Charged (Saints of Denver 2)

Page 60

I’m good with either of those places.
Lol. No … where do you really want that cock that’s so hard for me, Quaid?
So many places. I wanted it between her legs where she was always so wet and ready for me. I wanted to bend her over and take her where I was positive no one had before. I could die happy with her sassy mouth so full of my cock that she couldn’t wrap me up in her words and tell me her stories that broke me. I could get off with her small hands twisting and turning around my length. Her soft palm caressing me and holding on to my balls as she whispered in my ear of all the ways she wanted me. But since it was dark and I was rubbing myself off to my fantasy, I told her the truth. I told her where I wanted to ride her from the first time I got an eyeful of her spectacular breasts.
I want to fuck your tits. I want to kiss them and suck them until your slippery and wet … everywhere.
I panted a little as divulging it to her made my blood rush loud between my ears. I kicked the sheets off and squeezed the base of my dick—hard—as pleasure started to leak from the tip. Typing one-handed while I was jacking myself off took more skill than I ever would have imagined.
I want you to lay back, wrap those fantastic tits around my dick, and let me ride your chest while you open that pouty mouth and lick and suck the head until I come down your throat.
There wasn’t a response for a long minute but the little ellipsis was flashing showing me that she was working sending a response back.
I’ve never done that before. And considering how wet you made me by telling me that, I’m assuming it’s moving up on the must-try list.
I swore as my cock jerked at her words.
I’ll be happy to show you everything I know, Avett.
Lucky me. Are you getting close? Are you picturing me touching myself, thinking about you, imagining you and all the delicious things you can do with that executive cock of yours?
I narrowed my eyes at her terminology for my junk. I needed to ask her what she meant by that, but right at the moment I got distracted as my balls started to ache, letting me know I was close.
Growling under my breath I shifted my thumb on my phone to her number and hit the call button so that I could FaceTime her. It was dark and when she answered I couldn’t see more than her gleaming eyes and mischievous smile in the little box.
“Took you long enough.” Her voice sounded thready and thin like it always did when she was about to come. “I was sure when I told you that you made me wet you were gonna call.”
“I’m going to come and I figured you would want to witness the fruits of your labor.” It was so out of character for me, so different from the sex I typically had, but it felt good. It felt right and totally freeing.
She whimpered a little and I watched as she moved so that she was lying down and holding the phone up over her face. I could see her shoulders shift and move as she worked herself over on the other end of the call.
“I’m close but I’m trying to keep it quiet. No noisy orgasms under Mom’s roof.”
I laughed a little and then groaned as I rubbed the flat of my palm over the weeping head of my cock. Moisture swirled around and as good as it felt it still didn’t compare to her mouth or her gentle touch.
“Avett, hold the phone up higher. I want to see more of you.” It was dark and I wouldn’t get a great view of all of her pretty, pale skin but she obeyed my gruff command almost instantly. I watched her chest rise and fall rapidly, her nipples puckered and raised in pleasure as her body moved in time with whatever her hand was doing out of the frame.
I exhaled her name and told her gruffly, “I swear those tits are going to be the death of me.”
Her face was flushed and her breathing was getting erratic. “I didn’t know you were such a breast man.”
She licked her bottom lip and whispered my name as she tossed her head back on the shadowy pillows behind her. “I wasn’t until yours.”
“That’s nice.” Her eyes fluttered closed and the end of “nice” got drawn out into a long s sound. She started to pant in earnest and I barked her name to get her to look at me.
“Are you going to come, Avett?”
She nodded. “Yes.”
My hips bucked at the word and my hand started to rock rapidly up and down the length of my shaft far more aggressively than I typically handled myself. Desire pounded furiously through every part of me and pleasure howled from somewhere deep inside of me to be released.
“I want you to come with me, so keep your eyes on me.”
She nodded jerkily, and while I knew I could tell her to move the phone down so that I could watch her fingers moving through her slick folds and playing with all that pretty pinkness that puffed up and bloomed so sweetly for me, it was her face I wanted to watch as she broke apart. I wanted to know that it was me that did this to her, even when I was across town. I wanted this thing between us to be powerful enough and important enough that it should sweep both of us away no matter how we were connected.
“Quaid.” It was my name uttered like it was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted that sent me over.
I growled her name in return and let out a satisfied hum as ropy streams of satisfaction spurted from the end of my very happy cock and landed on my abs.
I watched as her eyes snapped back shut and as her chest lifted up off the bed as her head tossed side to side. Her teeth bit down into her bottom lip hard enough to leave marks and every single part of her turned the same rosy shade of pink as her head. I wanted to lick her like she was my own cherry-flavored lollipop. She was gorgeous and the pleasure she found while thinking about me, while imagining us, was the most valuable gift anyone had ever given to me.
I waited for a few seconds for her to come down from the sex high, and when she did, she did it with a throaty chuckle and zero shame in coming for me in such a spectacular way.
I sighed and shifted so that I was sitting on the edge of my bed. I was going to need another shower.
“That was beautiful, Avett, and so are you.”
She blinked at me and settled herself back into the bed behind her. “You’re the beautiful one, Counselor.”
I huffed out a breath. “As fun as that was, it’s got nothing on watching you get off up close and personal. I’ve never been that great at looking but not touching. I want things, remember.”
She yawned and gave me a sleepy grin. “I’ll let you touch whatever you want next time we have a sleepover. I’ll even let you try out those dirty, sexy things no one would expect a guy like you to be all about. I’m going to bed. Good night, Quaid.”