Charged (Saints of Denver 2)

Page 56

His mouth moved across my cheek and I could feel the tip of his tongue chasing water droplets that still clung to my skin. The sensation of hot and cold did wonders to spark arousal in my still-chilly and sluggish blood. His lips skimmed my ear and my legs went weak when his skilled fingers found their way to the one part of me that was most definitely not cold. In fact, it was scalding, burning, and melting into a liquid puddle of desire, all for him. “I’ve wanted a lot of things in my life, Avett, and I’ve spent more time and money than I care to think about trying to get them.”
I muttered a useless noise into the side of his neck because he had dipped a finger inside of me and was busy swirling the scorching heat he generated around the stiff point of my clit. The slickness of my own pleasure contrasting with the rough, damp, and chilly fabric of my underwear was enough to have my entire body feeling like it had received an electric charge. I whimpered his name and clung to his broad shoulders uselessly as his fingers moved between my legs, owning and playing with my wanting body while his words worked at fully possessing my head and making their way inside my difficult heart.
“Of all the things I’ve wanted most, none of them have made me feel as possessive or as desperate as you do. I want to have you every way I can think of, and then I want to invent some new ways to have you so that there is never any question about who you should be with. I want every single part of you to have some part of me inside of it, so that you won’t go a single second without thinking about me and about how much I want you.” I wondered if that included my heart because even though I knew this wasn’t meant to be, there was a pretty big chunk of him in there already, and I didn’t really want to pry him out of it.
I tunneled my fingers into his hair as he put his mouth back over mine and leaned heavily into him as he grabbed the back of my thigh, hoisting one of my legs up over his hip so that he had better access to that sweet spot that seemed all too eager to pulse in happy little flutters as he worked his thick digits in and out of the weeping opening. He made me so wet and that wetness was trailing a molten and heated path along the bend in my leg as he hiked me farther up onto his hard body and clamped me in a tight grasp as he started to lower himself to his knees on the uneven surface of the rock we were perched on.
I let out a cry of pleasure as the new position had me straddling his strong thighs and the distended metal of his zipper hit me right in my most tender of places. The scrape of his zipper against the lace that still covered me and the chill of it against the hot bundle of nerves, mixed with the sensations caused by his plundering fingers, took me to the edge of release in almost no time. I heard a bird squawk in irritation overhead but I was too busy trying to get my shaking fingers around his belt buckle to be distracted by the wildlife that were about to get one hell of a show.
I wiggled so that the front of his jacket I still had on was open enough that I could get my breasts up against his bare chest. My nipples stabbed happily into his inked skin and I sighed into his kiss as I dragged the achy tips across his rapidly cooling skin. He growled at the feel of velvet and lace as it dragged across his flesh in one of the most intense and erotic caresses I had ever given to anyone. As soon as I had his pants open and his zipper carefully down around that always impressive package that was waiting for me behind it, he shifted his scissoring fingers from where they were working inside of me to where the fully exposed center of my pleasure was practically begging for their attention. My clit knew his touch, perked up under the rough pads of his fingers, and quivered with so much delight and tightly coiled pleasure I was pretty sure I was going to die from it.
I moaned low and loud and was startled as the sexy sound reverberated around us as the ravine we were in echoed our pleasure and the sounds of our delight as we ravaged each other. I helped him wiggle his jeans down far enough that I could get at the goods, but not far enough that his knees were going to get torn up on the rough surface he was kneeling on. One of his hands found its way beneath the jacket and curled possessively around one of my bouncing breasts as I ground myself against his quick fingers and the hard ridge that was toying with my eager opening. Quaid knew exactly what I was chasing down as I moved on him wantonly and without shame, unafraid of the cold or the nothingness that surrounded our heaving bodies. He worked my clit until I was a blubbering and incoherent mess of need and want on top of him, his touch getting rougher and more firm the more wildly I moved and rocked on top of him.
I grabbed his pulsating cock from where it was hovering right beyond the point I wanted it most, and lifted up barely enough so that I could drag the bulbous and leaking tip through my soaked folds. We both let out a strangled sound at the sensation and his leisurely teasing of my clit intensified to the point that I thought I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t come soon. The sensation of his air-chilled skin sliding through our combined warmth had Quaid swearing and me whimpering in desperation.
I dug the fingers of my free hand into the side of his neck and was gratified to see his muscles straining and his veins popping as I continued to rub him through my wetness and tease him with my opening. The tip of his cock was more than wet; it was shiny and covered in both of our excitement. Personally, I thought I’d never seen any man or any man’s dick look better. Quaid looked sexy as hell covered in what he did to me. It made me moan out loud and did a lot to chase away the last of the chill lingering inside my bones. My body was doing its best to pull him inside, my inner walls quaking and clenching like they had been waiting for his cock and only his cock forever, like they were bereft and lonely without his powerful shaft to clamp down onto. I lifted up just a little so he was holding me to his chest and let that glistening and slippery rod coast through the crevasse where his curious fingers had been playing earlier. He could tease new and unexpected things, but so could I.
I watched his eyes widen and darken to almost navy blue as I wiggled my hips and rode him with a different, untried part of my body. We both started breathing harder and I could see the speculation and curiosity in his gaze. I liked the way he felt back there, liked the way I felt with him back there, so I made a mental note that executive sex had some really interesting things to offer that I was definitely missing with intern sex. Done with the heated and suggestive manipulation, Quaid tweaked the nipple he was playing with hard enough that it sent a jolt of pain shooting through my nerve endings. I jerked back from trying to eat his mouth with my own and gave him a scowl. His eyes had shifted from denim blue to a stormy slate and I could tell he was as done with the teasing as I was. His nimble fingers abandoned my desperate clit and shifted to the side of the panties that were once again soaking, only this time it was from desire and need and not the mountain water.