Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

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“You won’t keep your balls very long if you keep that up,” Bash assured me with a grin. “Willa is a lot like Raven and you will do well to remember that, my friend.”
I flipped him off as I pulled my keys from my pocket. “You would do well to get home to your pregnant female, fucker. And maybe put a ring on her finger while you’re at it.”
“Fuck off,” Bash called after me. “Don’t rush me.”
Willa was already going out the door before I could catch up with her. Without a look over her shoulder to see if I was following, she headed for my bike. I grimaced. So she really was mad at me, but I had no idea what I’d done to piss her off. “What’s wrong?” I demanded as I reached her.
She turned around quickly, her face set in angry lines but her eyes were full of hurt. That hurt gutted me. “You can fuck me in the back of that bar with the possibility of anyone walking in, but you can’t kiss me in front of Raven or your MC brothers? That says a lot about how you feel about me, Spider.”
“Willa…” I didn’t know how to defend myself or my feelings for her. Didn’t know how to tell her that I hadn’t thought about how it would look to her that I hadn’t kissed her goodbye that afternoon or that I’d kept my distance all evening. Neither had been because I didn’t want to, because I had been aching to taste her lips all day like an addict ached for a needle in the arm. The only reason I hadn’t kissed her was because I wouldn’t have been able to stop at just a kiss, and fucking her in the bar again wasn’t an option.
“This is just sex,” she told me and it was like a stab in the chest. She had said those same words Tuesday night, but I hadn’t believed her. The way she was standing there glaring up at me didn’t make me believe the words any more now than I had then, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. Then her chin trembled and I saw the tears fill her eyes. “It’s…just sex.”
“It’s whatever you want it to be, baby. I’ll take whatever you wan
t to give me,” I assured her as I caught her around the waist and pulled her into me. “I’m sorry if you felt like I was ashamed to kiss you. That wasn’t it at all. I just didn’t want to kiss you and then wind up in the bathroom with the entire bar listening because I can’t keep my hands off of you.”
We stood there for several minutes before she started to relax against me. When she did I took half a step back so I could look down at her. It felt like a long way to look down. She was so small, my perfect pocket Venus, while I was a giant. But I never felt like I had to treat her like she was going to break. She might be small, but she wasn’t fragile. My female was one of the strongest people I knew. Especially if she could still want to even be near me with our past between us. I was going to have to deal with that soon, I knew, but for now I just needed to get her home and into bed. Or in the shower. Maybe against the door of my apartment.
My dick grew uncomfortably hard and I lifted her into my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waist immediately and held onto my shoulders as I carried her the last few steps to my bike. “I’ll fix this tomorrow,” I promised as I set her on the back of my bike before climbing on and starting the powerful hog. “Hold on tight, baby.”
I broke every traffic law there was in Creswell Springs getting back to my apartment. Her arms tightened around my waist, her face buried in my back and I thought I felt her smile. She loved being behind me like this. I drove faster and felt her laughter as it shook her body and vibrated against my back. Reaching the parking lot, I wasted no time getting off the bike and lifting her into my arms, carrying her the same way I had less than ten minutes before.
My arms were hard around her, binding her to me physically as I hoped to do emotionally. Willa lowered her head and started kissing my neck, making it hard to walk with the raging hard-on in my jeans. Somehow I got us upstairs and into my apartment without tripping. As soon as the door was closed and locked behind us I started tearing off her clothes.
Willa jerked my cut off my shoulders and started clawing my shirt open, her nails piercing through the thin material of my old white shirt and shredding it easily. The jean shorts she had been wearing tonight landed on the floor as soon as I unwrapped her legs from around my waist. Her panties were gone with just two little tugs at the sides and she laughed at how barbaric I got when it came to undressing her. “Maybe I should stop wearing panties.”
“When you’re here that would be a good idea. When you aren’t with me then you’d better fucking wear those freaking granny panties or something. Just for my peace of mind. Raider doesn’t like granny panties.” Willa snorted out another laugh, her fingers getting tripped up in my belt she was laughing so hard. “That isn’t funny, Willa.”
“Jealous?” She raised her head and lifted a brow at me. My growl was my answer and she grinned mischievously up at me. “Good. I want you to be jealous. Just don’t kill anyone.”
Suddenly my jeans were open and my dick was being carefully pulled free. Willa muttered a curse as she lowered her eyes to my weeping cock before falling to her knees in front of me. The damp heat of her mouth burned my pulsing dick as she took me into her mouth, swallowing the tip the way I had taught her four years ago. She moaned, enjoying the taste of my desire. My balls tightened and I knew that I wasn’t going to last long if she kept that up.
I felt like a wild animal the way I was continuously growling around her, but I couldn’t contain the growl of pleasure-filled pain that escaped me as I lifted her away. A loud pop filled the air as her mouth released my aching tip. I was mindless with my need for her, to be inside of her. I tossed her onto the bed and turned her onto her stomach.
Moans and whimpers echoed off the walls as I entered her in one long, rough thrust. “James!” she cried, and I was lost. Willa pushed up onto her knees giving me a deeper angle while she touched herself. She was on her own this round, because I couldn’t stop and think about finishing her off in my wild race to mark this woman as mine by pouring my seed into her.
The end snuck up on me faster than I was expecting and I shouted her name as my body tensed and I filled her up with my release. “James, please,” Willa cried, so close to the edge but still so far away. I pulled free from her, turned her onto her back and entered her again just as quickly. She was wet with her own desire and my release, making the first stroke wet and scalding hot. My dick was still rock hard although I had just about had a stroke from the power of my last orgasm.
“You feel so good inside of me,” Willa breathed, her nails digging into my biceps. “I don’t want it to end, James. Please, don’t let it end.”
Her words stopped me mid thrust and I blinked as if seeing her for the first time since we had entered my apartment. What the hell was I doing? Was I really fucking her brains out when I should be making love to this female? How was she ever going to understand that I loved her if all I was doing was fucking her?
Willa made a noise in protest, lifting her hips to urge me on. “James…”
Muttering a curse, I pulled free and fell onto the bed beside her, pulling her across my chest. Lifting her up by her hips, I filled her again with my throbbing cock. Her eyes were slate gray now with a mixture of unquenchable desire and confusion. I swallowed hard. “I don’t want it to end either, Willa. Ever.”
She bit her lip, because there was no denying that I wasn’t talking about the sex. Everything I was feeling was shining back at her in my eyes for her to see. For her to take or for her to tear apart. I didn’t care which one right then, just as long as she knew what was going through my mind, what was filling my heart now and forever.
I held my breath as she just sat there, straddling my waist with my dick deep inside of her tight little body. If she got up and left me hanging, I would understand, but I hoped to God that she didn’t. I wasn’t good enough for her, had never been good enough. Which was why even after I’d found out the truth I hadn’t gone after Willa. But with her here, with her so close I could touch, there was no way I could keep my distance ever again.
Willa sat there for nearly two full minutes, deciding if she wanted what I wanted or not, before finally putting me out of my misery. She smiled and lowered her head until her lips covered mine. “Okay,” was all she said before taking me on the ride of my life.
I had a bad feeling I was going to get into a fight tonight.
It was Saturday so the bar was overflowing with not only the MC members but also with ol’ ladies and of course more than the usual sheep. The ol’ ladies were starting to warm up to me, especially since I’d made it obvious over the last few weeks that I wasn’t into their men. Spider had helped me out in that department too, showing openly that we were together by kissing me whenever he entered the bar—no matter what I was doing.