I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 533 - Successfully Forced Him to Retreat

Chapter 533: Successfully Forced Him to Retreat

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Looking at his arrogant expression, Andrew’s face darkened. He circulated the immortal Qi in his body again and took a few steps back, pulling away from him.
He pulled out his Kunwu Blade from his interspatial ring.
Lingyu had a cold smile on his face, but when he saw the Kunwu Blade, he was stunned.
His expression dimmed. He could feel the murderous aura emitted by the Kunwu Blade in Andrew’s hand.
Andrew didn’t want to waste any time with him, so he took a step forward.
Andrew’s figure disappeared without a trace.
Lingyu’s face darkened, but soon, he dropped his cultivation and took a few steps back.
After all, he couldn’t see clearly. It was better to keep a distance from Andrew for the time being, just in case.
He vaguely felt a killing intent coming from behind him. The moment he turned around, he found that Andrew’s figure had already appeared behind him, and the terrifying knife that Andrew was holding released several knife shadows and fiercely attacked him.
Looking at the blade shadows charging towards him, he didn’t dare to hesitate. He turned around and released the green gas around him.
It formed a protective barrier. When the cultivation he released collided with Andrew’s blade shadows, his barrier actually shattered into pieces.
When he saw this scene, a trace of shock involuntarily flashed across his face. He had never thought that Andrew’s strength would be so strong.
Accompanied by a series of loud bangs, his entire body was blasted away by Andrew.
Andrew smiled coldly. He put away the Kunwu Blade and took a step forward.
He transferred his immortal Qi and formed a huge barrier around Lingyu’s body.
When Lingyu saw his actions, a trace of doubt flashed across his face.
Before he could react, he felt that his cultivation base was being pressed into his body by a force.
He could feel that the air inside the barrier that he was in was falling little by little. In a short while, his head broke out in cold sweat.
Andrew saw his frightened look and said to him in a cold voice, “Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you? Since you don’t want to come out, I’ll kill you.”
Hearing Andrew’s words, a trace of shock appeared on his face.
He had never thought that Andrew would be so ruthless. He thought that he could rely on this body and threaten Andrew, but now, he felt a little afraid. If Andrew really destroyed this body, then what awaited him would only be death.
He stared at the immortal Qi that surrounded him. After sizing it up, he unleashed his cultivation.
Then, he spun the green gas around him and attacked the barrier.
However, he did not expect that the attack that he released would be bounced back the moment it touched the immortal Qi.
After many attempts, Lingyu was so tired that he was panting. He simply did not have the energy to launch another attack.
Andrew, who was outside the barrier, saw his ugly expression and only smiled coldly.
He took a step forward and once again increased the release of Immortal Qi. In a short while, Lingyu, who was inside the barrier, knelt on one knee on the ground.
Andrew quietly created a gap in the protective barrier that he released.
He couldn’t really kill Lingyu here, right? All he had to do now was to think of a way to force the thing inside Lingyu out.
After all, he had just read in the book that unless the host’s life was in danger, the thing wouldn’t leave the host’s body. Now was the best time.
After waiting unhappily, Andrew clearly saw a figure appear from Lingyu’s body.
That figure flew towards the gap that he had just opened at the fastest speed.
Andrew smiled and put away the protective barrier that he had just released.
Lingyu had already fainted on the ground. He walked in front of her.
After probing for a moment, he discovered that Lingyu was not in any life-threatening danger. Only then did he turn around.
The thing that had left the body of Lingyu stopped. It viciously stared at him and sized him up. After which, it furiously roared at him.
“You despicable person, you actually have such a despicable method to force me out of that lady’s body. Since I am unable to obtain his body, I will let you go to hell with me today.”
Andrew smiled when he saw the furious expression on the thing. After which, he spoke to him.
“Don’t say that so early. I’m going to get rid of you here today. I’ve already wasted so much time here.”
Andrew took a step forward and added the immortal Qi on his body to the Azure Dragon Sword.
Then, he released an Azure Dragon Phantom and rushed towards that figure.