Speaking of which, Xiao Youyue, the original female lead, is miserable. Not only is there a fake female lead who wants to replace her, but there’s also another one who is the real female lead…”
“Oh, right, there’s a cheater hidden inside. Moreover, the cheater might be the most complicated one.”
Thinking of it, Fang Jinyu suddenly thought of a possibility. He believed that the ordinary-looking female cultivator should have possessed an extraordinary book, just like him.
Moreover, from the speed at which the other party adapted to the situation, it seemed that it wasn’t the first time the other party had transmigrated.
It was because Fang Jinyu remembered clearly that after he transmigrated, he didn’t dare to meet other immortal cultivators to adapt to his new identity before the extraordinary book appeared.
It wasn’t that his mentality was the best, but after Fang Jinyu compared her to him, it seemed that the female cultivator adapted too quickly!
It was so fast that something was wrong.
“Although I don’t know if it’s true or not, and I don’t know which immortal king of which Immortal Palace the extraordinary book in the female cultivator’s hand belongs to, I can be sure of one thing. From today onwards, the Nine Desolations would be in trouble.”
Fang Jinyu frowned slightly.
It was because none of the four women were easy to deal with.
For example, although Xiao Youyue, the original female lead, was cool and didn’t like to cause trouble, with her looks, she would cause a lot of trouble wherever she went. It was because of her special identity and her constant stay on Mount Xiaohe that she had been living in peace.
After all, the Nascent Soul stage grandmasters didn’t dare charge into the Tianling Sect’s Mount Xiaohe.
Although a certain person was famous for being honest, he was ruthless enough. He had attacked twice in the desolate forbidden land and caused countless families to lose their family guardians. As a result, the power of the entire family decreased greatly.
It could be said that only a few people from aristocratic families didn’t secretly hate Fang Jinyu.
Afterward, Fang Jinyu passed down a few talismans. It wasn’t a big deal. He just told the disciples of the 72 peaks of the Tianling Sect to be on guard.
After all, they were in “trouble.”
The original female protagonist, the fake female protagonist, the real female protagonist, and the cheater. Just the four people could create a lot of trouble.
However, Fang Jinyu soon realized that the trouble might have happened earlier than he had imagined. The group of ghost cultivators who almost fought with the fake female protagonist in Yuan City had come to find him.
After thinking about it, Fang Jinyu decided to meet the group of ghost cultivators. After all, these ghost cultivators were the descendants of the ghost cultivation technique he had created.
“Greetings, Grandmaster.”
Before the group of Foundation Establishment stage ghost cultivators could reach Mount Xiaohe, they all kneeled in unison at the foot of Mount Xiaohe.
They had a respectful attitude.
The bow they performed was the bow they should perform when meeting the elders of their sect.
Afterward, they heard Fang Jinyu say, “I’m only imparting the technique to reduce the ghost disaster. You guys and I are both taking what we need, so there’s no need for this ceremony.” It was both an explanation and a way to cut off the relationship between the ghost cultivators and him.
As Fang Jinyu spoke, the ghost cultivators, who were kneeling on the ground, stood up uncontrollably. At the same time, they also came to the hall from the foot of the mountain.
Fang Jinyu asked, “Why are you here?”
The group of ghost cultivators didn’t dare waste time and quickly told Fang Jinyu what they knew.
It turned out that the ghost cultivators had discovered that some unfamiliar cultivators had appeared in the loose alliance of ghost cultivators!
The unfamiliar cultivator wasn’t referring to the ghost cultivator, but rather, the cultivation technique that the ghost cultivator cultivated was completely different from the cultivation techniques of the other ghost cultivators in their alliance!
Firstly, not only did the unfamiliar cultivators have strong hostility, but they also didn’t pay attention to the cultivation of their mental state.
Fang Jinyu’s ghost cultivation technique had four major barriers in terms of mental state—Training one’s physique, maintaining some hope, emptying one’s heart, and clearing the filth.
Of the four mental state barriers, the first one was training one’s physique. It was about the pain one had suffered when one was alive. The second stage was to ignite a little fire of hope in the endless pain. The third stage was that the fire in one’s heart would burn more and more, and one’s mind would gradually return to normal. One would be able to have the emotions of a normal person and would no longer be extreme, violent, capricious, and self-pitying.
The fourth stage was to get rid of the last filth in one’s mind, making one’s mind flawless. It was something Fang Jinyu had created by referring to the Taoist’s “inaction” and carrying something through to the end.
However, the fourth stage was only theoretical.
Many ghost cultivators who could break through the Foundation Establishment stage were currently at the third stage. As for those who couldn’t break through the Foundation Establishment stage, they were still in the Qi Condensation stage.
Therefore, the ghost cultivators that practiced Fang Jinyu’s ghost cultivation technique could be identified just by their appearance and temperament.
A person with a calm temperament, who wasn’t frustrated and had compassion for living beings, must have cultivated Fang Jinyu’s ghost cultivation technique. As for those who were bloodthirsty, crazy, and temperamental like a madman, they must be ghost cultivators who had popped out of nowhere.
Originally, because the alliance in the Nine Desolations was too loose, there were only two rules that forbade them from intentionally harming living beings and killing each other. There were no other institutions such as the Law Enforcement Yard, the Council Hall, or the Elder Council. The “unfamiliar ghostly cultivators” weren’t discovered at first. However, the “unfamiliar ghostly cultivators” were eventually found by the ghost cultivators in the Nine Desolations after they started to appear in larger numbers, appeared in packs, and started killing a lot of people.
Thus, after thinking about it for a while, the ghost cultivators decided to let the higher-ups solve the problem. They then came to the Tianling Sect to find Fang Jinyu.
Of course, it was Fang Jinyu’s understanding.
The ghost cultivators in the Nine Desolations still believed that Fang Jinyu was their grandmaster, and what the “unfamiliar ghostly cultivators” did was tarnish Fang Jinyu’s reputation. They were extremely angry about it, but they didn’t have the right to punish the ghost cultivators, so they came to seek justice from him…
The ghost cultivators in the Nine Desolations gave a perfect explanation that made Fang Jinyu feel suspicious. He suspected that there were a few of the Tianling Sect’s ghost cultivators in the Nine Desolations who must have been somewhere’s officials when they were alive.
Fang Jinyu called them “bastard officials” in his heart. He then looked at the ghost cultivators and waved his hand in the air. Instantly, a stream of light followed his fingertips.
Soon, it became a talisman.
Afterward, Fang Jinyu clapped his hands together. Immediately, the talisman split into tens of thousands of talismans.
Fang Jinyu said calmly, “Take it. If you meet a ghost cultivator, give one to them. If it isn’t enough, you can recite my name to make this talisman split again.”
“Grandmaster, thank you so much!”
The ghost cultivators hurriedly kneeled to express their gratitude, not even asking about the use of the talismans.
After all, in their opinion, it was an item given by a powerhouse like Fang Jinyu. Even if it were just a split talisman, it would still be extremely useful to them.
“It just so happens that there’s a follow-up ghost cultivation technique. You can consider yourselves meritorious this time.” Fang Jinyu said it and then waved his sleeves. Immediately, the ghost cultivators were at the foot of Mount Xiaohe.
The puppets on Mount Xiaohe had already received Fang Jinyu’s orders to send a few stone monuments down Mount Xiaohe.
The ghost elixir chapter of the ghost cultivation technique was engraved on the stone monuments.
It listed several methods of breaking through the Core Formation stage. The strongest ghost core could even be compared with the grade 3 core, with a slight possibility of breaking through the Nascent Soul stage.