Charged (Saints of Denver 2)

Page 84

I could never take from her without giving everything I had to give first, so before I took advantage of the gift she was giving I kissed my way up her body, making sure I spent plenty of time to stop and savor her where she was already wet and willing. She looked like a pretty confection, so colorful and covered in a hard shell that she needed to keep her soft center safe, but she tasted like dreams and promises. There was no actual definition for the way she tasted when she blossomed and went slick against my tongue, but each time she did, I swore she tasted better than the last time I had my fill of her.
I circled the tiny indent of her belly button with the tip of my tongue and used my fingers to tweak and tug on her clit as I worked my way up her delectable body as slowly as I could. When I got to the valley between her glistening breasts, I chuckled and whispered, “Cotton candy,” against her slippery skin.
“Your favorite.” Her voice was thready and tight with anticipation and desire. Her legs shifted under me and her hips lifted and dropped with each thrust and retreat of my plundering fingers.
I bent so I could nibble on her candy-flavored nipple and told her, “You’re my favorite— period.”
She muttered her appreciation and wound her fingers through my hair as I started to circle her clit with my thumb. My dick was harder than it had ever been and I couldn’t resist wrapping my fist around it as I simultaneously worked her and myself to the breaking point. Her tongue darted out and swiped at her full lower lip and I was a goner. Knowing I wouldn’t last much longer, I maneuvered myself the rest of the way up her body and swallowed a flood of dirty words as she pressed her pillowy flesh around my dick. Her plump breasts, tipped with those luscious and pointy nipples engulfing my cock so that all I could see was her and the tip, which was even better than my fantasy.
The position wasn’t quite right for her to get her mouth around the leaking head as I rocked my hips carefully across her chest, making sure I didn’t crush her much smaller frame with my weight or my overzealous reaction to how good what she was doing felt. My balls dragged across her slick skin and my dick throbbed where it was trapped in the best vice ever. She couldn’t get the head in her mouth but each time the tip moved towards her mouth she managed to stroke the flat of her tongue across the slit, and each time she cleared away the evidence of how good this felt only to have another pearly drop rise up to replace it. She cased my pleasure with her wet tongue and I rode her breasts with a cock that felt like it was made of stone. I’d never been so hard that it hurt before, but leave it to this little hurricane to take me somewhere else I’d never been and leave me disoriented and so fucking happy I could hardly stand it.
I felt the desire coil tight at the base of my spine and felt my balls start to ache in a way that let me know it wasn’t going to be long before those flushed and thoroughly worked-over tits were going to have more than cotton-candy-flavored oil covering them.
In my mind, marking her and claiming her in all the ways I possibly could was sexy and appealed to the need I had to completely make her mine. The reality of it was that nothing felt better than being inside her tight, wet heat. There was no place that made me feel more like the man I was supposed to, the man that deserved this woman and all the wildness and sweetness that she offered than when I was seated all the way inside her. When my heart touched hers and when she breathed me in, as I breathed my love for her out, that was the sexiest thing that could ever happen between the two of us.
So even though I was mere seconds away from blowing all over her, I pushed off the wall where I was bracing myself and scooted back down her body, dropping a kiss on her surprised mouth as I hovered over her in a one-armed pushup as I lined my now very angry erection up with her opening. I could see confusion in her eyes but it was quickly replaced by passion as I pushed my way into her with a contented sigh. Her body welcomed me with quivering muscles and featherlight pulses.
“You feel better than anything ever has, Avett.”
She sighed and wound her arms around my shoulders as I lowered myself to cover her fully. She wrapped her legs around my hips and her heels dug into my ass as she whispered into my ear, “So do you.”
She didn’t only feel better, she felt right. The way she moved against me, the way she responded to me, the way she took and gave with equal passion, the way she said my name, the way she came for me … wild and sweet … every single time. She never held back and every single time I took her to bed I found something new to love about her; this time it was the way she shifted below me and urged me to roll with her so that we could switch places and she was the one doing the fucking.
I complied and immediately put my hands on her breasts. The soft flesh was still shiny and slick from the oil and she moaned in pleasure as her nipples slipped and slid in and out of my fingers as I tried to catch them as she bounced vigorously up and down on my shaft. I loved watching her ride me. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the place where we were joined, the way her body pulled me in and released me as we both glinted with sex and passion.
When she dipped her fingers between her legs and started to circle her clit as she rocked even more quickly on me, I knew she was close. I let go of her breasts and shoved my hand behind her head so I could pull her down for a kiss as she stiffened above me and let out a little whimper of pleasure. She always came beautifully, but when she was above me, I could see the rose-colored flush flood her entire body. I could watch her odd colored eyes spin out in a tie-dye of satisfaction and completion. It brought my own orgasm racing forward when I watched her sex flutter and flex so delicately and prettily around my much more aggressive arousal.
I bucked into her wetness as she planted her hands on my chest and rode out the rest of the storm with me. It only took a few more thrusts and her telling me that she loved me for me to find my own finish, and once I did, she collapsed on top of me and used her fingers to lightly trace along one of the eagle’s wings. I swear I was so far gone for this woman that the feathers ruffled and fluffed up under her touch.
“Best present I ever got.” I turned my head so I could kiss her cheek but ended up kissing her nose as her head jerked up so that she could look down at me with wide eyes.
“I got you something else. When I get the feeling back in everything below my vagina, I’ll get it for you.”
I twisted her long, colorful hair around my hand and used that to pull her down for another kiss. “I told you that we didn’t have to exchange gifts. I get you in my bed every single night and that’s all I want. That’s all I’ll ever want.”