Charged (Saints of Denver 2)

Page 42

She gave a halfhearted protest when I hefted her up just enough that she had to put her legs on my shoulders to keep her balance as I set about consuming every single part of her.
I feasted on the juices that my mouth brought forth. I inhaled the moisture that my grinding and pumping fingers slicked through. I tasted every quiver, every shake, every flutter that her inner walls made as I fucked her with my fingers and my tongue. I nibbled on that coiled bundle of nerves like it was the finest dessert I’d ever had, and when her hands were suddenly tangled in my hair and pulling me closer as she mumbled my name over and over again, I went back for seconds.
I ate at her, sucked on her, licked her from top to bottom until she was a thrashing and incoherent mess, and when she came across my tongue and her rush of desire flooded my mouth, she did it like she did everything else, wild and sweet. Her chaos enveloped me and I was pretty damn sure that there would be no getting free from it.
I surged to my feet between her now-lax legs and put a hand to my belt buckle. She was lying there limp and quieter than she had ever been in my presence. Her eyes were wide and unfocused, but there was the barest hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She looked destroyed again, but this time it was beautiful and sexy. I wanted to pound on my chest and give myself a really douchey high five for being the one to put that look on her face.
My pants hit the floor with a damp plop and her eyes never left me as I peeled my black boxer briefs down my legs. My excited cock bounced at finally being set free and had no trouble aiming itself right at the heart of her. My dick was like some kind of sex- and heat-seeking missile and knew exactly where the sweet spot was.
Her eyes widened a little bit and she sat up so that my cock was level with those glorious tits I was now having X-rated fantasies about fucking. She reached out her index finger and slowly spread the moisture that was gathered at the tip of my aching erection around the tip. I caught her wrist and gave her a pained look.
“I need to get a condom and get inside of you. If you put your hands on me I’m not going to last long enough to do either of those things.”
Her eyes widened a little and she let her hand drop. She bit the curve of her bottom lip and I growled. I couldn’t stop myself from leaning forward and putting my teeth where hers had been. When I lifted my head, she looked a little dazed and a whole lot turned on. I kissed her again and told her I would be back in a second.
The entire walk to the bathroom I scolded myself for not having a nightstand to keep my rubbers in. Having protection on hand when I needed it most suddenly seemed far more important than the view. I swore under my breath the entire time I walked away, and I swore loudly and desperately the entire time I walked back to her.
While I was gone, she had moved up on the bed so that her head was where it was supposed to be on the pillows and she was lying with her legs splayed, one small hand working between her thighs and the other clutching at her full breast. Her eyes were locked on me as I prowled towards her and there wasn’t an ounce of embarrassment or shame in them as she smirked up at me while licking her lips like she was starving and only I could sustain her.
“You took all the fun stuff with you when you left so I had to occupy myself somehow.” Wild was fun. Sweet was addicting, and I wondered if I could live inside chaos forever if this was what it looked like.
My hard-on wouldn’t allow for any more playtime. My dick demanded satisfaction and my balls felt like they were so tight that they might explode at the first touch of her against my needy flesh.
I crawled up over her and marveled at how much might was packed into such a tiny body. I braced myself over her with one arm, and put my other hand on top of hers, where it was leisurely stroking through the dampness left over from her earlier release. I kept my eyes locked on hers as I slowly started to work my way inside her body. Every inch that gave, every millimeter that accepted me and squeezed around me, felt like the greatest accomplishment I’d ever achieved.
She was pliable from my previous attentions and the dual manipulation of our fingers, but she was still small and I was not. It took more patience and more willpower than I ever used with anything to get my raging erection seated all the way inside of her. Once I was there and I could feel her body start to loosen and liquefy around me, I began to move.
I had every intention of taking my time, of enjoying the buildup and the slow burn I was still trying to stoke. Those intentions went to hell the second she curled her leg around my hip and dug her heel sharply into my ass. She tossed her head back on the pillow and started to pull and twist her nipple between her fingers with more force than I would have ever used on the velvety tip myself, and she abandoned our joint stimulation of her clit to dig her short nails into my side as she told me, “More. I want more.” And I wanted to give her everything she had lost and then some.
I’d never been the type to deny a woman anything she wanted in bed, and there was no way I was going to start with this one.
So we rode out the storm. Together.
I bucked into her. I pounded her into the mattress and I rode her hard and long. I kissed her until we both ran out of breath and thrust into her like I was using my cock to tattoo my name inside of her. She fluttered around me and clamped down to pull me deeper and deeper inside of her. It wasn’t exactly a perfect fit but it felt real and it felt raw. We had to work together to find pleasure. We had to give and take, to make sure we moved against each other, and on each other, so that we both got what we needed. It was sex that took some work to make it amazing. That meant it was sex that was unforgettable and ultimately rewarding, like no sex before it had ever been.
We writhed together. We pulled and pushed at one another. We left marks. We took each other’s air and screamed and growled each other’s names. We sweated against each other and we burned everywhere we touched. We ruined each other and we repaired each other. It felt like the beginning and ending of everything I had ever known.
I lost my grip on her slippery center but that was okay, because her clever little fingers were back and every time she brushed across that quivering point between her legs, the back of her knuckles also rubbed along my engorged cock. It was the best caress ever and only better when she started to purposely put as much friction as she could at the base of my cock as I hammered in and out of her.
I felt my balls draw up tightly against my body and a sharp coil of pleasure suddenly tense, hard at the base of my spine. I wasn’t going to last much longer, and from the red in her face and the way she was moving under me, neither was she. I wanted her to come with me inside of her, with me riding her rough and hard, more than I wanted any of the useless shit I was so consumed with day in and day out. I wanted to have that unguarded, unfiltered pleasure wash all over me and then I wanted to make her give it to me again and again.