Supreme Uprising

Chapter 1260 - It’s Not Over Yet

Chapter 1260: It’s Not Over Yet

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The Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect refused to act, which meant that Dafan Lord Qingjing had lost his strongest backup! Although he had cultivated for eons, he did not have many friends and had even fewer friends who possessed profound cultivation bases that were willing to help him out.
What could he do? Should he continue tangling with that person? Although Dafan Lord Qingjing wanted very much to get the Hong Meng Dragon Tree, he was not willing to continue getting involved with Luo Yunyang.
He couldn’t catch Luo Yunyang, let alone think about obtaining the Hong Meng Dragon Tree!
He was equally unwilling to return to Qingjing Sky. After fumbling with his thoughts, Dafan Lord Qingjing still had no idea what to do.
“Master, please help us! The sky pillars of Qingjing Sky are collapsing!”
“Dafan Lord, please have mercy and come rescue us! We cannot hold on any longer!”
“Dafan Lord, more than half of Qingjing Sky has collapsed. Can you please do something?”
Wails and cries echoed in the ears of Dafan Lord Qingjing, who glanced into the distance and only sighed emotionally. Then, he executed a hand seal and entered Qingjing Sky.
Qingjing Sky was in shambles. All sorts of elemental origin sources surged within the realm as everything seemed to be falling apart.
Although the origin sources weren’t damaged, the realm, which had once been a paradise, had turned into ruins. Dafan Lord Qingjing felt his heart ache terribly and could not help yelling in anger. “Vile being, I will definitely make you pay for what you have done!”
His roar reverberated in all directions!
However, those who heard the painful cry of Dafan Lord Qingjing, merely scoffed in disdain. Dafan Lord Qingjing’s loud roar meant that he had suffered a crushing defeat.
After returning to Qingjing Sky, Dafan Lord Qingjing still could not find a way to deal with Luo Yunyang. As a result, many people felt that Dafan Lord Qingjing had lost this battle.
“Senior Brother, it seems like we really need to leave this time,” Yuan Sage Jinlao told Yuan Sage Wuxiang with a smile.
Although Yuan Sage Wuxiang and Dafan Lord Qingjing belonged to the Dakongfan Sect, Yuan Sage Wuxiang did not feel embarrassed about the situation. The one who had lost face was Dafan Lord Qingjing, not him.
“We shall leave the game as it is then. I hope we can have a few more sessions in the future,” Yuan Sage Wuxiang said with lament. “The Hong Meng Dragon Tree has fallen into the hands of an unknown person. It seems like there are talented figures everywhere in this realm!”
“The Great Sealing Array is dissipating and the agreement of the Yuanfu Catalog has been signed again. I wonder how many people are going to go through this disaster.”
“Although we both have strong supporters behind us, we should still be careful.” Yuan Sage Jinlao also lamented.
“The appearance of the 3,000 Demon Abysses means that powerhouses from the Demon Path have risen from their depths. However, from this day on, that unknown person should also occupy his rightful place among the Yuan Sages of the realm,” said Yuan Sage Wuxiang with a nod.
Yuan Sage Jinlao nodded his head in agreement. Someone with the ability to make Dafan Lord Qingjing feel so helpless certainly deserved a rightful place in the realm.
As the two men were discussing the situation and bidding each other farewell, what happened next gave them a great shock.
“Dafan Lord Qingjing, come out and fight me!” A taunting voice echoed in the void.
The two Yuan Sages had shifted their attention away from Dafan Lord Qingjing already, but the voice drew their attention once again.
Immediately, a figure appeared outside the entrance of Qingjing Sky, which had been nearly restored.
Yuan Sage Wuxiang found this figure familiar. During the battle for the Hong Meng Sacred Tree, he had thought that this figure was the weakest among all the competitors. However, this figure, who had ended up winning the Hong Meng Sacred Tree, was the strongest one among them.
Although Yuan Sage Wuxiang did not know what the restrictions or limitations of using the three Sacred Curse Techniques were, just thinking about it was enough to make his scalp tingle in fear.
“He is now in Qingjing Sky and he’s issuing a challenge!” Yuan Sage Jinlao said, even though he was somewhat skeptical.
He believed that the person who had captured the Hong Meng Dragon Tree should have found a place to comprehend the Hong Meng Dragon Tree as soon as possible after realizing that Dafan Lord Qingjing was not going to chase him. This would allow him to form a small realm in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm that belonged to him.
Unexpectedly, this person had actually gone back to Qingjing Sky and challenged Dafan Lord Qingjing!
He had to be insane. The reason Dafan Lord Qingjing had swallowed his indignation was because he could not catch him.
Why would you go knocking on your opponent’s door so foolishly? How can Dafan Lord Qingjing let this matter slide?
While the two Yuan Sages were shocked by the situation, Dafan Lord Qingjing came rushing out. “Junior, I swear that I will kill you today!” Dafan Lord Qingjing snarled.
Dafan Lord Qingjing had always acted like he was wise and intelligent. However, he had now disregarded the notion of maintaining his image.
Dafan Lord Qingjing was not only enraged but also eagerly looking forward to this challenge. Since this junior had dared to issue a challenge, it would be great if he could trap him inside Qingjing Sky. By doing so, he could vent his anger, dispel all his humiliation, and take back the Hong Meng Dragon Tree.
