I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 30 Experience The {#34}Wordly{#34} Cultivation World From The Start

Chapter 30 Experience The "Wordly" Cultivation World From The Start

At Mount Shidao.
Mount Shidao was a unique peak among the 72 peaks of the Tianling Sect. Since there were only a few disciples on the peak, disciples would only go to the peak when they wanted to fight publicly.
There was no such thing as the middle or the top of the mountain on the battle path. It was because one would see stone pillars after going up for a while. Moreover, round platforms were hanging between the stone pillars.
There were no stairs around the round platforms that were convenient for climbing up.
Hence, those who could compete on such a high platform were usually Tianling Sect's Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.
It also caused many Qi Condensation stage disciples would go to Mount Shidao and watch whenever someone wanted to compete there. At times, even a few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators went to Mount Shidao to watch the battle.
Meanwhile, Mount Shidao was crowded with many disciples.
It was because there had been rumors that someone competing on the stage this time was the young master of the Qin family, a major aristocratic family, Qin Haoyue!
Qin Haoyue was one of the influential people in the sect since the day he joined sect.
His Foundation Establishment stage martial uncles were willing to respect him. Moreover, he would be summoned by the sect leader occasionally. Sometimes, he would even participate in some activities on behalf of the sect as an outstanding disciple.
Qin Haoyue, born with a silver spoon, was destined to have extraordinary achievements from the moment he was born.
After all, Qin Haoyue's background allowed him to have many cultivation resources.
For example, the Foundation Establishment Elixir was extremely difficult for ordinary disciples to obtain. However, not only could Qin Haoyue get three or four elixirs from the Tianling Sect, but he could even get another three or four elixirs from the Qin family.
Moreover, Qin Haoyue could easily buy two or three Foundation Establishment Elixirs, which cost 30000 spirit stones each.
Even a cultivator with five-element spiritual roots would have a chance of breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage with so many Foundation Establishment Elixirs.
Not to mention, Qin Haoyue had a single-element spiritual root.
In other words, he had the Tianling spiritual root.
Although Qin Haoyue didn't have to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm to break through the Foundation Establishment stage, the Tianling Sect still gave him a chance.
The cultivation world was not just about fighting and killing. It was also very worldly.
As such, someone immediately taught Fang Jinyu a lesson about the ways of the world when he arrived.
"Junior Brother Fang, although I don't know how you and Junior Brother Qin became enemies, I advise you to admit defeat later. I've been down this road before. I suggest you endure and take a step back to make everything back to normal!" As the competition's judge, a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage had already been biased before the competition started.
Although he didn't speak rashly and even smiled while talking, it was obvious that he was warning Fang Jinyu.
"Senior, may I know your name?" Fang Jinyu had already activated the Discipline Pearl.
"You can call me Senior Brother Chen!" The cultivator who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage didn't bother to speak to Fang Jinyu. After all, he was a late-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivator! If Fang Jinyu weren't an alchemist, he would treat him even more rudely!
Fang Jinyu nodded naturally and said, "So it's Senior Brother Chen." After all, who wasn't an actor?
Seeing the scene, the cultivator who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage assumed that Fang Jinyu had agreed with him and turned to leave since he had to welcome Qin Haoyue. After all, from his point of view, even if Fang Jinyu came from a noble family, he would have to act like a coward and obediently admit defeat when he got on the battle stage.
Not to mention that Fang Jinyu didn't come from a noble family.
Fang Jinyu's parents had sacrificed their lives for the Tianling Sect. Since they had already died, no matter how their fellow sect disciples praised them, what influence would they have?
When Fang Jinyu watched "Senior Brother Chen" leave, he seemed to fall into deep thought. At this moment, two Qi Condensation stage disciples came over.
They were two young female disciples around 13 years old. One of them had a small, round face and looked a little dazed. The other had her eyes wide open, like a curious baby.
"Senior Brother, can we ask you something?" The two girls asked timidly.
Fang Jinyu glanced at them. One ranked 3 in the Qi Condensation stage, while the other ranked 2 in the Qi Condensation stage. He immediately knew the situation and thought, "They should be disciples who just entered the sect. No wonder they can't even sense my cultivation base."
Therefore, Fang Jinyu smiled and asked without pointing out his cultivation base, "Junior Sisters, please ask."
After all, teasing newbies was an extremely interesting thing.
"Senior Brother, who do you think we should bet on for the game they're playing? What are the chances of winning?" The two girls were overjoyed to see that Fang Jinyu was willing to talk to them.
Since their cultivation base was too weak, they didn't have many spirit stones, and they weren't from any aristocratic families, so the senior brothers and sisters here were unwilling to talk to them.
"A bet?" Fang Jinyu was stunned at first, but then he realized that it was most likely about him and Qin Haoyue. Hence, he laughed and said, "Of course, you should bet on that Martial Uncle Fang!"
"But that Martial Uncle Fang's odds are so high, it's 1:10! As for that Martial Uncle Qin, it's only 1:1!"
The higher the odds, the higher the probability of losing. Those who bet on the high odds would usually be giving away money.
Fang Jinyu's eyes narrowed.
Fang Jinyu thought, "It's fine that you guys bet on me, but why the heck are they all betting on me losing?"
"Did they look down on me that much?"
Hence, after glancing at the two girls, Fang Jinyu calmly said, "Junior Sisters, there's something you don't know. Martial Uncle Fang is an alchemist. He might have some powerful spirit tools with him!"
Fang Jinyu did have a powerful spirit tool with him. However, it was an array-formation spirit tool that he had obtained from the scam of the dark market.
Although it was powerful, it was also considered quite weak.
"Wow! It turns out that Martial Uncle Fang is an alchemist!" The two girls gasped in surprise, looked at each other, and immediately thanked Fang Jinyu, "Senior Brother, thank you for your guidance!"
The two girls rushed out to place the spirit stones on the table, then returned to Fang Jinyu's side and thanked him again.
It was because they felt that this "Senior Brother" was easy to talk to. Hence, they chose to stay with Fang Jinyu in a place they were unfamiliar with.
At this moment, they saw a purple figure flying toward them. After exclaiming, they found out that he was the "Martial Uncle Qin." They looked at Fang Jinyu and whispered, "Senior Brother, Martial Uncle Qin is here, but why isn't Martial Uncle Fang here yet?"
After all, the two of them had bet their fortune on that "Martial Uncle Fang," so they couldn't help but be concerned.
"He arrived a long time ago."
Fang Jinyu grinned, then threw out a spirit tool. Afterward, he transformed into a ray of light and landed on the platform.
The two girls, who were already in a daze, were speechless.
Although they had just entered the sect and were mortals who had never come into contact with cultivation, they had already learned that only Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could fly on spirit tools.
The two girls immediately sensed the impulsive addiction of the seniors in the cultivation world.
Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu had stepped onto the battle stage. He looked at Qin Haoyue's smug face and felt a little displeased, so he deliberately said, "Martial Nephew Qin is indeed a trustworthy person."
"Shut up! Junior Brother Qin is already a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator. Fang Jinyu, what the heck are you doing?" Before Qin Haoyue could speak, the judge, "Senior Brother Chen," immediately expressed his dissatisfaction.