Unfortunately, Dafan Lord Qingjing realized that he was expecting too much right after he shouted out loud, as Luo Yunyang turned into a light shadow and disappeared thousands of miles away.
“Come on, chase me if you have the guts!”
“Junior, I will kill you!” Dafan Lord Qingjing roared.
He soared at once and flew millions of miles into the distance. However, before he could continue his chase, a disciple behind him shouted, “Sect Master, don’t fall into his trap! He’s trying to lure you away!”
Dafan Lord Qingjing was no fool. He understood instantly after hearing what his disciple said.
It was very likely that this person would use this opportunity to sabotage Qingjing Sky if he chased after him.
Although he refused to take this lying down, Dafan Lord Qingjing still suppressed his rage and returned to the entrance of Qingjing Sky hurriedly.
“Junior, aren’t you going to challenge me? Come at me then!” Dafan Lord Qingjing snapped while standing at the entrance of Qingjing Sky.
Luo Yunyang stood in the distance and smiled at Dafan Lord Qingjing. This was what he’d wanted to achieve. He had been ambushed all of a sudden by Dafan Lord Qingjing and had nearly lost his life along with the Hong Meng Dragon Tree. How could he allow Dafan Lord Qingjing to decide what he wanted to do?
“Ha ha!” Luo Yunyang merely laughed at what Dafan Lord Qingjing had said.
Dafan Lord Qingjing’s rage was at its boiling point when he saw how cocky Luo Yunyang was acting. He felt like his lungs were about to explode at any time, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t catch up to Luo Yunyang.
Speed. He had actually been defeated by Luo Yunyang’s speed. This was an extremely humbling experience for Dafan Lord Qingjing.
Although Dafan Lord Qingjing wanted to curse badly, he knew that words couldn’t kill and doing so would make it seem like he was running out of ideas to deal with Luo Yunyang. It would make him a laughing stock!
With a wave of his sleeves, Dafan Lord Qingjing turned and rushed into Qingjing Sky. All he could do now was hide inside Qingjing Sky.
Luo Yunyang once again stood at the entrance of Qingjing Sky and started cursing Dafan Lord Qingjing. Although he did not say anything particularly offensive, it was still quite unbearable to hear.
Dafan Lord Qingjing was furious as he rushed out to try and capture Luo Yunyang. However, there were millions of miles of distance between him and Luo Yunyang once more.
After having the same back-and-forth exchange a few more times, Dafan Lord Qingjing stopped coming out of Qingjing Sky, even though he was extremely angry. He had no other ways of dealing with Luo Yunyang, so rather than humiliating himself time and again, it would be better to remain in Qingjing Sky.
The powerhouses of the Dakongfan Sect and the Taixu Sect gaped at the scene silently. While they watched the situation blankly, they also felt some sympathy for Dafan Lord Qingjing.
One day, two days, three days…
A month passed in a jiffy, but Luo Yunyang was still blocking the entrance of Qingjing Sky, making it impossible for Dafan Lord Qingjing to leave Qingjing Sky. Apart from that, he continued to use his clone technique and curse at Dafan Lord Qingjing almost every day.
Although Dafan Lord Qingjing ignored all this, it was still a great inconvenience for the disciples of Qingjing Sky.
Some powerhouses of the Dakongfan Sect also felt that it would be really embarrassing for their sect if this continued. If this person had been an ordinary Yuan Sage, they would definitely have ganged up to teach him a lesson.
However, this person possessed extreme speed and had tons of tricks up his sleeves. He was a headache to deal with. Hence, most of them were unwilling to provoke such a ruffian.
“Fellow Daoist, I’m Longxiang of the Dakongfan Sect and I’m here specifically to negotiate with you. I wonder if I could have this opportunity.” A hundred days later, Yuan Sage Longxiang of the Dakongfan Sect emerged and spoke up.
Yuan Sage Longxiang was famous for his formidable capabilities among the Yuan Sages in the Dakongfan Sect. He also ranked in the top three in terms of fighting prowess and was considered a well-known figure among the disciples of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect.
Even Yuan Sages of the Taixu Sect would be respectful whenever Yuan Sage Longxiang personally stepped forward to negotiate.
Luo Yunyang had heard of Yuan Sage Longxiang during his time with the Taixu Sect. Hence, he did not reject Yuan Sage Longxiang’s request to negotiate.
“I wonder what Yuan Sage Longxiang wishes to talk about?”
“The outcome of the battle over the Hong Meng Dragon Tree has already been set in stone. You have obtained the Hong Meng Dragon Tree, so why push your luck and continue rubbing salt on those wounds? This time, I am acting on behalf of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect to end this matter right here with no repercussions. What do you think?”
Yuan Sage Longxiang’s tone was peaceful but also unassailable.
“Ha ha… The way you put it, it seems like I’ve taken advantage of you guys!” Although Luo Yunyang was not prepared to let this matter slide, his expression became more rigid when he heard what Yuan Sage Longxiang had said.
Yuan Sage Longxiang’s brow furrowed, as he could hear the underlying meaning of Luo Yunyang’s words. “Do you really think that the Dakongfan Sect cannot do anything to you?”
Yuan Sage Longxiang’s voice resonated forcefully.
Luo Yunyang was much calmer, but his tone was as resolute as ever. “I have no idea if the Dakongfan Sect can do anything to me. I only know that anyone who dares to do anything to me will have to pay a heavy price. It’s better this way. Otherwise, any random beings would dare to provoke me in the future!”